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Ninja Gaiden 3 Boss Admits They Forgot The Fans

Team Ninja head Yosuke Hayashi has once again admitted that the Ninja Gaiden 3 development team spent far too much time trying to make an action game, and subsequently forgot about the fans and what they wanted,. Hayashi says he now knows what the fans want from Ninja Gaiden and is set to rectify these mistakes with Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge.

“After launch, we  learned again what fans of the series expect from the series and a Ninja Gaiden game,”

“We feel we focused too much on getting new action game fans and perhaps not enough on the fans who have supported the series for so long. Now, we have heard those voices and know very well what fans of the franchise expect from a Ninja Gaiden game and we’re ready to start again. That’s Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge for Wii U.”

43 thoughts on “Ninja Gaiden 3 Boss Admits They Forgot The Fans”

    1. No they don’t need to admit. They need to do something about it! Like make f zero starfoz zelda. The games we love not rehash mario games that play identical

      1. Another obnoxious Zelda fan. You already got skyward sword. Shut the hell up. If Nintendo made Zelda games every year you’d lick your own ass and be happy,but since its Mario getting games every year you have to be butthurt. Just shut the fuck up.

    2. Not really. Star Fox and F-Zero havent been made recently but theyve been discussed alot, and we know we’ll see Star Fox.
      Other than that, we’ve got everything else, and its been very high quality.
      And please dont go on about Mother -.-

    3. Not exactly.
      If you’re talking about F-Zero, Miyamoto said in a recent interview that he doesn’t see the possibility of creating the “surprise” which many people felt when they played F-Zero using the current consoles. But he might be able to create something that would make sense with the WiiU… so maybe it could happen?

      Hideki Kamiya (The guy behind Beyonetta) has been twittering a lot about how he’d give anything to create a new StarFox, which would actually be interesting.

      1. ^^This I would like to see…Let Hideki do Star Fox, and please be letting Retro work on either something new or something a little grittier, like Metroid. Star Fox is cool, but its not a good enough series IMHO to be wasting 2-4 years of Retro’s talented team on. Let them do their own unique IP, or let them do Zelda, or at least work on it, or(and this is farfetched), let them reinvent Earthbound.

    1. They did not release those to “compete” with it. It’s a smaller form factor and design with larger hard drives to not only cut the manufacturing costs for existing PS3 models, but to be an attractive purchase for new customers.

  1. Its ok, you fixed it now, its just a shame idiots are blaming Nintendo, since theyre the ones that are making sure its done right, same with Bayonetta

  2. I’ve played the past 2 games, Ninja gaiden sigma (remake of black) and Ninja gaiden 2. I really liked them, and I was surprised when some reviews said that 3 was not worth it. I will wait and see how well Wii U version do on reviews, maybe I buy it.

  3. So sony drones and xbots got the doo doo version, while we are getting the polished all goodness with a booty with big titty girl added Ninja gaiden 3: razors edge.

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