Epic Creates New Studio For Unreal Engine 4 Development

Epic Games has announced that it is opening a new studio in Seattle which will focus exclusively on Unreal Engine 4 development. The studio is currently on the look out for new talent to join their studio, which includes programmers and engineers to work with its current engineering group.

“The proximity to key partners, the density of world-class talent and all the factors that make Seattle an attractive place to live convinced us that it is the perfect locale for Epic’s West Coast operation. We are looking to hire even more of the best engineers around to contribute to Unreal Engine 4, which we believe is set to change the way we all make games.”

– Epic Games President Dr. Michael Capps




  1. And now millions of posts by the same 5 trolls claiming how UE4 can’t come to Wii u for numbers of reasons, even though it is perfectly scalable, UE4 is barely an increase over the appearance of UE3 with what they showed in the demo, UE3 still has years left in it, and apparently not even the PS4 and the XBox720 will be strong enough for what Epic is attempting to do with UE4, which will be mainly for PC.


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