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Bayonetta 2 Published By Nintendo And Will Be A Wii U Exclusive

Bayonetta 2 was announced during Nintendo’s Wii U Preview event in New York City. The game is being developed by Platinum Games, and will be published by Nintendo, which means it will be exclusive to Wii U.

Platinum Games’ Project P-100 has been renamed to “The Wonderful 101.”

62 thoughts on “Bayonetta 2 Published By Nintendo And Will Be A Wii U Exclusive”

  1. I can smell the rage of a thousand fanboys. Nintendo HAS third party support and that means that the glorious days can be relived! Maybe I will only need 2 systems this generation, the Wii U and 3DS :P

    1. Don’t say that just yet – the console is still technically likely the weakest as the others still have time to revise their specs based on what Nintendo reveal for the Wii-U, and will no doubt leave a large gap between them and it. It’s a strong console for sure, but I wouldn’t say that it’s going to be the market leader once the others start selling.

      1. That’s why I said MAYBE. I want the other 4 (maybe 5 if SteamBox is true) to offer something exclusive for me that makes me want to buy them

      2. Allow me to pose an interesting point for your consideration;
        You’re assuming that they’ll leave a large gap between the Wii U and themselves, correct?
        That’ll basically put the PS4 and 720 up in the same category as a low-or-mid-power PC, power-wise.
        Why would people buy the system if they could easily just have gotten a PC instead, that would likely cost them less as well?
        The leap can’t be too big, for costs as well as simply for getting people to buy the system instead of an equivalently-powered-PC.

        1. The line between consoles and PC’s is narrowing – the problem consoles face is how do they distinguish themselves continually from PC’s in order to convince the purchaser that it’s worth the investment over a PC of equal or higher spec with all of the advantages that go inherently with the PC market.

          It is indeed getting harder to keep those interested in bleeding edge from buying a PC over a console, but the easy-play masses will always opt in for a mess-free simplistic system. This, of course, is also being lost more and more as companies start enforcing stricter measures over how and in what way their games are played.

          ” Should you buy a wii-u over a Gaming PC? ”

          Answering that question is one that is going to trip up folks who’d rather have a fancy looking game than hoping that the gameplay is up to their expectations.

      3. Honestly, I see video game development costs jumping a huge amount with the 720 and PS4. Many developers won’t have the capital initially, allowing them to turn to Nintendo. Also, how much can the quality jump between now and when they other systems come out? Will it even be worth it?

        1. It can jump. Technology evolves in a terrifying speed right now. Therefore I am vigilant, but as it seems now I might not need a PS4 or 360. PC gaming is completely out of my chart as I am really not a fan of PC gaming as it doesn’t evolve in interesting ways anymore :/

      4. one thing to know about gaming industry is that it’s business.. it’s not whoever the strongest wins, it’s whoever can give reasonable profits.. that is what matters to the third party..

        if wii u didn’t get third party support it’s because maybe it’s too costly to port or specifically develop game for it, that it’s not worth it. not because it’s weak. weak is just a contributing factor to cost, not main factor.

        wii doesn’t support hd, so games cannot be ported directly, but developed specifically for the wii. it’s costed more than it should, most third party don’t think it’s worth it.

        so for Wii U to be blown out of the water, the next PS and Xbox has to offer something that the Wii U just can’t do, until the third party had no choice but develop specifically for the Wii U for the game, if they ever want to port it. So what is it that they had to offer? HD, done. network, done. what is it? probably double polygon number, or maybe super tesselation, or maybe 1000 detailed units on one screen, though I doubt it’s that hard to tone down. just like PC games being toned down just that it can run on consoles.

        and then, you have to take account added cost just to take full advantage of the new power. For business sake, they might just develop game for the weakest one and port to the others, if it’s not costly, and they have broader customer range hence better profit. have you thought of that? like it or not, gaming is business, especially to third parties.

        it’s the first party and full exclusives that’ll take the full advantage of the console. third party multiplatforms are just icing on the cake. and no body wants to eat cake without icing

        1. Hence, why the Wii was such a genius idea. It will have at least a year lead before the other game systems start coming out. The console is priced for mass market and is significantly more powerful than the current systems out at the moment.

    1. Well, some of them actually deserves it after bashing Nintendo fans for a long time because of the bad Third Party Support Nintendo have had for some years now. But I feel sad for those REAL gamers out there who don’t want to buy a Wii U as their economy doesn’t support it + the PS4 or next-box.

              1. Yeah, I bet all of those are million sellers for core gamers and not for niche markets or obsessed Japanese gamers. :rolleyes:

    1. I actually kinda agree with you on this one. Bayonetta 2 is probably the best Wii U game to be excited for at the moment. NSMBU, Pikmin 3, and Nintendo Land are just meh to me.

        1. you are right the story was said that Sakurai was caught visiting Platinum Studios, if Beyonetta is one of those games exclusively on Wii U, than what other tittles other than P-100 would appear on an nintendo console

    1. In time, my friend.
      We’re seeing something that was 100% unexpected, and it’s AN EXCLUSIVE TO BOOT.
      Viewtiful Joe 3 is not impossible at this point, IMO.
      The Wii U is now THE must-have system for me.
      I think I can honestly say that this has me as hyped up as Borderlands 2 does, and that makes it a guaranteed buy.

  2. Now this is what I want Nintendo to do! They are starting to take the initiative and publish third-party games onto their system. Now if only they will do this for Madworld 2.

  3. Now this is what happens when you team up with Nintendo. There some rumors last year that Bayonetta 2 was in development, but this came off as a nice surprised.

  4. Did anyway else watch the conference, and hear Reggie says “you’ll see a big franchise that fans have wanted to see for a long time”


    1. Seems like either they forgot or they were lying. Cause there was nothing at the conference we hadn’t seen for a while. We didn’t even see footage of the F-Zero minigame in Nintendo Land

  5. Regular poster let us celebrate. I am reading the nonsense above from microsoft and sony employees likey trying to prevent us from saying: NINTENDO, eat your hearts out.

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  7. Well I don’t agree with Bayonetta 2 being a WiiU exclusive. Bayonetta was made popular on the Xbox360/PS3, it probably wouldn’t of had the same success on the Wii. But whatever now, I new reasons to buy a WiiU.

    1. Pay no attention to this username

      But sega didn’t want to publish another bayonetta, so either nintendo published it, or we don’t get any sequal whatsoever.

  8. What?! Bayonetta 2?! AND AS AN EXCLUSIVE??!
    Can´t be!! The Wii U is a kiddy console and won´t get any games!!

    FU you all you trolls and bashers ;)

  9. HOT DAMN!!!!! The first Bayonetta from Sega on the Xbox 360 was a surprise hit IMO. And now… Bayonetta 2 from NINTENDO is coming exclusively to the Wii U?!!!!! The Big N is going hardcore mode already! I’m looking forward to purchase the sequel!

    Bayonetta for President!!!!!

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  11. Omfg. I always wanted to play the first one. It seemed like a Devil May Cry, which I love. Now Bayonetta 2 is coming to Wii U??? Holy s***! Though I question why it’s an exclusive, given the first one was a multiplat.

    1. It is an exclusive because nobody wanted to pony up the dough to produce the sequel. Not Sega, not Sony, not Microsoft, no one.
      But then Nintendo stepped in and agreed to be the publisher for it in exchange for it being an exclusive.
      My guess is that there were fans of the original involved in this decision, too; the sales of the first one weren’t super-spectacular, so someone on the inside of Nintendo really liking the first one and seeing potential for a second, as a fan, would make the most sense behind why Nintendo decided to save the sequel.

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