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Second Wii U Nintendo Direct Announced For Japan, To Focus On First & Third-Party Games

Nintendo has announced an additional Wii U Nintendo Direct that will take place in Japan at 11 p.m., which will be hosted by company president Satoru Iwata. The event will cover the first and third-party Wii U software lineup. This Nintendo Direct will obviously take place after Japan’s first Wii U Nintendo Direct, but will be happening simultaneously with the Wii U Preview in New York City and European Nintendo Direct.

35 thoughts on “Second Wii U Nintendo Direct Announced For Japan, To Focus On First & Third-Party Games”

      1. My predictions , Metroid , Cross play like features between 3d and wiiu.
        Scribble Naught’s can share the same save file over 3ds and wiiu…….
        3ds can be used as a controller for some multiplayer games etc etc ..

            1. It’s only annoying because Sony have AMAZING studios . with AMAZING IP’s !! so they are not as famous as Nintendo’s but they have a lot of good ones!!! so why the fuck do they need to copy nintendo ??? .

              you don’t see nintendo making granturismo and uncharted and killzone clone etc etc do you ???

              Nintendo is the bigger man and walk’s away with the cake.

            2. You can always tell retarded Nintendrones like you from sensible gamers.

              Army corps of Hell isn’t even from Sony, but what do Nintenbitches know than crying copying more than a preschool toddler.

              You know what Nintendo needs to do? They need to copy getting good games people give a shit about. :)

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