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Developers Now Have Access To Wii U Dashboard?

Neogaf member Idea Man has informed the community that developers now have access to the Wii U dashboard. The forum member says that developers only had access to a placeholder interface up until now. The dashboard is apparently a continuation of the Wii dashboard with some elements from the Nintendo 3DS one. Idea Man says that it’s not a revolution as some may have expected.

91 thoughts on “Developers Now Have Access To Wii U Dashboard?”

    1. Wow did you really just say that? go to a sony or microsoft site and just put in Wii u. Do that and you would have never thought about writing this comment!

    2. i actually like it. if only they actually had a good online on the wii, i would have used it a lot more often lol. but yeah if the wii u is a mix between the wii and 3ds ui’s, i wont mind it at all.

  1. I want it too look more professional. It should be similar to Wii, only with a 3D background, and the tiles are in a circle. Sliding the stylus on the touch screen or pressing the D-pad will move the tiles around in a circle. It would look so much more appealing to the eye.

  2. Well, the Wii interface works well for a system based on motion control. Since the WiiU takes that and builds on it, why should the dash not borrow from its predecessor? So long as I can type with the GamePad, I don’t have any complaints.

    1. It’s the UI–the user interface. The screen on the Wii/3DS/PS3/XBox etc where you select games/applications/videos/channels/etc.

  3. Where is that dumb-fuck, Aeolus? What smart ass fucking opinion does he have to post?
    After he showed is absolute ignorance by stating Apple has nothing to do with the apps they publish. He has big words, loves to insult, but he as the brains of a jack-ass.
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    1. Looks like a piece of shit for little babies like you. What a shitty, embarrassingly kiddy UI. What’s disturbing is the load of basement dwelling Nintendorks enjoy anything they shove down their throats. Such losers.

      1. There you are!
        Damn, I didn’t think you’d show after such an ignorant display of stupidity.
        “apple has nothing to do with the app store! Duh! har har”
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      1. Glad you had the balls to try and hide your stupid comment by posting an insult.
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        1. “you’re in idiot”

          That’s very fucking ironic.

          Apple does not publish goddamn games. Do you even know what a publisher is? Idiot.

      2. apple has the final word on what does and does not end up on the app store and they make somewhat of a profit on each app sold. so yeah, the definitely have something to do with the apps and the app store. seriously, just stop making a complete retard out of yourself.

        1. And in what way does that make them a “publisher”?

          You think I don’t know this shit?

          Thank you for being a giant fucking captain obvious. That aspect of you never changes.

          1. um yeah, because before you were saying shit about how apple has nothing to do with the app store, prick. i never said they were publishers. i can see that you still can’t fucking read.

        2. Also, many apps are free, so I’d advise you to get your shit in order. They’re not gaining profit off of FREE apps unless it’s riddled with ads or something.

          1. again, DO YOU FUCKING READ. i said “they make a small profit off of each app SOLD” it’s not sold if it’s free you dumbass. god, are you seriously that stupid? that i have to spell out that they don’t make a profit off of free apps? i mean jesus christ, you’ll debate anything with anyone. get a fucking life.

  4. “Not as revolutionary as everyone expected”

    Who were these people that expected it? Its a daahboard. I like the Wii and 3DS, its simple, all my stuff is right there, i can customise it, move stuff around, put stuf in folders, its good.

    1. Yeah, totally kicks both the PS3’s and the 360’s dashboards… Simple and efficient. Maybe a bit too iPhone-ish, but whatever.

      Blending the Wii’s dashboard with the 3DS’s probably means it’s being built to work well both with a pointer and with the touch screen. Good stuff.

      1. I hate the 360 daahboard, its just “ADVERTISEMENT”
        The ps3 one is better, seeing as you can have your own theme ect, but it is a little bland and has way too many different sub menus ect

        1. watch the wii-u e3 presentation when reggie shows the video about mii-verse on the bottom right hand corner they show the dashboard

      2. “Yeah, totally kicks both the PS3′s and the 360′s dashboards…”

        I don’t know what you’re smoking, but I don’t want ANY OF THAT SHIT.

        1. Yeah, you have your own shit.
          It’s called, ” I don’t know shit about gaming, but if I toss enough insults, and google the shit out of game consoles, I can make my balls look bigger.”
          Nice. Your weed is weak.

          1. yea 360 dashboard is bloated with ads but my only complaint with the ps3 is all the damn sub menus, you get lost after awhile

  5. While I do find the Wii and 3DS dashboard to be a little bland, they are definitely efficient and game-centric. The first thing you see when you load it is all of your games, and you can organize them in any way you see fit. The settings are out of the way, but easily accessible. It’s much nicer than the PS3 dashboard, as far as functionality. I haven’t used the new xbox dashboard, so idk about that.

    My only hope is that they keep the functionality, but add a little character to it. Because it is very bland.

  6. interesting, since their “channel” UI I think could be argued as what inspired windows live tiles, which is now a standard on windows phone, windows 8, and xbox 360. im excited to see what they bring to the table this time around.
    also im excited to see what built in software its coming with, im hoping or more of a “pc” feelin terms of use. since gaming systems need to be a way to sort of turn your TV into a smart TV these days, and handhelds having to compete with smartphones. ill be happy to see more from a music player, photo/video app. I guess their going with amazon to sell music and video not a bad choice. a more complex web browser would be nice with tabs, and HTML5. the first one felt right with the wii remote.
    interested to see what devs well use this new openness for!!!

  7. I liked the Wii UI. It was kind of clean and got the job done in my eyes. As long as they add folders and allow you to change the background or theme I’m okay with this.

    1. Same. Changing the theme of the Wii is possible but requires you to have a modded Wii and for you to change your system menu file. And that is something you don’t want to mess up unless you have a proper backup, so it isn’t really worth it.

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    1. You do know the hystory of commenters on this site?There is multiple aeolus’s the current one you talk to is a fake.I can tell by the icons.The real one is a more annoying bitch -.- I don’t see him here anymore ,after the event when everyone changed their name to aeolus.

    1. Or weed out avatars… not gonna happen. I’m not a fan of actually having them in games- I don’t mind my Xbox Avatar, but it’s ridiculous to have in games. It’s only a way for me to identify friends- with Miiverse maybe they’ll work out.

      1. I mean I dont mind avatars but if they want the wii u to be better than ps3 and x360 they need to mature a bit cause not only kids are gonna buy the wii u

  9. Take a note from Business, Mathematics, Science etc.- Keep it Simple Stupid.
    I love the Wii”s interface. It’s simple, it only sees a pause if you’re loading one of the apps. 3DS hasn’t had big issues. I bet they get more advertising with Wii U, but I feel simpler is better.

    1. No mate, thats just the integrated system for ZombiU I think! It notifies you when your friends die in game ect, as there is some limited interaction in the single player campaign, such as leaving tags on walls to warn (or troll) your friends, and you even leave a copy of yourself in your friends game when you die I think, or something to that effect.

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