Miiverse Will Be Unlike Anything We’ve Seen Before

Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime has told IGN that Miiverse will be unlike anything we’ve seen before on home consoles. Fils-Aime explained that Nintendo has created what he describes as a rich social network that will be a very compelling part of the Wii U experience, just like Street Pass and the Street Pass Mii Plaza were on the Nintendo 3DS.

“Our vision for this service is unlike anything that’s ever been before it… People put it in, maybe, current terms of things that it’s most analogous to, and it’s not really what this is going to be. It’s going to be a very rich, robust part of the experience. One of the things that we’ve found is that gamers want to talk about other gamers about the fun they have when they’re playing games. And that’s different from what you do on other social networks. We believe Miiverse will be a very compelling part of the Wii U proposition, just like Street Pass and the Street Pass Mii Plaza have become a very compelling part of the Nintendo 3DS proposition.”



      1. wiimote numchuk
        classic controller pro
        wii wheel
        wii zapper
        wii balance board
        gamecube controller

        A lot of Options.

        The only games I have that uses Motion control heavily
        Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2
        Metroid Prime 3
        Goldeneye 007
        Zelda Skyward Sword


    1. Mii plaza is only useful if you take the 3DS with you and meet a lot of people via StreetPass. If not and you’re like me then no it’s a waste of time. However MiiVerse is different it’s a home console that always connected, seems like it will work well.


      1. I don’t run into people daily, but I do try to make the effort by bringing it around. I don’t leave it on all day either since I do need some battery to play games. I’ll get a few each week.

        But if you ever go to Walt Disney World (FL, USA), you will hit 10+ streetpasses daily. Easiest way to get all the puzzles.


  1. I despise social networking outside the office, I feel like sissies especially male sissies flood social networks. Will love the Miiverse though, especially for Monster hunter Ultimate( hunters need friends ). In monster hunter you need people that assig you in aquiring materials and know strategies for advancement. Monster hunter is such a great game, it’s good more peopls around the world shall finally experience it.


      1. It’s such a good game that the west would have embraced even more if it were released here in the 90s and also on the PS2 and Gamecube at the same time. FPS this generation almost ruined video games diversity, Nintendo came through with the Wii and DS and saved true gaming. Wii the Wii U monster hunter will be a novelty to new gamers enmasse who also shall get hooked :)


  2. honestly it doesnt sound like something i would use too often but it is awesome to know Nintendo has packed so much content into the Wii U. the more stuff they make then the more appealing it will be to potential buyers.


    1. If ever you get a chance get monster hunter Ultimate. Then you will realize how important the Miiverse will be for online support and faqs( frequently asked questions ). No more site surfing eating away playing time, simply post a question or call a buddy with the Wii U pad while you continue breaking parts of the fearsome rathalos :).


  3. well yeah i can imagine that a fully integrated social network is something that can’t be compared to facebook and the likes.. after all full system integration is the wet dream of whoever runs these social networks but hasn’t really been achieved yet on any system (except maybe the iphone 5? but that’s not really a gaming platform)


  4. I love Nintendo, but there is *nothing* compelling about Street Pass and the Plaza*. Maye if you live in a major city or Japan, but the reality is for most non-Japanese is that these features are the exact opposite of compelling.

    *I don’t think the Plaza is compelling anywhere since it basically doesn’t rise to the level of even barebones texting.


  5. I’m definitely interested in Miiverse. I can’t make full use out of streetpass because of where I live, but I’ve always wanted to use it.

    If Miiverse delivers on its promises, it’ll be a much more fun online service than Live or PSN.


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