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Ex Rare Members Want To Create Spiritual Successor To Banjo-Tooie

A number of ex Rare developers have joined forces in the hope that they will get enough support to develop what they say will be the spiritual successor to Banjo-Tooie. They’ve already got Grant Kirkhope and Stephen Hurst on board, so it will be interesting to see how this pans out. To register your support all you need to do is follow their Twitter account.

Thanks, William

147 thoughts on “Ex Rare Members Want To Create Spiritual Successor To Banjo-Tooie”

            1. And*
              who >the*< hell

              I'm a person who is aware of the meaning of a 'spiritual successor', unlike you.
              You started off saying: ''na that series is dead'', which doesn't matter because they're not talking about another Banjo Kazooie game, but about an all new game.

              1. Well i think that this is going to be great but the only thing is that i a hoping that the stampers just make a entirely new company and then work with nintendo and then everything will be back to the way it should be.Well the only thing is that they cant make the same games like they did several years ago but the are going to have to think of something new and this will bring donkey kong back to the way it should be.

  1. I bought an Xbox just to play nuts and bolts and it was ok but I did love the previous games. I hope this can happen though idk wth is wrong with Microsoft killing that series

    1. That wasn’t the real Rare though, the new Rare is made up of dumb asses who don’t know how to make a game that doesn’t involve kinect. The old Rare left ages ago and some of the old Rare employees actually joined Retro Games, who are also own by Nintendo.

      See what I mean.

      Microsoft = Ruins game companies all for money

      Nintendo = Gives game companies new meaning to create video games that are great.

      1. Lol are you stupid? Nintendo were the ones who said “Screw it, these guys are starting to suck ass, let’s sell em to MS” You act as if MS stole Rare from them when Nintendo agreed to sell them to MS. Stop being such a blatant fanboy

        1. Lol are YOU stupid?
          Microsoft offered Rare more money than Nintendo was giving them–ergo, Rare decided to go with Microsoft. So yes, Microsoft pretty much did take Rare from Nintendo through their financial offer. It was not Nintendo’s decision to give Rare up; they did not just hand Rare over to Microsoft for shits and giggles. Stop being such a blatant ignoramus

      1. Yes, a game like Banjo, but totally new IP.

        Seems like it will be fun if it happens. Love collecting stuff on platformers and unlocking areas. :)

          1. We’ll be getting somewhere whether they do or they don’t, if a fresh new IP is on the way.

            Also, Microsoft has all the Banjo Kazooie games published on XBLA. If they ever sold the rights, they’d need to stop that retail and take back every online purchase.

            So that’s iffy.

      1. It’s exactly what they need to do. But would be nice if Nintendo take all those IP back. Nintendo console suits best for Rare Games than others. Can they buy those Ip even if now rare belong to Microsoft?

            1. Too bad it’s not gonna happen. Nintendo have already funded the once dead Bayonetta franchise. This is what Platinum Games and the Bayonetta fans truly want. Thanks to Nintendo, Bayonetta 2 will unleash next year on the Big N’s new console.

        1. If only Nintendo had a good mature-content 2nd Party that would make a sequel to Conker’s Bad Fur Day, if Ninety still owned Conker.

  2. read it correctly people. a spiritual successor to Banjo-Tooie. That does not mean a Banjo3 just means a game that plays like the old banjo’s. so it might be called yukalale and co. yet it will fill and play like a Banjo game

  3. But will it actually feature BANJO AND KAZOOIE? I wonder what kind of licensing issues they’ll have to get around. If Rare really wants to be cool, they can just stick to Kinect Sports Games and let good ol’ Banjo go.

  4. I seriously feel sorry for Rare, Nintendo fucked them over nice and good by selling them off to Microsoft. What a waste of talent.

    Only Nintendo would be jealous of their own developers, like Miyamoto’s infamous DKC comments…

      1. Wrong, Nintendo did. The moment they sold them off, that was the fuck up. They had absolutely NO reason to sell Rare and you know it.

        1. Nintendo owned 49% and the Stamper brothers sold their 51% to Microsoft. Microsoft owned more of the company and therefore they would decide mostly what happened. Nintendo no longer had any control over the company and was a waste of their money to keep their shares in the company, so they sold it to Microsoft.

        2. actually microsoft bought rare from nintendo, Nintendo never sold rare to microsoft, there’s actually a rumor that Nintendo is trying to buy back rare.

        3. actually rare sold themselves out because Microsoft offered them a high paying….
          but forgot to tell them”only if they sell shit loads under the kinect series”.

    1. Seeing as most of their employees work at Retro Studios, no, they didn’t fuck them over and, also, by that point RARE had lost much of what made them great and Microsoft had the majority share, it didn’t make sense to continue owning them when Microsoft had more “ownership” if you will of RARE.

        1. They were already looking for another buyer and Nintendo just didn’t feel like acquiring the whole company. Then Microsoft came and brought them. Simple as that. Again, seeing as most of Retro Studios is composed of former RARE employees, what does it matter?

    2. Are you stupid? Microsoft literally bought >50% of RARE’s stock and Nitnendo was forced to hand their share over. Idiot, do some research next time.

        1. He typed the truth. Microsoft did buy 51% of Rare from the majority owners, making it pointless for Nintendo to own the other 49%.

          1. Nintendo very clearly had the option to get the other 50% and failed to do so. Their lax behavior is precisely what killed these developers.

            Now if you haven’t noticed today, all of those “gems” from the SNES/N64 era are gone. Who made the majority of them? Rare.

            1. So isn’t it equally as clear that Nintendo didn’t have ‘absolutely NO reason to sell Rare’, which is what you started off by saying. Maybe Nintendo didn’t make the right decision in not buying the other half of Rare, but when you consider what Microsoft had to pay for that – it’s not worth it. Especially seeing as how Nintendo got most of the developers into Retro anyway. All they’d have essentially kept were the IPs.

              1. People keep mentioning this last part, and can’t actually back it up. I’m legitimately curious where this part with most Rare developers are now working for Retro came from.

                The founders are gone, some of the staff is still in the current company, the rest are fuck-all in whereabouts or this Twitter page. So please show me evidence of this being correct.

                1. Actually, after investigating further – I am lead to believe that claim is bullshit.

                  It does stand true that most of the staff did bugger off when bought by Microsoft, but very few did join Retro.

                  And a worryingly large amount started up Facebook-game companies.

                  1. As what I thought.

                    Rare is in a state of utter disrepair that frankly, did not have to be such. It was in my honest opinion a giant missed opportunity on Nintendo’s part. Microsoft probably expected the performance they had in the SNES era, and after the 3 orso games for the 360 that came to it not being up to standards, that’s when their fate was sealed.

                    1. When you look at it, though, a number of these really good people left a few years before Rare got bought.

            2. “Nintendo very clearly had the option to get the other 50% and failed to do so. Their lax behavior is precisely what killed these developers.”

              ….What? Because they didn’t buy out Rare? Because Microsoft out-of-nowhere bought them out? How is that -Nintendo- killing them in any way?
              Nintendo can’t tell the future. They’re also not the one’s who told Rare to make their games shittier. You’re so deluded, holy crap.

    3. You are completely incorrect. Rare sold its share of itself to itself to Microsoft (51%) for a undisclosed (but most likely ridiculous) amount of money Rare simply couldn’t refuse. With only a minority stake with the majority holding company which would not cooperate with a competitor, Nintendo was essentially forced to sell off the remaining shares they had.

      Microsoft is completely responsible for the downfall of Rare. And Rare’s talent wasn’t wasted. Most of the original development team went on to join different companies like Retro, Crytek and EA. The IP’s on the other hand, they’ll be wasted forever…

      1. Absolute horseshit. The downfall of Rare is PURELY Nintendo’s doing. How the flying fuck is the company who bought them out to blame? Nintendo had the chance; they did not take it.

        Microsoft had Rare make games they wanted to get done, Rare didn’t live up to that in pretty much every game they made prior to that. Kameo, Perfect Dark Zero, Viva Pinata, all of these were inadequate in one way or the next. You want to pin shit on MS because you don’t LIKE MS. Your argument is completely invalid due to the very fact that Nintendo did not act. Now that magic is gone and scattered elsewhere.

        1. Get your head out of your fucking vagina, Amir! Rare’s downfall is actually Microsoft’s doing and now it’s just a shell of its former glory and now making repetitive KINECT only games for casuals.

            1. “Shut the fuck up, form an argument and stop talking shit. You’re a waste of fucking space here.”

              Is that all you got, you poor excuse of a human being? It is YOU who is a waste of fucking space and dick in the ass sore loser. Good day sir!

        2. 1. How is a company who doesn’t even own the development studio supposed to control it in any way?
          2. Nintendo couldn’t buy the shares of Rare they didn’t own, Microsoft is one of the biggest electronics powerhouses ever. Nintendo is relatively small compared to them. They simply couldn’t afford to buy the other 51% of Rare from Microsoft at such short notice.
          3. Microsoft commissioned Rare to make every console game they made since they got bought out. Those games were simply bad ideas, seriously, Viva Pinata? Add that to the amount of developers leaving after the buyout, and the number of wasted man hours put into cancelled Gamecube games, and you’ve got a development studio going wrong. Plus, the majority of the GBA and DS games they made, which weren’t commissioned by Microsoft, were much better than the console games they were (and still) making. Microsoft limiting the creative freedom of Rare is what ruined them.

          1. 1: They had a 50% stake in them. Buy the rest.

            2: “Couldn’t” or “wouldn’t”? Don’t say “couldn’t” unless they legitimately could NOT have done so or was beating around the bush for too long. I’m willing to bet the farm that it’s the latter. Since they didn’t make up their mind fast enough, someone else did. It’s their OWN fault.

            3: Bad ideas? Based on…? Oh…right, your opinion. Rare was already losing some of that talent near-death and did not perform at their best or Microsoft’s standards. By the way, Viva Pinata is currently 84% on metacritic. Doesn’t seem like a “bad idea”. Kameo is 79%, PDZ is 81%, so are these “bad ideas” if they happen to have performed better than average? Or was it that Rare simply wasn’t good enough at that point? Which one is it?

            Rare evolved into liquid shit, which did not need to happen if Nintendo wasn’t dicking around when the window of opportunity to absorb them was there. Microsoft did not find their performance satisfactory, so they got subjected to certain other forms of development. Simple stuff.

            1. are all aeoluses retards? I’m new here but these guys have got to be the worst I’ve seen on any comment section….. I guess that happens when you can’t get a girl…..

              1. Yep, they are all low life Nintendo hating idiots that come here to piss people off.

                Apart from the one who has a Gravatar of a hot girl, that one actually made sense. But I haven’t seen her around recently.

            2. 1. Oh ok then, so giving a company creative freedom is BAD thing? Yeah, that really makes sense… Nintendo didn’t completely buy Rare because they believed Rare didn’t need to be bought buy them, and that being majority owned by themselves was the best thing for the studio. The Microsoft buy out came completely out of nowhere, no one could of expected it. Nintendo had 7 years to completely buy Rare if they wanted to. They knew what was better for them than you or me ever would, and would have bought them if they thought it would benefit them.

              2. The popular opinion is that Rare after the Microsoft switch over did turn bad. Heard of a game called Banjo Kazooie Nuts a Bolts? That was a horrible game compared to the first two, and it was because Microsoft kept on interfering and pressuring Rare. Microsoft had (and still) has no idea what to do with the gaming industry. They have simply bought their way in. I bet, no I know, if Microsoft left Rare alone when they bought them and let them make their own thing, they would be a much better developer today.

              3. Everyone judges Rare being bad with Nintendo before the switch on one game, Star Fox Adventures, which was a new game on a new system, which was transferred to one console to another, which was supposed to be its own IP in the first place.

              1. 1: Is bullshit, back that up with credible evidence please. As if letting them stay free with a 50% stake is really making a difference. The Microsoft buyout happened why…? BECAUSE RARE WANTED SOMEBODY TO BUY THE OTHER 50%, IDIOT.

                2: Nuts and bolts is 79% on metacritic, do tell me how it’s “horrible” and I don’t want comparisons to previous entries, I want to know how it’s “horrible”. The rest is nothing but drivel on your part.

                3: Excuses, I’m willing to bet even without the Starfox IP being shoehorned it would have still been a cruddy OoT clone. The popular opinion from Nintendiots is that Microsoft is at fault, wrong. Nintendo is. They had the chance, they didn’t bite. That’s all that needs to be said.

        3. Nintendo didn’t force the employees who were still with rare when it was taken to stay on board or leave.
          The good ones that left, left because they felt Microsoft ruined the spirit that Rare used to have with the offerings they were forced by Microsoft to make.
          Trying to lay the blame completely on Nintendo is just further proof that you’re naught more than an anti-nintendo troll who uses expletives and insults when you can’t get your half-assed points across.

        4. Except you literally do the opposite and pin it in Nintendo for not having the foresight that Microsoft would -BUYOUT A COMPANY-.

        5. “Selling them”? Nintendo own 49 percent and would be happy to keep it that way as long as possible. But Rare forced them to buy the rest of stock or Rare had the option to find another buyer. Such a bold yet arrogant moves. This is not the way you do business, especially with a company as big and closed such as Nintendo. Rare need Nintendo more then Nintendo need them. If I am Yamauchi, I would be pissed off too.
          To buy a company with hundred staff and in the either side of the Atlantic is not an easy option. You don’t have to feel sorry for Rare, cause the truth is they fucked them self.

        6. Nintendo was not given the chance to buy Rare. Yes, at the time it was rumoured that Rare was looking to sell its shares, but it was not confirmed until Microsoft had come from no where and bought them out for most likely, a ridiculous amount of money. Nintendo didn’t know that Rare were looking to sell their shares until it was too late. Now explain how that is Nintendo’s fault.

        7. “How the flying fuck is the company who bought them out to blame?”

          Erm. Because they made all of the decisions that led to where Rare are today….

          Pretty simple really. You can’t blame ex-owners of a successful business for new owners turning it in to a failed one.

    4. Spoken like a true troll… Miyamoto never hated DKC. That was an idiotic rumor flying around. He’s stated numerous times that he worked very closely with Rare at the time and that he loved the game.

      Now, would you kindly GTFO…

    5. “Selling them”? Nintendo own 49 percent and would be happy to keep it that way as long as possible. But Rare forced them to buy the rest of stock or Rare had the option to find another buyer. Such a bold yet arrogant moves. This is not the way you do business, especially with a company as big and closed such as Nintendo. Rare need Nintendo more then Nintendo need them. If I am Yamauchi, I would be pissed off too.
      To buy a company with hundred staff and in the either side of the Atlantic is not an easy option. You don’t have to feel sorry for Rare, cause the truth is they fucked them self.

    1. Uhm, very unreleastic, especially from a company who sold them out to begin with. Just donate x amount of dollars if they have a kickstarter and call it a day.

      1. Well, who would’ve thought that Nintendo would publish and apparently help in the development of Bayonetta 2. Anyway, that’s in the past.

          1. Do you know what you are talking about? Cause. Nintendo did not fully owned rare it was half nintendo half rare and if nintendo hear this they would totaly suport them

      2. When you consider it, it was 10 years ago – Satoru Iwata was fairly new to the job and didn’t really know just how valuable the IPs were to Nintendo.

        Plus, after Microsoft already aquired the majority, Nintendo didn’t really have a good choice in the matter.

  5. As long as they are not influenced by MS or the current Rare, they might pull this off. I would prefer a spiritual sequel to Conker though.

  6. Microsoft ruined Rare, and now the developers have no choice but to leave if they want to create good games! Let’s all support those ex Rare members!

      1. Thought I read EA somewhere in there, my eyes must have been tricking me, and I was thinking about the Mass Effect Trilogy Collection that was announced today at the time. My mistake. But whoever they ask to publish this, EA or not, they better say yes!

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  9. Interesting, I won’t support them in this endeavour though, because it most likely won’t be released for a Nintendo system anyway…

  10. YES! This is exactly what I hoped would happen! The employees who were around during the golden period join together and make new games. Hopefully they’ll bring titles to Wii U.

  11. This is a rumour that is too good to be true. But what if x- Rare members got together and made the best downloadable games on Nintendo eshop, that might happen. When Rare worked with Nintendo, they made gaming wonders, it seems most of the time Nintendo works with outside developers they make hits. For example, Square and Nintendo made Super Mario RPGS, Capcom and Nintendo made Oracle of Seasons and Minish Cap, Sega and Nintendo made F- Zero GPX, Treasure and Nintendo made Sin and Punishment, Retro and Nintendo made Metroid Prime. The only miss I can think of is Tecmo and Nintendo with Metroid Other M. I can’t wait for Platinum and Nintendo. I wish Nintendo and Konami would make Kid Dracula and Kid Icarus, it would be epic.

    1. My mind would have immediately gone to “rumor/totally fake/etc” if not for the fact that at least Grant Kirkhope’s profile appears to be legit and that @MingyJongo is actively conversing w/ said people over Twitter.

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  13. Here he is the fun begins through my tricks traps worlds and lands. That’s right swim under there icy water takes up double air. Banjo I watch you play and can’t think of much to say. Tooty says she’s fine with me, if you go home I’ll set her free. That jiggy was for me, now harder still the game will be. That was a secret how did you know did my sister tell you so? Hurry up Kungo push that switch I’m tired of being an ugly old witch. Get this wrong for Grunty’s sakes and a lava bath you will take.

    1. What did you say? You bet not give my spells away. To all Ninty fans: I want you all on twitter to post every God Damn Ryme you’ll can think of. Post them on twitter. Everyone I want as many people to put all Gruntilda’s sentences. They won’t support we are going to give it to them! I can’t believe you went in there now wash your hands you filthy bear!

    1. My name is jtz. Have a nice day. But we gotta suppor Grabt Kirkhope. Banjo Kazooie music is great. My favorites are Mayham Temple. Click Clock Wood (all seasons), Bubble Gloop swamp, Grunty Industries (inside and outside) and that Dinosaur stage. Retro is stupid for turning down Kirkhope. I wish I could get a BK sound track and download it to my IPhone. That way I can put it on my I Home sound system. Rare will also keep the Wii U console young so not get outdated as quick like Wii did.

      1. What’s wrong Banjo is it too tough? Let me know when you had enough. Hear the crowd they boo and hiss. To see you fail they’ll never miss. This character is rather lame. Do you know the dumb things name?

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  19. It says, They won’t make a Banjo Kazooie game, but it is going to be a new IP with the same kind of humour, silly characters, fun gameplay, great tunes, googly eyes and heads who spoke with the dialogue (grunts, yells, shouts, squeaks and other stuff e.c.tre) like in the Banjo Kazooie franchise.

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