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Capcom Confirms North America Is Getting A Monster Hunter Game

Yuri Araujo, the Associate Online and Community Specialist for Capcom U.S.A, has confirmed via the Capcom Unity forums that North America will be getting a Monster Hunter game. Araujo wouldn’t elaborate and say which Monster Hunter title it will be, or which platform it will appear on, but it’s good news to hear that something is coming at least.

“Yes, I understand the frustration. But your request is simple enough: Yes, it’s been confirmed that we are getting a game. “What it is” and “when we’ll know more” are the parts I can’t share.”

125 thoughts on “Capcom Confirms North America Is Getting A Monster Hunter Game”

    1. For those worrying about it being iOS, there already is a MH iOS game for $5, the graphics aren’t great but it looks good for a $5 MH. I mean, what do you want for nothing?

          1. Ermm, the fact that those people will not buy it? And it’ll be sold for a cheap price and be a butchered version of how it should be on a console.

    1. If MH came to the Vita:

      A) it would be extremely more advanced than a 3DS version and over all better

      B) It would move Vitas like it’s no one’s business.

      Sure, an IOS MH would suck, but a Vita one would be great for the fans and the companies involved.

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  2. I very much doubt they will do it for ios unless its a spin off 2d, I don’t know about others who played it but I had enough trouble as it is with the controls on tri for the wii using the pro controller. I dont think it will go to Playstation as well, I think most of the pleas for this game is coming from wii and 3ds owners who have missed out on the recent titles.

    1. if you had trouble with the controls, you’re just not good yet. Monster Hunter isn’t a pushover in any sense. The whole point of the game is to find what weapons you’re good at, learn the monster’s patterns and weaknesses, and counter them. Also, an fyi, Tri is the EASIEST of the monster hunter games. =P it gets much more difficult than that, and it’s a blast to finally finish a hard quest.

      As for where it’s going: Obviously 3DS. Monster Hunter’s strongest point is its social aspect: which is best on portables. Not to mention we’re probably just going to get a game japan had for nearly a year now. =/

      Plus Capcom decided to pussy out of Sony due to production costs for their systems. They’re being cheap when we could get a much better product. Don’t get me wrong, I love my 3DS and Monster Hunter.. but even on the ‘HD’ remake of portable 3rd for the PS3 in japan it looked like crap. Capcom just isn’t pushing their games like they used to.

  3. I wish MH was still a Playstation exclusive , now FAKE fans and nintenfags play the games and ruined the MH fanbase. They should make it on the VITA in HD or PS3 , not ds

        1. One of the biggest things Nintendo has done wrong this year is releasing no decent games what so ever for the wii and just focus on the 3ds xl and wii u launch. Thats pretty disgraceful.

          1. That just proves nintendo thinks the wii is shit…they dont even care about their own system , how sad ..and nintendrones just eat it up.

            1. The one thing Sony is doing right is they are releasing a killer game in The Last of Us and also great third party games before they release the PS4.

          2. You smoking crack?
            We got Kid Icarus, 3 awesome 3DS announced, one of which is coming in a couple of months, kirby collection, Pikmin 3, a console coming in the next couple of months. What did you expect them to do, just turn up at E3 and say “heres metroid, zelda, mario, star fox, and every other franchise, all available on day 1. Have fun”.
            E3 was disappointing, yeah, but it was overall disappointing from everyone. Nintendo cant do jack shit without sony and microsoft stealing an idea or counterattacking with something like reducing the insane Vita price. You KNOW that a Metroid will come, and a Zelda, and a Mario, and other franchises, why get pissed off? The fanboys that are really annoying are the ones that act like spoilt children and expect everything from day 1.

            1. I was clearly talking about no good games being released for the wii this year and just focusing on the wii u launch. Im also not into handhelds. Why would I play a handheld when ive got a console that I can play on a 42″ TV.

              1. Because the Wii is dead? Why would they focus on it when they have a new console coming out in the next couple of months.
                And thats ridiculous, i play game on a HDTV, does that mean i ignore handhelds? No, because they have GOOD GAMES. I play it at home and at work or whenever.

                1. PSP is still being supported even after Vita is out. PS2 is still being supported even after PS3 is out. DS still being supported after 3DS is out. But whatever…. it is pointless to argue with fanboy/girl because they will do anything to twist things into what they “Think” is logical even no logic existed in their statements. I just play games and I enjoy doing so. Does not matter if it is 3DS, Vita, PS3 or 360. I will play them as long as the game is good.

            2. Kid Icarus was fun, I’ll give you that. But it has the worst control scheme of any generation of gaming. The DS in general has a bad control pad. LoZ has been rehashed over and over again as a modification of OoT. Mario is just bad, especially their excuse of a game called Super Mario 3D Land. The only Metroid games that have been released for the DS were the epitome of shit, and Starfox hasn’t had a truly new release since the Gamecube. I’m not here to say that Nintendo is bad, I’m just here to say they’re not good.

          3. Really ???? Xenoblade and The Last Story would like to say hello !!! Plus they have the Kirby anniversary game releasing soon. They may not be putting out a bunch of content this year, but neither has Sony or MS.

          4. I’m sorry, but Pandora’s Tower, Xenoblade, Skyward Sword, NSMB2 to name a few… I’m not saying Nintendo has been killing it, but they definitely have not forgotten the Wii, but don’t let me stop the flame train…

    1. I’ve always been a fan since before they jumped boats to Nintendo. My first game that got me into the series was Freedom United/Portable 2 G for the psp. My oldest bro let me borrow it and I fell in love with it, its intensity, open world maps, and customization sold me on the series. plus it’s an epicly long game with easy over 100+ hours of gameplay

    2. Don’t say that, everyone has the right to play a game and start liking it at any point, no matter if they’re old fans or new fans and it’s always good when there is an increase of fans for a franchise.

      I used to play Monster Hunter games on Playstation 2 and PSP too, but you just have to change your mind and try another system, lol, specially because nintendo is doing something and trying to get the games localized for their consoles (stop and hink about the last MH game that released outside Japan for a Sony console in the last years.)

      The 3DS is getting a lot of support and good games..You’ll get an excellent Monster Hunter game on the 3DS and maybe you’ll find out that you can play games you never thought you would like to play again. I’m just waiting for the localization of a Monster Hunter game to grab a 3DS XL. i

      (Trust me, I’m a hardcore gamer and I play tons of FPS and gore games on PC but I’m also huge fan of Metroid, F-zero and Monster hunter..and guess what? Nintendo is trying to please their customers offering all that good stuff, just like in the old days) If you don’t like just don’t buy a Nintendo console, you don’t need to hate nintendo for that, lol.

          1. I missed MHP3rd and MHP3rd HD also, lol

            I’m just pointing the fact that at least Nintendo is getting MH games localized for their consoles. As long as I can get MH games I don’t really care about anything else…specially if i can play MH and Metroid in the same console xD

    3. To be fair, i like what Capcom did on the 3DS with Monster Hunter… but I hate that they’re doing it just because it’s cheaper than producing for Sony. Capcom is just lazy. =/ There’s no problem in Nintendo getting Monster Hunter, it’s that Capcom never really took advantage of hardware with that series. ever.

      1. monster hunter 4 isnt a cheap production by any means. they are pushing the 3ds to its limits like resident evil revelations. which cost a lot of money to make FYI .

        the SOLE reason it isnt on the vita. is becaus it doesnt have an install base.

        capcom has aded 1 and 1 together and worked out that nintendo’s handhelds are immensley popular way more so than sony’s.
        stop making out like the 3ds is some cheap system with bad graphics.
        you have seen what it can do wit resi in 3d . its beatifull .

        the ps vita is shit with no fanbase. you say ”they could make a better game”. thats BS . the vita’s graphics are nothing special. as of yet they arent even close to ps3 with its sub HD OLED screen .

        monster hunter is on 3ds for one reason alone. INSTALL BASE.
        not because capcom are ‘cheap’. capcom are actualy one of the most graphically astute video game company’s on the planet.

        1. my bro had a vita. and the graphics are NOT far ahead of what i see in Resident evil on 3ds. especialy considering it is 3D.

          the 3ds is an awesome little machine. the ps vita is an over priced and over powered piece of shit with no games and support which nobody wants.
          if it was the other way round. capcom would put MH on the vita.

          1. I don’t even OWN a vita, nor plan to until the 3rd party support gets better. I infact DO own a 3DS and enjoy it. I NEVER EVEN INSULTED THE 3DS. I said I LIKED what Capcom did with the 3DS (on terms of touch screen; I own this game in japanese.)

            But enough about that. have you seen those textures and shadows? They’re no better than Monster Hunter Unite for PSP: And that’s an outdated portable. The only games in the series with a notable quality difference are Tri (and not nessisarily much better to be fair) and Frontier for the PC. And while 4 looks new, it’s only new to Monster Hunter. They used very similar ideas for their game Dragon’s Dogma and it’s FAR more expansive on terms of the world and FAR better looking, too. Monster Hunter could easily be on that level, but Capcom is too scared to take risks anymore. I hate it.

            I know my games, sir. I know my game history. I know company history. I own a expansive collection of games from each notable competitor in the game industry (Save the Vita.) Don’t treat me like a fanboy. Also, don’t put words in my mouth. All I ever see you do is bash on ANYONE with a different opinion of any kind and make up stuff to justify it. Stop.

          2. Ahead of time (incase you haven’t read this yet) I’m sorry for my rage filled outburst there. Even if I was frusterated with my point not getting across, it was no reason to be insulting like I was toward the end.

            1. You’re not alone Aaron, relax. People just think because one has different opinions and a slightly different gaming history and are able to see pros and cons they should be instant enemies. That’s sad.

              Indeed capcom has the habit to put MH games where the costs are cheaper for them, and even MH portable 3rd HD could look so much better on PS3, for example. However, this time I think they’re doing this because of the installbase. Indeed the game could look a little better on the Vita (not that much though), but I don’t think it would be necessary. I agree that sometimes the textures look a little ugly, but I think there are 3 reasons for that:

              1) The screen of the 3DS (and XL model) are smaller than most of the videos and screenshots I’ve seen around. ( Just a tip for those who don’t know: Press ctrl – on the page while watching 3DS trailers/screenshots until you adjust to the 3DS screen size, the games look much better.)

              2) There’s a new features in the game, like when rathallos spits those fireballs tilting the floor (wich makes me think that if textures were different in those areas than in other places it would look terrible) and now the whole scenario apparently is much larger and more usefull and accessible than ever before.

              3)Every MH game does look better in action..screenshots wouldn’t help too much. (even thoug I agree that the textures are not really goode, maybe in motion the game will look much better)

              I’m not really against your oppinion, in fact I thought in almost the same way some time ago (about the textures) , but I think the game will be epic and look epic after all xD

          3. You are fucking stupid , Vita surpasses 3ds graphics in every way , RE 3DS looks like shit , the textures are off and the shadows are crappy , the only reason it looks good is because the game is in SMALL rooms. Stupid fanboy

    4. “Vita in HD”…. I’m sorry but it can’t, 960 x 540 isn’t HD, try to learn what is HD before talk shit, and your comment was totally the opposite of this:

      “ignore him , he just dosnt want MH to come to other sytems other than nintendo because hes a fanoboyish ass.”

      Obvious troll is obvious…

    5. O my god! FAKE FANS! LOL
      real fans don’t give a fuck about consoles
      MH4 will make me buy a 3DS
      Who are the FAKE fans? Sony fanboys or who follow Monster Hunter?
      you are a Hunter or a Fanboy?

  4. Wow this blog site is really goin downhill. I can never find a decent article without everyone bein fanboyish and immature, and people bashin Nintendo. Why cant we all just get along and enjoy the news? I’ for one have alway been a monster hunter fan, and I dont care which console it comes out for just as long as it comes to America. But then again, I wont buy an Xbox just for this game cuz I dont believe in Xbox.

    1. It is annoying -.- even i get labelled as a fanboy, even though i owned and used my ps3 more than the wii this gen.
      Agreed on the Xbox thing, but same with the Vita, id love to play the game, but im not dishing out a ton of money for 1 title, its not worth it -.-
      Rather them put it on a system with a larger install base, like the 3DS, or the ps3

        1. Id love it for the WiiU, and the possibilty is their, depends if Capcom wants to be Capcom, or their new alias, Crapcom

    2. Only delusional people would buy an xbox with knowledge of gaming. Parents and relatives that buy them as gifts are okay. If you are a gamer and after 2007 you bought an xbox with your conscious something is really wrong with you. You pay for online that is free to two greater gaming companies, that is Nintendo and Sony. MH should be on 3DS, and monster hunter 5 on Wii U and PS4 period. Frontier can be given to xbox720.

        1. If pointing out a truth about how nonsensical ms’s xbox360 line is to consumers, then yes call me a fanboy. If Microsoft is your employer then criticize me; but considering everything wise up and buy great gaming machines from Nintendo and Sony.

          1. Microsoft’s online is exceptionally well done if you pay. Thats the benefits being free vs paid. Sonys psn is a decent second and nintendo is the worst one out of them all. Lets see the infrastructure, when we get to the wii u. And I probabaly bet your using a pc, a microsoft product…..

    3. “Why cant we all just get along and enjoy the news?”
      you know these drones, they are like trying to convert people to be an xbox and ps3 gamer, there more of a fanboy than nintendo fans.

  5. There is already a Monster Hunter on iOS. Has been for over a year. Monster Hunter Dynamic. Bought it on release for $4.99. Fun game. The comment saying we are getting one but giving us no details is worthless. Until there is a title, console and ETA, we are no better off.

  6. Hey gamer clone above, Aeolus can be cloned but not the gamer, because I bring facts like Mercedes, perfect! Xbox is the worst console line ever with their two exclusives. Sony is second with their copying ways. Nintendo 3DS is getting both monster hunters in the US, so drones and xbots whine on lol.

  7. Yuri also confirmed for us elsewhere, that this localization will NOT be on the iOS, so naysayers can remove that dim future from their vocabulary.

  8. @ kirbyMario above, you have me writing now. Really my heart goes out to poor Exbox owners, imagine playing the same game that every system has including hand helds and phones alá Call of duty and yet calling it an exclusive. Buy Nintendo and at the least a PS3, at least the playstation 3 after the Wii and 3DS has the best exclusives.

          1. Its still more than 1 franchise. And its hardly a rehash when aside from New Super Mario series, ever game is different.

  9. And then the Raviente sneezed upon the village, blessing those in its path with a quick, painless death as it burned to the ground.

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  11. LMFAO, I like the way he said “But your request is simple enough.” It took nearly a year for you to give us old news. I remember Seth Killion (Ex special combat advisor for Capcom) mentioning a 10 year plan for MH in the west, during E3.

    So we already knew that monster hunter would eventually come to the west again. The question we wanted an answer to is, will the west get MH3G and MH4.

    Please can anyone tell me what the news is exactly? Because I already knew this.

  12. I know it says confirmation for USA i noticed.. was just wondering if it means USA get it , does that mean EU get it europe because unfortunately i live in EU :( answer plz

    1. We should do.
      If it is being translated to English then, they will most likely try to expand sales by releasing in the uk (even if its just a download)

      And Euro country’s outside of GB will probably get a translation if it comes to the UK. (pure guess, but I believe is likely)

      Worst comes to the worst, You can always import. Not ideal, but better than the idiots who bought the Japanese console and just had to wing it ;)

      Hope this helps,
      “Go with Christ “

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