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Here’s The First TV Commercial For Assassin’s Creed 3

Ubisoft has unleashed the first of undoubtedly many television commercials for Assassin’s Creed 3 in the run up to the game’s release on October 30th in North America, and October 31st in Europe. Ubisoft has yet to confirm when we will be receiving the Wii U version, but if all goes to plan, it should be available at the system’s launch.

38 thoughts on “Here’s The First TV Commercial For Assassin’s Creed 3”

      1. I’ve held off on arkham city and ac3 on pc for the WiiU version. I’m also the only person who seems to of liked far cry 2 on pc yet I haven’t preordered that yet because I’m waiting to see if there is a WiiU version.

          1. Or pay out £600 just to build a entry level Gaming PC… PC gaming isn’t cheap… at all.

            That is why consoles will always be favoured more over the PC, I’ve built my own PC but I don’t treat it like a god like most (and I use the term most as in almost every PC gamer) does.

            1. A positive thing I can see with a gaming PC is that it is cheaper in the VERY long term, like 5 years down the line. Games are cheaper on PC, it is relatively easy to fix and you can upgrade parts instead of the whole thing. Even still, I, and most people, don’t have £600 just laying around. PC gaming is good if you have enough income, but consoles will always be there for the average person.

          2. I don’t blame them if the Wii U version comes out later. still going be same graphics knowing them just going to be controlled differently. Think i will wait for Wii U version

            1. Its pretty epic forshadowing when the console is already breaking… WiiU is gona have a 2 year lead on the other consoles. 720 will be a technical disaster as the 360 was, but ‘Mericans will still buy it, and the ps4 will be a solid system, if Sony can spare the money

              1. If it does come out the PS4 and Wii U are going to do a tag team and beat the ever loving stuffing out of the xbox 720

                1. Damn straight. The problem with the 720 is it offers nothing new, or different. Nintendo always did something different and Sony found an opertunity in the market and took it, but Microsoft is doing nothing at all for the game industry, other than ripping people off

                  1. Sure Sony does copy Nintendo from time to time but at least they try to be different with cool new games and exclusives with impressive graphics… the xbox 360 as it is now is just a clucky paperweight that still overheats -__-

                  2. This is a sign that Microsoft is fucked. Windows 8 being unloved, dropping game support for XP, Xbox 720 a useless paper weight… yeah I can see that they are going to be the ones who become the next SEGA.

                    1. I really hope so, Nintendo and Sony earned there way into the gaming industry, Microsoft brought their way in… Seriously, Microsoft is doing nothing but bad to the gaming industry through scooping up a big part of the sales and still losing money in terms of gaming…

                      1. I honestly don’t see why people like realistic graphics. Or atleast These realistic graphics they look horrible to me. I’m not talking about bad horrible it just I dont know how to explain it. It’s just looks fake to be honest. And the main character looks like he’s being fed steroids. I’m waiting for him to go “*insert his name here* smash”. You don’t have to agree with me or anything, I just wanted to get that off my chest.

                        1. +1

                          Aiming for realistic graphics is always a bad idea, but it will always look dated.
                          Look at Wind Waker, that game will always look good, even in 10-20 years, because its build to last. Skyward Sword is the same, but Twlight Princess looks pretty gross, although some of the lighting effect are beautiful, especially with the rupees.

                          1. Twilight princess was not realistic. They were going for a dark look because the game was, well, dark. If you look at the eyes (big eyes) then you’ll be able to tell that “realistic” was defenitaly not what they were aiming for. I personally loved the style. I don’t like the realistic look because the skin, the face, the clothing all look fake. Twilight princess Looked kinda animeish without all the vibrant colors. Which I think they did very good with that style.

                            1. I know, but it went for a more realistic look than say WW or SS, when it came to enviroment textures, ect. Obviously the character still have a heavy Japanese influence but still, it seemed too ambitious.

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                          3. Looking awesome, as usual. Still buying it for the Wii U, even if it doesn’t have something the other versions don’t.

                              1. No, actually I’m a dedicated AC fan. I bought the first for the Xbox in ’07, and have bought each one since. I’ve wanted one to come to a Nintendo console besides the DS for some time now. And the only version getting extra gameplay is the PS3, which I don’t have.

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