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Nintendo Power Most Wanted Nintendo Games

Nintendo Power has once again published its readers most wanted games for Nintendo platforms. There’s clearly fierce competition in the Nintendo 3DS charts with Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and Paper Mario: Sticker Star battling it out for the number one position. For Wii U New Super Mario Bros U is the most wanted game, with the long-awaited Pikmin 3 trailing slightly behind. Here’s the top five Nintendo 3DS, Wii, and Wii U, games as voted for by Nintendo Power readers.


  1. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
  2. Paper Mario: Sticker Star
  3. Animal Crossing
  4. Fire Emblem
  5. Scribblenauts Unlimited


  1. Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
  2. LEGO Lord of the Rings: The Video Game
  3. Skylanders Giants
  4. Wreck-It Ralph
  5. Just Dance 4

Wii U

  1. New Super Mario Bros. U
  2. Pikmin 3
  3. Nintendo Land
  4. Scribblenauts Unlimited
  5. Game & Wario

37 thoughts on “Nintendo Power Most Wanted Nintendo Games”

  1. I was surprised they could come up with 5 games for Wii.

    How games like The Wonderful 101, ZombiU or even Rayman didn’t make it in the Wii U list just surprises me. Mario and Nintendo Land I can see, but Scribblenauts and Game & Wario? Wow.

    1. Nintendo Power’s readers, on the majority, tend to stray FAR onto either the “casual” or the “Nintendo only” side. Hence the astonishing lack of third parties.

  2. Paper Mario is honestly the only upcoming game off the top of my head that I’m very excited for. I need a solid RPG to play since I found out that my university internet blocks almost every online game service.

    1. Have to understand the Wii only has like those 5 games coming though. Wasn’t much competition. Wii U had much more to compete with.

  3. I want these bodacious new Dragon Quest games that Japan’s already got! I played “Dragon Warrior Monsters” as a kid, and it’s KILLING me not to be able to get its smexy new 3DS remake.

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