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Nintendo: Manufacturers Promise Not To Use Congo Conflict Minerals In Wii, 3DS & Wii U

Nintendo claims that the companies that manufacture its platforms, including Nintendo 3DS, Wii and the forthcoming Wii U, have promised that they will not use conflict minerals in Nintendo consoles – conflict minerals are minerals that are mined in conditions of armed conflict, human rights abuses, and are often taken from the Democratic Republic of Congo, central Africa. Apparently, Nintendo is speaking about this issue now because a group called “Walk Free” was planning to protest against Nintendo during the Wii U Preview event in New York City.

“All production partners have agreed to comply with our guidelines. Further, we have obtained individual confirmation from each production partner that they agree not to use conflict minerals.”

“Nintendo outsources the manufacture and assembly of all Nintendo products to our production partners. We established the Nintendo Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Procurement Guidelines in 2008, which were revised in 2011. Nintendo disseminated these guidelines to all of our production partners.”

“Nintendo’s CSR Procurement Guidelines provide specific directions to our production partners regarding socially responsible procurement practices. We implemented these guidelines based on relevant laws, international standards and guidelines that focus on protecting human rights, ensuring workplace safety, promoting corporate ethics, and safeguarding the environment. These guidelines include provisions on avoiding the use of conflict minerals and the importance of investigating the source of raw materials.”

23 thoughts on “Nintendo: Manufacturers Promise Not To Use Congo Conflict Minerals In Wii, 3DS & Wii U”

    1. Don’t forget the all important mixture of crushed dreams and baby tears that powers the magic
      In all seriousness this promise shows that nintendo cares

  1. Lets not have any sarcastic comments here. This is a good thing and these people were not in the wrong at all to want Nintendo to not use these conflict minerals. Can you name a single negative thing about not wanting manufactures to avoid material collected by sexually/physially abuse child slaves? This comment needed to be made because i can already see a bunch of comments hating on the people pressuring Nintendo for this confirmation.

    1. well let me tell you, it’s good to hear that people are striving for the underprivileged but this kind of sht, bashing a company when they are going to say one of their most important announcement in the upcoming years…..well that’s not so good….they’re just taking advantage of them, to make his voice to be listen, this isn’t the way they should do something better instead….still, good for them

  2. Walk free is just going to protest anyways since they would most likely be riled up about this protest and don’t care about last minute updates or whatnot, but I digress. Who knows.

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  4. This is great news from Nintendo! I am glad they did the right thing.
    All you smart asses making snide comments should be ashamed of yourselves. Are you so cynical? You must not give a damn about anybody or anyone. A real war started in the Congo before the launch of the PS2, and this conflict has been on-going. I’m glad Nintendo has chosen to do the right thing, and I hope they stick with it and follow up on it.

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