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Sonic Creator Wishes Miyamoto Was Freed From The Mario Series

Yuji Naka, the lead programmer of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, has told Polygon that he wishes legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto was freed from the Super Mario series to create new and innovative franchises. He then went on to say that he wished Eiji Aonuma was free from the Zelda games, and Hideo Kojima from the Metal Gear Solid franchise, because it would be healthier for the industry.

“Like with Nintendo: Miyamoto has been making Mario games. He’s under that too. He has to keep on making Mario games. [Eiji] Aonuma has to keep making Zelda games. [Hideo] Kojima has to make Metal Gear games. I wish he could take that off of everyone’s shoulders so they could create other stuff, like new stuff. Because that’s healthier for the industry. Movie directors create all sorts of movies, and the movie industry is healthy. I wish the game industry was like that as well.”

246 thoughts on “Sonic Creator Wishes Miyamoto Was Freed From The Mario Series”

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s been reported a few months ago that Miyamoto is working on something new that would probably be made known in the next year or so.

      1. I think so. Either way, I don’t think Miyamoto is being held back by Mario. He keeps innovating (a la SMG 1 and 2), and he’s also made new ones. I mean, he created Zelda, StarFox, F-Zero, and Pikmin, and right now he’s working on Pikmin 3, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, very likely the new reported Zelda title, and whatever new IP he’s been working on.

        1. Well, portable Zelda games are sometimes developed by others. Although, a Wii U Zelda game is speculated, but nothing’s confirmed.

      2. Miyamoto said that he would remake one of two games. One was the N64 classic game: WaveRacer. The other was a snowboarding game I forgot the name of, but if I had to guess, the name of it was Snowboarding 1080.

      1. He used past tense you morons!!! That means it WOULD have BEEN helpful.. No where in his comment does it say “Yuji Naka still works for SEGA and he should take his own advice.” Grow a brain!

        1. “Bet, this advice would’ve been useful to him/sega haha”

          Is clearly fucking implying what’s going on right now. He’s been free FOR NEARLY TWO DECADES.

            1. Dude, have you passed reading comprehension sections of English?

              Why would the guy go ahead and post “would have been useful for him/Sega” if he’s been gone from the series for well over a decade? What does that accomplish by posting it? This quote is now in the past, he is using past tense and clearly RIGHT IN YOUR FUCKING FACE implying that Naka was still tied to the series to this day.

              Holy shit, are you guys this stupid?

                1. No, you’re clearly an idiot if you’re thinking otherwise. He’s implying modern day, show that statement with anyone who actually has some degree of intelligence and they’ll agree.

                  In no shape or form did the last part of the sentence make any coherent sense. He took his advice years ago; clearly it was useful. How the fuck does would have been useful for him/Sega make any sense? How?

                  Maybe the Sega bit, but tossing “him” in there was indeed stupidity. End of.

                  1. Dude, why are you even on this site if you hate us all and Nintendo so much? Are you a masochist of sorts or what? Just go do something you enjoy instead of hanging around here.

                  1. “was so over did” What’s funny is Sonic is still somewhat overdone.

                    I have ever reason to believe that poster sucks at English and really screwed up what he meant to post by using past tense.

                    1. There are still some errors with you typing skills. Please if you want to be a part of the grammar police try harder.

              1. I am not. The guy posted precisely what I said. You fellows are the idiots grasping at straws here, since the context of “would have been useful for him” makes absolutely NO sense if he took that very advice more than a decade ago and gave his opinion quoted in the article this week.

                Your argument is invalid, drop it.

                1. You’re wrong. He was saying “it would’ve been useful for him if he would’ve taken his own advice”. You can’t be that stupid of a son of a b*tch. You need to go to grammar school. End of discussion.

                    1. You clearly need to go back to third grade. Maybe instead of playing video games 24/7, you can take English classes. You’re going to go nowhere in life with this horrible English you continue to spew. Typical of someone like yourself.

                      1. Ironic you’re telling me about English classes when you have absolutely no reading comprehension skills.

                        But it’s okay if you want to be a keyboard warrior, we’ll see how much of a man you are if you were try telling me that face to face. You’ll enjoy the outcome.

                    2. It’s not letting me reply to your reply below, so I’ll reply to this one. I hope you know you’re wrong about this, because if you’re serious, I wouldn’t wish this kind of stupidity on my worst enemy. You honestly need to have your parents proofread every post before you post it. If you’re old enough, which I doubt, go get a job and stop trolling.

                      End of discussion.

                    3. I have no idea what you meant in your last reply. Please enlighten me, idiot. You know that you’re wrong. It’s a good feeling knowing that I’m right, and knowing that you know it also.

                      1. I’m wrong? Clearly hasn’t read the comment well below this. It’s you idiots who are wrong, and there’s nothing you can say to prove otherwise.

                    4. I just read all your replies for a second time, and yeah, it’s official, you’re a complete idiot. Please don’t reply anymore, you’re embarrassing your family.

                      1. It’s okay if you can’t comprehend the logic bestowed upon you. You’ll pretend that you’re good at grammar and suck at something else that matters–wits.

                        Also, want to stop making me reply? Want to come to try to make me stop? Come on.

                    5. You can reply, since this is a free country, I’m just saying you should stop replying because you’re embarrassing your family by showing the world how dumb you are. Because I would be embarrassed if you were my child. But nobody probably gives a rat’s ass about you anyway.

                      1. I’m embarrassing my “family” you say. Okay.

                        You’re embarrassing yourself a hell of a lot more by being a dimwit talking shit. You can do it online but it won’t change the fact that you’re still a pussy.

                    6. Yes, your family. Too hard to understand? Trust me, you wouldn’t say the things you say to anyone in the real world. People won’t put up with your sh*t. You sir, are the definition of a idiot. Do something with your life. Go get a job, exercise, etc. Aspire to be something you’re not. Which in this case, would be a decent human being.

                      1. I say a lot of this in real life, looks like they all put up with it and get over it before there’s a wrench lodged through their skull or a nice thirst quenching tank of 83 octane gasoline.

                        It’s so predictable when obvious kiddies start throwing around assumptions as if they know shit about what I do to make a living, while they’re comfortably in their seat talking shit because they can get away with it, no manpower required. Join the club of lifetime virgins, you’ll fit in perfectly.

                      1. Your point is…? What’s being “married” supposed to be doing to help your case? In what significant way is marriage making you less of a pussy? LOL, is that an attempt at bragging rights?

                        Anonymous, married, English teacher. What a pussy.

                      1. Unfortunately that doesn’t translate into anything no matter how many times you try to imply it.

                        Linguistics win.

        2. LMAO! Aeolus is a fucking idiot! He cannot comprehend that “would’ve” means would have, is PAST TENSE.

          Go back to elementary school!

          1. Naka left Sega more than a decade ago.
            Naka issues statement giving Miyamoto and others advice this week.
            Idiotic poster says “would’ve been useful to him”.
            Nintendidiots are telling me I don’t know past tense.
            Nintendidiots don’t know context:

            He took his advice (which was this week) more than a decade ago. Why the fuck would somebody suggest he should have taken his advice if he clearly already has? So very stupid of you guys to spend your time arguing semantics and not seeing the point being made here no matter how many times I have to repeat myself.
            Nintendiots don’t know logic. The first reply was spot on.

            Nintendo fans are literally the most stupid, moronic excuses for “gamers” on the planet–no perhaps, the universe. I feel sorry for you, don’t have children. Well actually, that goes without saying since none of you can get any girls to begin with, so I shouldn’t be worried.

                1. You are the pussy bro , you aint shit . You are a butt hurt troll , nothing more nothing less . I play all consoles but i do tend to swing towards Nintendo . That’s because I like them the best . So I comment on Nintendo things.

                  You are the pussy trying to attack people on the internet. You would get knocked the fuck out in real life bro . and dont point my spelling and grammar out . because A= I am high as shit . B = I cannot see what i AM TYPING .

            1. I just want to say not on behalf of anyone, that as much of a Nintendo fan(Not Fanboy) I am. It disappoints me to see that most of these idiots you talk to like they know what they say simply cause just because they’re on a Nintendo related site means that they as the so called “fans” think what they say is true and act so butt hurt over they’re “offender”. As much as I sometimes can’t agree with some of your opinions on this site as much as I think of others, you at least make legitimate points here and there and I can respect that.

              1. Points that get buried entirely as they spend futile efforts trying to invalidate what was said and come up with strawman arguments about tenses.

                Meanwhile they will continue to miss the point, just because they’re asshurt.

              2. Legitimate points ???? what ?? everything he says is negative and hate induced . How are they legitimate point’s ??? they are a load of fanboy nonesense . This guy is just an xbox fanboy a playstation fanboy or both .

                One of them Nintendo hater’s who has been missing all of the amazing games which have been coming out on nintendo platforms .

            2. i don’t agree with totally leaving a franchise, more likely take breaks, because at this point those franchises are too big and too relevant. but i do agree with what he says about the film industry, a good director gets to make all sorts of things and not only sequels. other times a new director can take a previous series into a new direction and offer a new perspective, but in the game industry, this doesn’t really happen often sadly, instead a lot of the time it’s very locked down.

              it also saddens me with how things are going with some of yuji naka’s games currently. he’s making new IPs, he has one 100% finished as stated by himself 2 years ago, but kadokawa seem to have no interest in publishing it despite going through the effort of purchasing the JP/NA/EU licensing rights and name. even he doesn’t know what’s going on with his own game.

              a side note: yuji naka (creator) and hirokazu yasuhara (gameplay and level designer) still often talk about sonic and how sega can still fix the sonic franchise. it’s a series they can’t just leave or forget despite not being part of the company anymore. they also still attend sega sonic events from time to time.

      2. yah very true. Nintendo is doing a pattern about releasing mario every new console with~out over doing it and copy~paste. Instead of wasting his [Sonic Guy] comments, he should have just started making new IPs and stop bitching about Miyamoto. and and freed from Sonic.

        1. ”Nintendo is doing a pattern about releasing mario every new console with~out over doing it and copy~paste”
          So I take it Super Mario Galaxy 2, New Super Marios Bros 2 and New Super Mario Bros U are all completely unique and innovative titles? Also, Yuji Naka only developped the first Sonic game, so he’s been ”freed” for pretty much 20 years.

                  1. there is some absoloutly Amazing games on all 3 consoles and it’s all opinionated , so ofcourse I am unsure . In my opinion it and LOZ SS are the best if that helps you sleep tonight .

                1. Well it’s not that it isn’t awesome, it’s better than the original. But it’s still very similar to the original. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing!

            1. I beat Super Mario Galaxy 2 and collected all the starts. I liked it, but don’t deny that it was a carbon copy of the first one and all the levels could have been in the original.
              Also, you don’t need to play the last two NSMB to know they really don’t offer anything new. The coin gimmick in NSMB2 is very shallow, and NSMBU is basically the one on the Wii+HD.
              And don’t even dare to say ”no it’s new cause there are more power-ups” that’s just as bad as saying that last COD was innovative because it featured more guns.

          1. dude, i didn’t say its unique did i ? what i mean is they do this pattern on every console and without over doing it again and again. Graphics gets better and gameplay and experience too and shits and stuff. Like N64 got only 1 3D Mario and GCN too only got one. While the Wii got 2. and every console has at least one 2D Mario. I’m not a Sega fan, i’m a ninty fan and how should i know that. Im here in a Nintendo Blog site not a SEGA blog site.

            1. You did say they do it without copy pasting, implying every new game brings a lot of new. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Mario but seeing every new installment that are just copies of the last one is disgraceful, considering his games were always innovative until SMG2 came out. Which is why I was pissed when NSMB2 and NSMBU were announced at the same time and barely had any differences between the two, aside from graphics.

      3. … Dude, what? “It’s funny because sonic was so over done, I bet this advice would’ve been useful to him/sega. Haha.” You should pay more attention in English class…

    1. Coming from the man who pussied out on his own creation when the times got rough. Go kiss NiGHTS ass man,oh wait. You can’t. Because you left out on that series too. Now you make nobody games,once a crybaby always a crybaby.

      1. It’s funny, because he’s making an impressive 3DS game right now while you retards guzzle down Mario rehash jizz and call it innovative.

              1. Yes I do.

                Zelda, Mario, Mario, Mario, Kid Icarus, Star Fox.

                Any combination of these games will accurately sum up a 3DS owner’s purchases.

                  1. Resident Evil only sold 0.60m; KH sold 0.84m so no. There are 19 million 3DS owners; neither of those titles have broken a million copies. Do the math.

                    1. YOU FUCKIG HYPOCRITE!!! Your favorite thing to say is “sales don’t mean anything, nor effect the quality.” You are so full of bullshit. GTFO this site and get a life!

                      1. THIS , that’s some serios exposure right there bro !!!

                        Aeolus’s most used quote when defending vita ”sales don’t equate to quality” . lol . what a fucking prick .

                      1. Its a fucking fantastic Tales game , and it’s my second higest played 3ds game after Ocarina 3d according to the 3ds’s handy play time records .

                        Don’t speak as if there isn’t any good games on 3ds , I have 24 3ds games and there is more I want about to come out .

                        1. Wait one minute did you call mario 3dland good? I bought it and it was sbit. It was tryig to be a retro love letter to the gb and nes mario games but it failed badly. At 40 bucks it offered minimal levels,barely any power ups and for a game trying to have a nostalgia value it left a very mediocre bitter taste. It felt like a water down mario galaxy game trying to mix elemts with new super mario. It shkws it was a rushed game teying to boost sales when the 3ds was slacking behind. Its highly overrated and if you call that game good well I question nintendo gamers choice in “quality” games

                    1. The only mario games worthy of buying are:,mario,mario usa,mario2,mario3,super mario, mario64 ,mario land 2 and galaxy everything else was shit

                      1. To my response above . Shut up you damn fool . Mario 3d land is a great handheld game , one that completely destroys every ps vita game , lol .

                        It’s short , but collecting all them star coins should set you back a fair few hours . And the game is so fun , you can keep playing through it over and over again . 9/

                        1. Ill have to disagree. The mario games I mention above are great examples of value for a buck. Now ill compare a 3d world game with mario land. Mario 64 was way better than marioland hell mario land 2 a gb game offerd more but back on subject mario 64 offered truly OPEN world levels,missions,sidequest andgood music. Mario land levels were short lack that open world feeling and etc. Mario land failed because it had a timer that dont bid well with a 3d enviorment period. You could say that its portable but almost ever nintendo game port to handheld sold well becuase games like donkey kong country or paper mario had a save feature. He messed up big time you dont add a timer on an open world enviornment becuase it loses its charm and feels rushed not to mention short. Timer games are better suited for 2d games ask sonic he’ll tell you the 411

              1. I could give a rats ass about him. It was good to see him go,wouldn’t want a quitter working
                on the sonic games anyway.

        1. NiGHTS is an awful game… both the first and the Wii one(especially the Wii one!) So I say kiss NiGHTS’ ass… GOOD BYE!!! ;)

      2. Isn’t Takashi Tezuka technically heading the 2D Mario series? And Miyamoto with 3D Mario, which doesn’t amount to the 2D Marios in number? Miyamoto does have a new, unannounced IP.

      3. He doesn’t have a leg to stand on after making so many dreadfull sonic games . But this is the man who invented phantasy star online . So I have to to take my hat off to him . And , yeh Miyamoto is kinda tied to the success of mario .

        1. lol okay.

          Tell me all of the “dreadful” Sonic games he has made with a legitimate development role in each of them.

          Come on, Nintendrone. Speak up.

          1. He’s a legend , the creator of sonic and may other’s . I am just presuming he is involved in almost every sonic game , or am I wrong ????

            There was dreadfull sonic games in the 90’s that plagued the gamegear and there was dreadfull sonic games ever since .

              1. I think he made a bad game for the PS2. It was supposed to be Sony’s sonic or something? I don’t know. He made Sonic 2 so I’m fine with him.

                1. …Huh? I think you mean Billy Hatcher and that was on the Gamecube. Even then it wasn’t actually “terrible”. More like…forgettable.

                  1. Wow this guy (Aeolus) you just keep starting arguments over games and companies and even spelling over the internet…wtf don’t you have anything better to do with your life…

                      1. See there we go, when toph caught you,the only comeback is shut up.Why are you on this site?And you probably won’t answer me because of that hairy mud flap ass of yours.And you won’t respond to that because your too pussy to answer my question.

        2. Read the article, man. He just seems interested in seeing what Miyamoto would create if he went all-out on a non-Mario game. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious too. That’s literally all he’s saying here regarding Miyamoto.

          How the hell are you able to type when you clearly can’t read?

      4. He sorta has a point in a way. They’re not going to live forever, even though I wish they did. They need to teach their skills to the next generation, trust worthy, nintendo loving developers.

        1. He pretty much turned Wario Ware into Rhythm Heaven with the new, weird artstyle in Game & Wario. Then again, he did bring Wario Land and earlier Wario Ware games in the right direction. -_-

      5. This kinda makes sense. Of course, Miyamoto only really helped in SMB, SMB2, SMB3, SMW, SMBLL, and SM64. But he still does Mario stuff, and Nintendo should really stop putting out a new Mario game every year. Look at SMW to SM64 (1991-1996) and SM64 to SMS (1996-2002). And now two this year (NSMB2, NSMBU). I want a long wait Nintendo, not a short while. Something innovative and not a rehashed game, only on a different console.

        1. I can’t wait for people to start telling you that each Mario game has different genres so it’s not milking. I hate that argument, the fact that Nintendo is continuously using the Mario brand is proof that they’re milking it. I understand why they do, Mario makes lots of money. Hell, I buy most of his games, I just wish Nintendo would shift their focus to another franchise.

          1. Well they’re different series so they don’t count. The brand name is milked and certain series such as Mario Party and Sports are milked, but most other entries in the franchise generally have one entry per console.

          2. But the problem there is that they don’t need to shift it, and frankly, it will lose them money. If they made a platformer exactly the same as Mario, but with a character like Samus, it wouldn’t sell half of what the Mario one does. I agree that they should focus a little less on Mario and more on other franchises, but they’re a business and guess what businesses do? They make money. Mario is one of the most famous icons of this generation, so they know it will sell the most.

      6. “New and innovative” is the most ridiculous part. There’s more variety and innovation from one Mario game to the next than there is in the entirety of some other companies’ game libraries. Can you really say that Super Mario Galaxy wasn’t new and clever just because it had Mario and the gang?

        As long as Mario and Zelda continue to be top quality like they’ve been, I’ll be satisfied. I’m not saying they shouldn’t try new things, but why is it such a bad thing to keep the classics going? Especially if they can keep finding ways to bring fresh ideas to those classics.

      7. Fun fact, Miyamoto’s role has diminished gradually over the last decade to the point that he’s basically just an advisor/overseer now. He’s talked about it in numerous interviews lately.

        For one, he hasn’t actually directed a game since 1999…

      8. Makes sense. If Christopher Nolan only made Batman movies, we’d never have gotten Inception.
        The thing is, Miyamoto did bring Pikmin- definitely not a Mario game. And he’s said that they’re training the munchkins at Nintendo to eventually replace the old guard. I don’t doubt that if Shigeru has an awesome new idea for an IP, his colleagues at Nintendo will support him.

      9. I whole heartedly agree .

        Not just with nintendo though, but every AAA tittle dev’s, bring something new. Not just a new mask on the ol genre, but switch up engines, genres, artistic style, everything.

      10. I think that’s a silly statement really. Miyamoto created Mario, Aoumuna created Zelda and Kojima created MGS. Why would the original creators leave something they made and that has done so well, yet some of the most iconic characters in the gaming history.

        Miyamoto creates what he does because he enjoys it. That proves this statement incorrect even if this guy no longer works for Sega.

        1. What he is saying is by focusing on a single character over, and over, and over again limits the origionality of the video game market which, as a result is harming the industry itself. Believe it or not people get sick of overused characters. I love Nintendo and all, but I’m not interested in more Mario at the moment.

        2. WII U Games Are Too Expensive.... Hahaha WTF

          I’m sorry to correct you but….. Shigeru created Zelda,….. Yeah he basically created the Universe…… And gave me a life to live

            1. Lol , I do . But he is the most famous developer in the world for only 2 reason’s . Mario and ZELDA . Unfortunately even though pikmin is up there with his greatest achievment’s , it never got the credit or attention it deserved for being on the gamecube which was completely overshadowed by the ps2 . Hopefully this will change with pikmin 3 .

      11. This actually reminds me of some thinking I did the other day about Disney. Despite the fact it’s the house that Mickey Mouse built and he’s still utilized, very few Disney films actually contain him.

      12. There’s some truth to what he says. It would be good if creators were able to do what they wanted. However, isn’t Myamoto making new IPs right now? And out of the people he mentioned, they seem to have much more creative license than many other “big name” creators out there.

        Whatever. Can’t wait to see what Myamoto’s been making.

      13. Ermm..
        Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, Star Fox and Metroid are all stuff hes either made or wants -.-
        Try making a GOOD Sonic game, constitantly, then we’ll talk

        1. Yuji Naka isn’t with Sonic Team/Sega anymore. So he doesn’t have to worry about that now.

          Plus Unleashed, Colors and Generations have been “GOOD” Sonic games recently. Please go play some games. Then we shall talk! :D

          1. I’ll agree. I can see the good Unleashed had, they just used the werehog wrong. Werehog could’ve been used for just the boss fights only and the normal hedgehog could’ve had the majority of stages

          1. Ness,did sickr ban you so you had to change your email.If you go out of your way for that,then your truly pathetic.

      14. Does Miyamoto even make games anymore? I thought he was just a creative director now, still involved in the creation process but only regarding concepts and stuff…

        lol at the small minority of people trying to turn this into another Nintendo vs Sega thing.

      15. Miyamoto from what I can tell… does whatever the shit he wants… Thats were Nintendogs, Miis , Wuhu Island and Pikmin and just so many other things came from.

      16. They we’re talking about letting another company develop a zelda game, like retro, so I hope that if they take this advice they let someone make a zelda game… :P

      17. I think I remember something about Miyamoto working on a completely new series. I’m pretty sure he also said it was his best work yet, I don’t know though, could someone fill me in?

      18. The comparison to the movie industry is pretty poor. Almost 90% of all movies made today are sequels, prequels, remakes, reboots, or re-imagining. There are not many original movies to be seen.

      19. One is fairly sure Miyamato isn’t held back – he’s there of his own free will…working on projects that he himself pens and devises, which is a job anyone would be envious of.

        It feels rather presumptuous, therefore, of Yuji {As brilliant a man as he is} to assume the position of another in a company who’s structure may not resemble how his own workplace does.

      20. Ahh the milked Mario series , I love sonic games ..they at fast,action packed,enjoyable , Mario is dog shit and do that shitendo wii u ..Nintendo just fucking sucks

        1. Instead of trolling the site and wasting your time Nessy,you could of used that time for getting tutored for that grammar of yours(and may i suggest your german accent).

      21. I disagree. They should be so lucky that their games have been so successful and continue to be so successful. When you don’t appreciate good fortune you are in for rude awakening. These projects made them what they are. Also, these games made the gaming industry better. So he can shove it.

      22. To whoever changed this page:
        I want that “see the comments” button under the news back. I hate having to scroll up again to click that button.

      23. As long as Miyamoto Still enjoys making those games, it shouldn’t be such a big deal, besides he said he’s been working on a new IP for a while anyway. :P

      24. He’s making it sound like Mario is a ball and chain around Miyamoto’s neck. If you’ve ever seen Miyamoto talk about Mario you would know he still has a lot of passion and love for the character and series. And it’s not like Miyamoto only make Mario games, he has all of his other IPs and his position at Nintendo keeps him pretty busy. He was also the one the came up with the concept of Wii iirc. Leave luck to heaven.

      25. I miss the feature that had the latest posts at the bottom of the page. Can you bring that back Sickr? It was convenient because I could just open one page and use those links at the bottom to get to the new posts. Now I have to find them in my email account and open them individually.

      26. Im pretty sure Miyamoto could make whatever he wants. he just chooses to make alot of mario games. i mean he made pikmin during the gamecube era. right now hes helping younger developers. *sigh* and this is coming from the creator of sonic who after he left, the sonic series went to shit. thankfully it’s all better now but it ruined SEGA’s reuptation and now they have to be careful what games to release and make :/

      27. I got one question! Since the first sonic games what games has this person made that were greater thaan those first sonic games? Just curious as I know nothing of this person or what other accomplishments he’s made in his career.

      28. I trolled the trolls. Aeolus you no reading ass bitch! HAHAHA “WOULD’VE BEEN USEFUL” and I meant SEGA more than anything. Some of you guys are stupid as fuck lmao

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      30. We all losing the point because of Aerianus,The ironic part is that a Sega past employee is saying about Nintendo stars to get new subjects,and Sonic looks like a zombie that wants to strangle Mario.

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