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Kotaku Says It Is Kinda B.S That Bayonetta 2 Is A Wii U Exclusive

Owen Good, one of the writers at online gaming publication Kotaku says that it is unfair that Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive, but admits that it’s going to secure Nintendo more console sales. Good says that effectively paying $360 or $410 to play Bayonetta 2 on Wii U just isn’t fair on the loyal fans of the franchise, but concedes that the backlash against the developer Platinum Games isn’t really on. You can read his full opinions here.

220 thoughts on “Kotaku Says It Is Kinda B.S That Bayonetta 2 Is A Wii U Exclusive”

    1. Agreed, if we want to go there, ps3 has uncharted, little big planet, and god of war exclusive, xbox has halo, fable, and gears of war exclusive, so what is unfair about this? Surprised no one copmplains that nintendo has mario, metroid, smash bros, zelda, and mario kart exclusive as well. I really believe that sony and microsoft are paying people to complain about Wii U to hinder its success. They are sold out in pre-orders so I think you can give up now and start worrying about how you will copy the WiiU’s technology into your next system just like you attempted and failed with the wii. Good luck.

      1. So they’re basically saying that all Wii U third party exclusives are BS ? da fuq.Nintendo is publishing it, SEGA cant, they’re losing money. This guy in Kotaku is either a Sont fan or Xbox fan. BS ? Nintendo paid for its publishing and saved the series. Another goddamn stupid article.

          1. i agree and its great that wii u will get a bayonetta (sequel since wii didn’t get the first). and if i remember correctly, nintendo saved sega from going down under so they are repaying their debt and thanking them. if it weren’t for nintendo from the beginning of time then all this wouldn’t happen so stop saying the big n is going to fail and such. think of it this way nintendo haters, without the N64, ps one wouldn’t exist, without NDS, PSP wouldn’t exist, see the pattern?

        1. You’re an idiot fanboy. Did Nintendo really save the series or did they just allow for it to be released now, exclusively on their new console.

        2. Or he’s just worried that it wont do well in one console, you know since it didn’t do as expected when it was released on 2.

          I like The first one, but Im not buying a console for one game. So that right there PG just lost a fan (I know its not PG’s fault) though, but that’s what happens when a game is exclusive.

      2. Difference is, those are first party IPs whereas Bayonetta was a multiplatform that went to an exclusive.

        And if you really think companies are paying people to speak out against this, you are completely naive and blind.

        1. Final fantasy used to be nintendo exclusively and now is on all systems but nintendo and no ones complaining..since they have sucked since ps1 is besides the point. Also it was never implied that this particular article was bought to discredit the wiiU but it is naive to think it doesn’t happen at all so if you believe this doesnt happen you are beyond naive.

        2. It is naive to think hits do not equal money. It could be paid for or not. Ethier way they are pawns. Any fan would rather the series not die than think this is unfair.

          What is unfair is the hardcore support cod, or some other ip than your favorite game. This has been happening for ages.

          The problem is the last batch of hd consoles cost way too much. It’s making gamers desperate.

          1. By law, if someone is paid or gifted in any way for statements online, they must mention it explicitly in the article. Even when we receive free copies of games to review.

            We are investigated from time to time to make sure.

            If you read the full article, you will see he speaks out against the negative speech people have brought up against the game going exclusive, condemning their reprehensible actions.

            I do agree with you, however: I would rather see the game come out as an exclusive, rather than not come out at all.

            Still, it is understandable that some people feel a little slighted that their console of choice where they played the first game became an exclusive to something else.

            Imagine if Dragon Quest, Ace Attorney, Monster Hunter, Professor Layton, etc. a Nintendo system became an exclusive to a system that you do not play?

            I understand points from both sides.

            In my case though, I don’t lose out from anything since I have been able to own every system and play the games that I want to play. :)

              1. Monster Hunter is another case and point though.. it was Sony exclusive and now it’s Nintendo exclusive. I get what you mean though. I don’t see a problem is exclusivity considering I own nearly every console available and plan on getting a wii-u. As long as we get a quality game, I am satisfied.

                1. Monster hunter has appeared on all 3 company consoles. So its not an exclusive to any, we’ve seen remakes of the older games jump to other platforms so I doubt 4 will be exclusive in the long run (you know, its capcoms greedy ass)

            1. That has happened with Nintendo fans, lets see main series Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, console main series Castlevania, Mortal Kombat since 07′, and many other game series.

        3. Although. at the end of the day, nintendo now owns a highly revered franchise. They can do whatever they want with it, and not making it an exclusive is pretty bad business sense especially if you want to draw people to actually buy wii-u’s.

          Also at the comment about having to spend 300+ dollars to get bayonetta which the kotaku guy mentioned, again That is the point, that is why consoles have exclusives, in order to make it more enticing for new people to buy your console. To draw in more ‘core’ gamers and with games like dmc (not much of a loss) and metal gear rising not coming to the wii-u it would help boost console sales by having a game like this.

          It may be annoying, but again who can blame them, they’re just trying to shift units of a NEW console and what better a way than having a game like this, which they own on it as an exclusive

      3. Another fucking moron who is missing the point.

        Bayonetta 2 (TWO), as in the SECOND game, the SEQUEL, is going to be a Wii-U Exclusive. That is to say that the first game wasn’t an exclusive, it was multi-platform. And now it’s exclusive to a system that no fan of the first game has. That means £300+ just to be able to play the sequel.

        That’s why it’s unfair you special needs fanboys.

        1. If Platinum Games said they didn’t want to release it on PS3/Xbox it would be unfair. Platinum Games haven’t said such a thing, they just want people to enjoy their games. Nintendo publishing a game that others didn’t want to is only fair for it to be exclusive.

        2. I call bullshit.
          I went multiplatform for the sake of Bayonetta and Borderlands 1, and even though that’s all I intended on buying, the PS3 surprised me by getting many more worthwhile games over its lifetime.
          I’m STILL buying a Wii U for the sake of that sequel, and I don’t feel slighted in the least.

          This isn’t about you being a fan of the series and hating to see it on a system you don’t yet own.
          If that were the case, you’d gripe about it but you wouldn’t put it down as unfair, and you’d likely still go multiplatform again for the sake of getting a system that is starting to show promise with triple-A third-party titles.
          This is about you hating Nintendo.

          Well guess what?
          Now you know how Wii owners felt about the nice exclusive third party games you guys all got when others were skipped over.
          You’re just an entitled Bay 1 fan who doesn’t want to pony up dough the way so many others are going to for the sake of a great game, and likely many more to come, because you look down on the system itself.
          The sequel being an exclusive isn’t a valid excuse.

    2. what his dumb ass dont realize is that there would be no Bayonetta 2 if it wasn’t for nintendo. so it’s only right that they made it exclusive to nintendo. sony and microsoft had there chance (a three year chance) for a sequel and didn’t do anything about it, they would’ve let Bayonetta die. so nintendo stepped up to the plate and now all the microsoft and sony fagboys drones are mad. well boo fucking hoo cry me a ocean. damn victory taste so sweeeet lmfao

      1. agreed, if anything the drones should be agree with their puppet masters for not snapping up the franchise, considering they had a 3 year window opportunity to do so. But of course, Microsoft and Sony are gods, and Nintendo is the evil company that ruins the gaming industry. Fanboy ‘logic’…there is no arguing against it

      2. He realizes it, read the full article.

        “It’s because the constituency is being used in a pretty cynical way, even if Nintendo stepping as publisher is likely the only way this sequel gets done. But Nintendo isn’t doing this out of altruism for the series, they want to sell consoles, and give their machine a chance with a type of gamer who needs a good deal of coaxing to buy a second console—especially one that comes so late in its hardware generation.”

        1. So late in it’s hardware generation ???? its the earliest 8th generation console , lol . Why people still refuse to accept that is beyond rational thought and is butthurt fanboyism at its finest.

          The wii is the same generation as the 360 and ps3 asd it won , it had the highest selling hardware and the highest selling games .

          the wiis 5th best selling game outsold anything on the ps3 or 360 .

          1. If you are implying graphics define generational leaps , then sony is generations behind Nintendo because the N64 and gamecube were both considerably more powerfull than the offering of sony at the time .

      1. Fanboy? Please , you got to be fucking kidding me are a retard if you think kotaku are fanboys , the fanboy here is you , kotaku loves nintendo you fucking drone , hes saying that it’s a stupid move by Nintendo and I agree but your fanboyish ass can’t handle any critism towards Nintendo , So stfu you Nintendo dick rider

    1. There is more than 1 good game on wiiu lol . Maybe people can buy zombiu , wonderfull 101 , bayonetta 2 , pikmin 3 , Monster hunter ultimate and many many others to justify the immediate purchase of the console .

      suggesting bayonetta is the only good game is pretty fucking retarded . It’s why I never ever go on kotaku

  1. Yeah, it makes no sense to start a franchise at one console and them jump to another, it’s unfair to the fans, not to mention Nintendo never get anything from this

    Resident Evil exclusivity didn’t help the GameCube, actually, it was more humiliating when Resident Evil 4 HAD to be ported to PlayStation 2 to guarantee decente sales

    1. RE4 is an interesting case, as it going multiplatform was a decision made by Capcom’s suits, with Mikami still publicly being against that decision.

    2. Resident Evil 4 sold 1.6 million copies on Gamecube, It being ported to PS2 was in no way to guarantee decent sales. Look at it this way 1.6 mil sales on gamecube which sold a over 20 mil systems compared to 2.2 mil on a system that has sold over 150 mil systems. Resident Evil Remake sold over 1.35 mil on Gamecube, and RE 0 has sold 1.25 mil on Gamecube. So no its not humiliating, its just called business.

  2. Kotaku, lol. I wish I could take that site seriously and this is coming from someone who isn’t even sold in the Wii U.

    Seriously, what morons.

  3. It’s understandable, really. The game came out on PS3/Xbox and then anyone who wants to play the sequel has to buy a whole new console. I kinda agree with him.

    1. You should know the fact that Sony and Microsoft have rejected the offer of having a Bayonetta sequel to their consoles. Only Nintendo accepts that offer and made Bayonetta 2 both a reality and a Wii U exclusive.

        1. Well it’s either $360 or no game at all, their choice. They don’t HAVE to buy it. Please make it sound like Nintendo just said “As you bought the original, you are contractually obligated to buy the sequel”

        2. So if it is not worth $300 then they really didn’t want the sequel.

          We had to do this for ff7… Snes to ps1. For halo… Apple to xbox1.

          Gaming is expensive. Krazy ken even said we would have to get another job.

          What is really unfair is the fact that we can’t just get these games on pc.

          What is sad also is the fact that people think these games should be on the iPhone???

          People are just projecting what they want.

        3. It’s either $360 to play the sequel or no sequel and all, and Bayonetta would have become a dead franchise…
          And besides, it’s not like you’re paying $360 for a console where you’ll only play Bayonetta 2 now, right?

        4. Neither did Wii owners who saw titles like the first Bayonetta.
          Guess what happened?
          Many of them sucked it up and paid anyways, and got more out of the X-box or PS3 than they thought they would. They found plenty of games worth playing over and over again.
          Same deal here.

      1. ^ Well if MS and Sony rejected Bayonetta 2 as a Wii U exclusive, then I don’t see what the issue is. People will have to buy a Wii U if they want to play the game.

        It’s not unfair, its decision. I’m glad Nintendo wanted to take the idea on.

        Wii U has been designed to give a new experience to gamers, and Bayonetta 2 will be interesting to see how it flows.

      2. You have proof that Sony and Microsoft rejected anything? Remember, Bayonetta was first a SEGA IP. They’re the ones who published the first game and are truly behind it not going multiplatform. They just didn’t have the funds, likely.

      1. Halo is a first party ip, not a 3rd Party IP, Bayonetta doesn’t belong to nintendo they are only publishing it. Halo… belongs… to.. MS.

        Does… that…. make…. sense??

  4. What I don’t get is how everyone keeps calling the fans “loyal” after only buying one game.

    Loyalty is proven through coming back time and time again, not through a one off, so by reacting in the way they did, they are just showing themselves to be disloyal.

    1. Because sickr and alba need the ad impressions, so they make everything related to Nintendo, no matter how minor it is, news.

      1. That’s rather a cynical way to look at things. We don’t do this for money. If you’re not interested in a specific article then don’t read it and just ignore it. Weekends are usually slow for news so don’t expect any breaking news.

            1. As soon as you see aeolus,can you ban him and his clones?I know he changes accounts but he might get tired of changing it unless he goes that far by repeatedly doing it.

        1. I don’t care how minor it is, Nintendo news is my fav news website because the other video game websites only give me like one article a day and it is almost always something I couldn’t care less about, you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re awesome

              1. They have there own personal troll,enigma.Ness used to be there,but wanted to be here to be promoted to the cavalry while enigma is a cadet.Ness and von scrutom are supposed to be a cadet but they changed their grades with two other people

        2. I’m not saying I’m not interested in the news (as a nice period of procrastination is always nice after working for several hours) but I do admit I have a cynical mind and try to find reasons behind what people do. It’s just something my mind automatically does after staring at a screen for a couple of minutes. Plus, when I was younger, my older brother was a bit bipolar so I always wanted to know what was going on in his head.

          So basically, while these could be all wrong and you probably have other reasons, I think you do the follow to create ad impressions:
          >Report minor news. I classify this as reporting that another news site making an opinion. Okay, they’ve made an editorial. What are your opinions that you only post occasionally with a review?
          >Refreshing after comment. Yeah, I see this as an extra ad impression whenever somebody comments. It could also be why you refuse to use Disquis after so many of your followers asked for it as Disquis doesn’t refresh, but I really don’t mind that since I like this new format that you implemented a day or two ago.
          >Not permanently banning trolls. I understand trolls can easily come back with new names and IPs, but I see trolls A LOT. Meaning they’re giving you A LOT of ad impressions.
          >Advertising for Tesco. Considering they’re the third largest retailer in the world, I really don’t think you need to be advertising for them unless they’re paying you to do so.

    2. Why do people jeep asking why this is news?
      Fuck. Just go somewhere else. I happen to like all the articles posted. It’s not like you’re a shareholder in the site.
      You’re just trolling, trying to make site members question an article.
      I come here to read gaming news, heavily weighted towards Nintendo.
      I’m a Nintendo fan. I am on
      I want to read everything that touches Nintendo, ESPECIALLY mews surrounding Bayonetta.
      Damn people, really?

  5. Platinum Games have specifically stated that without the help from Nintendo, Bayonetta 2 would not be possible. No Nintendo, No Bayonetta 2. Stop whining and be happy the game is even being produced. Plus, it will rock on the Wii U.

  6. So after the seventh generation brought loyal Nintendo fans watered down ports of multi-format titles and companies simply missing them out with their big titles, it’s now sacrilege for a game that wouldn’t have even EXISTED without Nintendo to be Nintendo-exclusive.


  7. Its kinda BS that people dont realize that Nintendo “saved” the franchise… They need to get over the fact that if they want Bayonetta 2 they need to buy a Wii U. Plain and simple, sucks to be you wahhh wahh wah!! Cry all you want.

    1. Saved it? I wouldn’t as far as to say they saved it. Its not like Sega and Nintendo are the only publishers in the world. You know, konami could’ve done it.

  8. Stop your bitching! You want to complain to somebody? Complain to Sega. They were never going to make a sequel so Nintendo scooped it up. If you want you have to buy a Wii U. Deal with it and shut up. It’s been a week and I’m already bored with this. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Its not expensive for a BRAND NEW console WITH BETTER graphics than the ps3 and 360 either . and there is many many many other EXCLUSIVES alreayd worth owning the wiiu for , lol.

      btw , bayonettas camel toe on that picture is a beast .

      1. I noticed that camel toe too, but didn’t want to say anything. I was enjoying it quietly.

        A brand new Nintendo console, with strong third party support and an impressive new controller. This should be a time when all gamers are happy that the industry is moving forward.

        Instead we have this petty divisiveness, I want no part of it. I just want play my games and share them with like minded people. Gaming is supposed to bring people together. I look forward to doing that on the Wii U.

        1. Exactly , so he is saying ”trampy poor xbox loving nintendo haters will feel hard done by ”wtf ?? nobody cares about Nintendo haters . Get N and everybody else or gtfo .

          Enjoying it quietly , lol . I couldn’t help but highlight that thing .

  9. Um the developers said the game wouldn’t have existed without Nintendo.. They have full right to sign on as an exclusive to the company that made it happen.

      1. Revolution5268 is a stupid Nintendrone

        They aren’t bashing nintendo you drone , they are simply saying its kinda unfair to the fans of the original game that they have to buy a new system to play the sequal, how in any way are they bashing Nintendo? Go get cancer you idiotic fanboy

        1. lol fools like you need to back off your computer, you on the other hand are a drone in this site, nobody here cares about you or even like; you why do even bother been in a site that you hate so much?

  10. I like how they enjoy using the term, “Loyal Fans,” forgetting to mention the number of fans wasn’t enough to fund a sequel without the help from Nintendo.

    God knows Sony doesn’t have the money to invest in the Franchise, and I guess Microsoft just didn’t want it bad enough.

    Reality is really starting to set in for Nintendo-haters. WiiU will be great. There’s not a damn thing you can do about it. So troll and trash talk all you want, it won’t make any difference.

  11. Most of y’all stated everything (SUMMARY):

    2. Fans aren’t loyal from one game
    3. Every website dissed the Wii on not have epic third party games, now they complain about the Wii U getting them (STUPID)
    4. Many series have switched before (METAL GEAR, MONSTER HUNTER, BANJO KAZOOIE, ETC)
    5. Kotaku is stupid

    Never played the first Bayonetta but it looked cool and I’ll be getting 2 at the very least to show support cause I’m sure it’ll be epic.

  12. Really its stupid for them bitching regardless its exclusive. There’s no reason. If you’re gonna bitch. It might as well been cancelled. Either its exclusive or it doesn’t exist. You were never gonna get it on the ps3 n 360 in the first place. Not buying it will only insure that it won’t be multiplatformed ever again Cuz Nintendo fans and wii u owners will get the game.

  13. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

    Breaking News! The next Dead Island Riptide is a 720 exclusive, and Assassins Creed 4 is a PS4 exclusive! Gues what Owen Good would say about that. Double standards I say. And you naysayers will al play the game, otherwise you aren’t true Bayonetta fans.

  14. The way I see it, Nintendo loyal fans (such as myself) lost a lot (if not hundreds) of games in the last few years because the Wii was not as powerful as PS3/360.
    Getting Bayonetta 2 exclusively on Wii U might not be fair for fans, but think about this : was it fair that Nintendo gamers didn’t have great games in the past years, like the Assassin’s Creed series (the first 4 games) or Battlefield 3, for example ?

    1. Well that’s kinda nintendos fault for not thinking of how third party developers would have to work hard in order to make their ports work.

  15. Wow, he’s paid to research video game news and he didn’t research ANYTHING. I’m glad that he does this for a living. Kotaku fucking sucks.

  16. I understand that is a bummer for non-nintendo gamers, but look, if you REALLY want to play this game, then buy the wii u. If you’re not interested, then don’t waste your time bitching about it on the internet like a butch of four years-old crying and screaming on the grocery store floor, wanting their mother to buy that candy.

  17. I know, I think it’s total BS that Nintendo actually put money forward to secure the existence of a sequel to such an acclaimed game that wouldn’t have existed otherwise, as well as offering to distribute it and only asking that it isn’t released on rival platforms. It’s also total BS that Nintendo are thinking of ways to try and get PS360 gamers back to Nintendo, which they said was their aim from day 1.

    Scumbag Nintendo [/sarcasm]

  18. Ya know, all the whiney babies can eat it. How many games have Nintendo fans been deprived of these last 5-7 years? We get one f-in exclusive and everyone starts bitchin. Gimmie a break.

  19. It’s fair since Nintendo SAVED it. AND there will be many other games to play besides Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U! Bottom line if you want to play a particular game, buy the console. For example, currently the only game I want to play on the Xbox is Halo. Now, once there’s another price drop on the Xbox, I will purchase one. If I had my way, I’ll get rid of exclusives all together, but this is what helps sells consoles.

  20. If Microsoft or Sony had done it. They would be saying ” well that’s buisness” Nintendo does it its BS. LoL people are silly

  21. Can Platinum Fames possibly become a 2nd party dev for the big N? Much like Retro, and Rare before them. Can that happen? Please?

  22. Kotaku, why am I not surprised? Sure you acknowledge that Nintendo’s the one who saved it but, even still, it’s bs? Yeah, ok. I guess the series should’ve just died off then DARE to appear on a Nintendo console because, you know, Nintendo having 3rd party exclusives is like some kind of taboo.

  23. It would even be getting made if Nintendo didnt get it!
    Fucking morons, just buy a fucking WiiU if its THAT big of a deal, maybe you’ll get some gaming variety for once

  24. How many times has a certain console got an exclusive game that started on another platform?! Stop whining; at least you’re getting the title. It’s not like you won’t be able to sell the Wii U for more than you bought after you beat Bayonetta 2.

  25. Honestly I think it could do better on the Wii U as long as the intall base grows rapidly.. Think about it.. If they focus on one console it’s going to be more polished.. I for one would love to get it

  26. Thumbs up for Nintendo for they have learned from Sony and Microsoft! When they did it, people were upset but accepted this as a new business practice, now Nintendo does it and all of a sudden it’s BS?

  27. if it was an exclusive to another platform, the fanboys of that platform wouldn’t be complaining… so it really doesn’t matter what console it may have been exlcusive to.. People will complain about it either way.

    1. And owning a 360 and a ps3 is a bad thing? They both offer great games and the Wii Is just a GameCube in disguise and is a big ripoff, Hell even iPods have better graphics than that shit.

      1. I didn’t said that the Xbox 360 and the PS3 are bad consoles. I said that he owns both system which I assume cost more than a Wii U and if you didn’t have the console and love to play bayonetta, you’ll have to let go some cash. Is just wasn’t fair for Nintendo Wii owners to not get Bayonetta when it was release for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Now its Nintendo’s turn and you guys are whining because of the same reason? I call that being an ignorant selfish.

        And please, don’t compare Ipods to consoles, they are in a different level.

  28. Well, PS3 and Xbox360 had lots of exclusive titles that didn’t come out for Wii, and I think that’s not fair as well. Specially because most of those titles that didn’t come to Wii were simply because of graphics, not because of GPU power, controller or whatever reason there may be, simply because of graphics! Of course, there are also those titles that used all the power of the other consoles, and some titles that a third party decided to launch only for one of them as well. Those are ok to be exclusives. And, hey, it’s exclusive titles that make you prefer one game console over another one, isn’t it, aside with other characteristics of the console? I say, let they complain all they want, if you want to play Bayoenta 2 you’ll have to buy a Wii U! Who knows you don’t enjoy other games that come out as well?!

  29. We’re heading into next Gen, So Of Course you’re gonna have to buy a new console no matter what. Forget about the 6 year old Xbox & PS3(which I also own) We all know that its gonna run amazing on the Wii U.
    Most of These SO Called Bayonetta Fanboys keep B*tching about it being only on the Nintendo platform, yeah well now you no how Nintendo fans felt when we couldn’t play Bayonetta 1 because it was on the PS3/360. I say Good Riddance! Now Bayonetta and Platinum Games can get the love and Respect they deserve from a more understanding audience……Nintendo, Taking over all of Japan One IP at a time, Once they snuff out Sony in Japan (Cause U Know they will), America’s Next. ^^ Leave Luck To Heaven

    1. {I calmed down a Bit} ^^ [rewrite]
      Most of These So Called Bayonetta Fanboys keep Whining about it being only on the Nintendo platform, yeah well now you know how Nintendo fans felt when we couldn’t play Bayonetta 1 because it was on the PS3/360(which I Own). I say Good Riddance. Now Bayonetta and Platinum Games can hopefully get the love and Respect they deserve from a new and different audience (Not counting the obvious trolls & extremists of course, cause every group has’em)……Nintendo, Taking over all of Japan One IP at a time, Once they snuff out Sony in Japan (Cause U Know they will), America’s Next. ^^ Leave Luck To Heaven

  30. Owen Good is a talentless hack, a Sony Fanboy, and generally an example of everything that is WRONG with gaming journalism today.

    The man can’t write an article to save his life, and if he had to write an unbiased article or be thrown out on the street, we’d see him begging for quarters on the roadside by dinner.

  31. Oh no! We have to buy a new console! It’s the end of the world! /sarcasm. Sheesh, people need to grow up. Are people seriously going to buy the Wii U for that ONE game and never play any number of other worth while exclusives that are bound to hit the console? Exclusive titles are not a new thing, every console in history has had them. If the exclusives for one console appeal to you, get it or forever hold your peace.

  32. I hate when people use ”it sucks for the loyal fans” as an argument. If those fans are so loyal, they shouldn’t care about what console it’s on, especially if the game wouldn’t exist were it not Nintendo exclusive.

  33. There’s only one thing that bothers me about this “I’m a loyal follower of the Bayonetta franchise, why is it on the WiiU” complaint. The thing that bothers me ISN’T that they’re complaining about having to buy a new system, that’s actually an understandable opinion imo. The thing that bothers me is…Bayonetta isn’t a franchise. It only has 1 game, a franchise is a series of games ._.

    1. Well it’s kind of a contradiction now. They say it’s a francise with a loyal fanbase, yet there is only one game, there is about to be a second game which would turn it into a francise, but it’s coming exclusively to the Wii U which alot of fans of Bayonette hate. So without Nintendo publishing the 2nd game, it would not be a francise which has loyal fans love so much, which in turn should mean that they love Nintendo since they basically helped turn it into a francise lol.

  34. Revolution5268 is a stupid Nintendrone

    This site has the worst community I have seen on a news site , it’s full of trolls, drones , Nintendo fags , and shitty arguments in comments , 1st of all Kotaku are not fanboys and they actually like nintendo, 2nd They aren’t bashing Nintendo they are just saying bayonetta 2 as a wii u exclusive is unfair to the fans of the series, how are they bashing Nintendo? 3rd Why are so many people butthurt by kotaku?? Last ; why the fuck are so many people hypocrites? First they didn’t even care about bayonetta and now they are praising it because its coming to the WiiU? That’s stupid

    1. How could they be trolling if they are on a nintendo site?Do you even know what a troll is?A troll is one who goes on a site they’re against 24/7 and start bashing everybody’s opinions.You only see one or two(usually one)trolls on a sony or microsoft site,like ps vita hub(and he don’t even come often) there is a troll called Nintendo_ds troll and whenever he comes everyone is like”
      DAMN IT!WHY IS A NINTENDO DRONE HERE?! WE HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS GUY EVERY DAY!NINTENDO SUCKS”.And they don’t even know how we’re dealing with.

    2. ness is mad people, because he thinks that his logic is correct and all Nintendo fans are not (and anyone who disagree with him he thinks you are a Nintendo fanboy lol)…. idk about you but ness is doing some strong drugs these days.

      1. Nintendo fans have an iQ of a toaster, they never have any credibility or any facts , they just brag about how good their 3D$HIT(ps1 graphics lol) Sells , Please, I bet if the wii u sells less than the Vita you will defend it with your stupid facts that came from your mom and end up crying cause im right. wanna cry Nintendrone?

        1. Well the PS1 has better graphics than the 360. See what I did there, made a completely stupid statement that is false just like you. Wow trolling is not as hard as I thought it would be.

            1. I have never said that the 3DS has PS3 graphics, So stop putting words in my mouth, also imo the 3DS has Gamecube level graphics give or take.

    3. “it’s full of trolls”

      Funny, aren’t you one of them?

      Apart from that, if people take Kotaku seriously, they have issues.

  35. lol,trolls,drones,haters
    no matter what you guys do
    Bayonetta 2 is still a Wii U exclusive
    suck it bitches,there is nothing,literally NOTHING you can do about it

  36. *facepalm* What these morons think is that Nintendo is just trying to money grub it’s way to hogging 3rd party games when that is not the case. Nintendo is taking a risk by publishing this game since the first one did not sell well and it wasn’t even on a Nintendo platform! I blame that on Sega though because there advertising program is crap. I blame the lackluster sales of Madworld on Sega because they did not try to advertise the game at all. Hardly anyone knew about the game when it was first released besides people that follow game websites/magazines avidly. When I showed the game to people that had never played it, they loved and went out and bought a copy. Nintendo is great with it’s advertisement and did a good job with marketing Dragon Quest IX. I bet they will improve the sales for Bayonetta 2 and if they publish Madworld 2 those sales will also increase as well. Screw Kotaku!

  37. I hope this stays as an exclusive for Nintendo, so we can finally release a game that’s on the same “level” as some of the Sony exclusives. It will be a big hit for Nintendo. (^.^) Bayonetta for Super Smash Bros. Wii U anyone?

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