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Platinum Games Confirms Nintendo Staff Are Working On Wii U Exclusive Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya has confirmed via Twitter that, along with Platinum Games, Nintendo staff members are a part of Bayonetta 2’s development team. When asked if Nintendo producers are working on the sequel, Kamiya replied with a mere, albeit straightforward ‘Yup.’

142 thoughts on “Platinum Games Confirms Nintendo Staff Are Working On Wii U Exclusive Bayonetta 2”

            1. Why troll and call yourself a Yugioh character? I suppose he was an annoying character in the first place. But come up with something original like that Aeolus guy.

    1. it was actually really bad on the ps3 lol. like they ported it from the 360 to the ps3, and it was god awful on ps3, but ran nice and smooth on the 360. this is one of the reasons why im glad that it’s an exclusive to a certain system, i would rather have an exclusive, rather than a crappy port. *cough* gta iv *cough*

    1. Don’t know about this game, but one game I would like to see a reference in is the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines. The Metroid series was heavily inspired by the Alien films (Nintendo themselves have admitted this) and I think it would be cool if it came full circle so to speak and an Alien game had a reference to Metroid. Doesn’t have to be big, maybe a glitchy computer displaying the title screen of Super Metroid or something.

    1. Correct logo, check
      correct name, idk check
      >says Nintendo is gonna dominate with the Wii U
      >Says that Microsoft will fail
      While all that seems likely (except for the Microsoft failing part), I’m pretty sure this guy’s a fake.

    2. Now you’re not trolling? WTF. Microsoft wont go backrupt. The 720 will just be their final system then they get out of the gaming buisness.

      1. *Now you’re not trolling? WTF. Microsoft wont go backrupt. The Xbox One will just be their final system then they get out of the gaming business.

      1. Damn, you beat me on that second sentece of yours. They represent the greatest of fanboyism though; and the award goes to……

    1. They should either continue where star fox command left off with Marcus mcloud and his crew or remake adventures on the WiiU (my opinion). About 1-3 endings in command end on a cliffhanger, (speculation alert) >>that suggests another game.

      1. I never play SF Command…i hear it was good xD i think it needs a totally serperate series, so chronilogical it fits and makes sense but it doesnt tie itself down to older games, needs a new lease of life

    2. You also forgot the factbthat he also wants to make a new Naso no Muresame-jo (Mysterious Murasame Castle). In other words, the game where the samurai, Takamaru, (who’s in my sig) and Nintendo’s most rage quit inducing game in history. He should definitely make it since they did an amazing job on Okami. :)

  1. In my opinion ,Starfox command was terrible, i’d rather Platinum work on A new Starfox more like Starfox 64 but more fast-paced and with more customization options.

    1. They could draw inspiration from Rogue Squadron 2. More varied missions, yet still try and keep the pace high. It’s too bad that Factor 5 went under, otherwise I’d say they were the perfect team for a Star Fox game. Ni doubt that Platinum can do a good job though.

  2. Nintendo is really going full tilt with the Wii U. They want to ensure the success of the 3rd part games coming to the Wii U. Adding their devs to the remakes of Ninja Gaiden 3 etc. This is nothing but good news. Leave luck to heaven.

  3. The people who bitched about Bayonetta 2 being an exclusive are going to have a FIELD DAY with this news…

    … We must leave the planet at dawn..

          1. ummm they stole wii remote and they made the ps move which it was a rubish and failed in sales,they copied super smash bros series which it was 1 of my favourite games of all time,they stole the joystick from N64’s controller e.t.c
            I might be a fanboy but i dont speak or comment something before i think or be updated
            so dont say BULLSHITS,because sony is losing money

            1. 1) PS Move and Wii Remote actually both started development at the same time. If we want to get technical, eyetoy came before Wii Remote.
              2) What’s wrong with a Sony version of Smash Bros? Being a big fan of the series I have wanted Sony to make there own for ages. Plus I’ve played it and it isn’t a clone …
              3)Oh no! A joystick! Who cares?

              Once again. Can you actually provide reasons that aren’t fanboyish? I love Nintendo and what they offer, but there fanboys are absolutely terrible.


                Which is why theyre so exploitable! Their egos provide a great feast like comfort food! Exploit the enemies weakness for maximum damage! Nintendo power diead=its super effective!

              2. 1.If you want to get all technical,nintendo power glove was first and eyetoy falls in the kinect family.
                2.;_ylu=X3oDMTE0czFrYWlhBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMwRjb2xvA2FjMgR2dGlkA1FJMDI2XzE0MQ–/SIG=149k47bk0/EXP=1348430451/**http%3a// .Nuff said
                3..Just because you don’t care,doesn’t mean other people don’t.Most people think that nintendo copied sony with analogue sticks when it is the other way around.
                Don’t be a fanboy.

                1. 1. Datasofts LeStick was first.
                  2. Ill say it again. What’s wrong with a Sony version of Smash Bros? Being a big fan of the series I have wanted Sony to make there own for ages. Plus I’ve played it and it isn’t a clone
                  3. Once again, Oh no! Who cares? It’s a silly little joystick.

                    1. 1.Okay,but no one knows about it and I bet nintendo would’ve still made the power glove.
                      2.I never said that it was bad,I kinda like that my little sony is growing up,it still won’t surpass ssb due to lack of variety in levels.Plus I was only telling him/her that it was a copy.
                      3.Ok I will drop it due too not a good argument on your side.

                2. Technically the powerglove was made by a third party developer meaning sametendo had nothing to do with it lol way to fail bro way to fail

          2. Ness is back! (Either Aeolus or Ness)

            Thank you for supporting Nintendo!
            Out web hits haven’t cracked 100 without you, you’re dumb ass ignorant comments will help fix our dip in web impressions and hits!


            1. No, I’m not any of them. Ness can’t spell to save his/her life while I can. I actually like a fair amount of Nintendo franchises unlike Aeolus. Just because I call someone a fanboy, it doesn’t mean I am them.

          1. Why don’t you mind your own buisness you fucking little gypsy?You are coming from a gypsy town from america (because america has a lot of gypses [i am not a racist,i love america]) who thinks that he is cool.You are pathetic,no1 likes you and get the fuck out of here,this is a nintendo’s site not a greek studio which you can pounch greek comunist politicians like you except that you are from America.Get a life loser i am tired with you and i dont give a shit for your clones or for your pathetic comments.

  4. for some reason i want nintendo to make a new 3D donkey kong just like donkey kong 64 which it was the biggest game i ever played….Ahhh come on nintendo just do something great like the old days

      1. Nope. They need a huge 3D pokemon game. If Nintendo want to sell there system they’d do that. I mean, people would at least be interested to see how they do it.

    1. Ewww I hated Donkey Kong Country Returns! It was SOOO HARD! So for all those “hardcore” gamers out there pick up DKCR because it isnt a simple “casual” game. Anyway, there are better things to make other than a new DK game. Also, DK is by far Nintendo’s most boring character. -__-

      1. “Ewww I hated Donkey Kong Country Returns! It was SOOO HARD!”
        um that is what a hardcore game is hard, how im not surprise you expect a COD level of hardcore.

    1. LOL! Probably. Nintendo knows that Bayonetta isn’t “there games” to mess around with.(well technically it is :P) Nintendo is just going to help fund the process and provide some insight in the development process. Its like Super Smash and Namco-Bandai only in reverse!

  5. After playing the first game on ps3 I just think that Nintendo will just throw in a weapon or two from their most known games, maybe links sword/ Ike’s sword or a gun fr starfox/metroid….

  6. Everyone that is complaining about Bayonetta 2 being Wii U exclusive you should be happy that you even got a sequal because without Nintendo’s help you wouldn’t of got one at all.

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  9. Interesting. Perhaps we will see a Bayonetta reference in the next Super Smash Bros. Wouldn’t be crazy if they had Miyamoto help with this game? Only this time he wouldn’t keep things light-hearted and make the game packed with frantic action, blood, and gore. Haha that would be sick!

  10. We should be glad this Beautiful Japanese game is Coming to U.S. Shores in General. I hate it when they Cencor & change so much of the game when they localize it for the U.S. or just don’t Localize it at all. There are so many good games that are only available in Japan, More people need to open they’re eyes and realize how great a lot of these games are even if they do have a different art style and a whackier sense of humor, we should be Welcoming the Added Variety and Not Shunning them because they’re different. Well, we can only hope……..Leave Luck To Heaven (;

  11. Having Nintendo devs on board probably means the team will be able to harness more power out of the Wii U thanks to the Ninty staff. This game is gonna rock!

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