Nintendo TVii Included With Every Wii U In North America – No Subscribtion Costs

YouTube and other web-based videos will play on Wii U’s new Nintendo TVii application. Nintendo TVii is included with every Wii U console in North America and you don’t need to pay or subscribe to the feature. The Wii U GamePad will allow you to video chat at no extra cost.



  1. you think when the confrencses are done you could make an article summarizing everything announced so we dont have to scroll for a while to read everything?


      1. We’re feeling most enticed by this interesting box of delights, but one shall not be betting all of ones chips on Nintendo. The competition shall also have attention, and a winner amongst them chosen for ones entertainment…because Options are good!


  2. This sounds amazing, I maybe never will look at a PC again hopefully as my current one shows it’s age. If the Wii U will be this good I maybe never will have to buy a PC again ;)


  3. Pretty sure you are going to need a subcription to Nexflix, Amazon, Tivo, etc. Cannot image those services are free. What would be nice is if you could upload movie file onto the Wii U to watch on the TV.


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