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Reggie Confirms Miyamoto, Nintendo EAD & Retro Studios Working On ‘Fantastic’ Wii U Projects

A couple Wii U details were shared during today’s GT.TV interview with Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. Fils-Aime confirmed Nintendo is publishing Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2 worldwide. Legendary Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo EAD and Retro Studios are apparently working on ‘fantastic projects’ for the new console. Depending on their progress, Nintendo may reveal Wii U’s new projects before, during or after E3 2013.

135 thoughts on “Reggie Confirms Miyamoto, Nintendo EAD & Retro Studios Working On ‘Fantastic’ Wii U Projects”

  1. I’m thinking they will show off a new Zelda and Metroid at E3. Possibly a new Star Fox but I’m beginning to think Retro’s new project is a Metroid game. Anyways, can’t wait to see what they are cooking up.

    1. While I’m keeping my expectations low, Tyler, I would love to see Retro Studios develop a new Metroid title for the U including the rumor of their top secret game engine to be powered exclusively to the Wii U.

      1. Yeah you’re right. I’ve learned to keep expectations low espicially when it comes to E3. But from developer interviews it sounds like they are definitely working on a Zelda game right now. Aounuma would not clarify if it was for Wii U or 3DS but it sounds like it’s being made for Wii U.

      2. Guys… Has anyone thought of this? I just realized, what if Retro is making a Mario Sunshine sequel? Of all the ideas I’ve heard tossed around, I’ve never heard anyone mention Retro making a Mario game, least of all a Sunshine sequel. Now that would be WAY out of left field, but I would be so excited if that were true. Just an idea.

            1. OH SHIT YOUR RIGHT!!! I remember them saying that they are “trying to barrel roll to a past game” O.o … But after hearing that the graphics are “hand drawn type” I started to doubt cause star fox was full 3D models with highly defined rendering

              1. Oops I meant “pull a barrel roll of a different kind” they never did a star fox game so it makes sense for a “different kind”

  2. “Nintendo may reveal Wii U’s new projects before, during or after E3 2013.”

    Please Nintendo, stop being so specific -__-

  3. My guess is Metroid/Zelda and the new IP Miyamoto was creating.
    Oh please let it be so good it blows away microsoft from gaming xD

  4. ugh… I hate when they tease us like this.. I understand why they do it but I hate being teased.. :P I think nintendo is the worst company when it comes to teasing their fans..

  5. Very exciting news, Nintendo EAD, Miyamoto, and Retro? That’s is just awesomely epic, can’t wait to see what those games are!

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    1. That’s Sora Ltd. with help from Namco, not NEAD, Miyamoto, or Retro, but I do expect to here something about it during E3 ’13.

  7. No matter how much I Love Reggie, Miyamoto, and Nintendo, when I read this article i can’t help but think: No Sh*t! Of course they’re working on great new Nintendo games, its sorta their job. I didn’t think this needed confirmation. -_- (No Offense) Plus, Zelda Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Wii U Won’t be coming out until sometime around 2014-2015, Nintendo and Project Sora said it themselves.

    1. w8 till ps4 come out and destroy wiiu with its ultimate graphics of reality and its fantastic features and wiiu vill be only an old generation console with worse graphics than xbox360/ps3

      1. Dude, it’s one of the first game that’s gonna be release for the console. Launch games NEVER use the full potential that the engine can do. Playstation 3 and Xbox360 launch titles weren’t THAT much more graphically impressive than the previous generation.
        But if you decide to keep being a graphic whore, just remain a fanboy for your one system that you like, and stay out of websites that don’t talk about the Playstation.

  8. I love Nintendo for teasing us.
    It’s better than boring Sorny and Microshit for releasing stuff we already know in advance or in our minds.
    Like “Oh great…that’s nice…”
    We : ” OMFG wtf is it?!

    Yeah…we know who enjoys their games more…

          1. nah wrong again playstation2 was the lowest of the 3 it won tho of third party and dvd features plus the others came a year later dreancast was dead before playstation 2 hit

          2. Um, no? In terms of graphical capabilities Gamecube blew PS2 out of the water. That’s just a fact. Stop being such a fanboy and accept the facts. Please, for your own safety, just visit a PlayStation website, if you don’t like Nintendo then don’t come here. I’m only trying to help you, obviously you wouldn’t be here if you really hated Nintendo.

          1. it never did, but people think it fail because it did not beat n64 sales, like how people say ps3 fail because it did not sell better than ps2.

    1. Yes! But it can’t be another Prime because that series has been completed. But I would love to see a return to the First Person perspective!

  9. Can’t be called “Prime” since that storyline is over 100%
    However they can continue the story in a different way considering the end of the game…:P
    But same type of music please!
    It fitted the Metroid Universe so much better than Orchestral and Movie music.

  10. These projects are just going to be mario games….as usual , thats the only nintendo franchise that sells. and Retro only make casual games so i wonuldnt hold my breath on starfox , PS3 sold more than the wii u in preorders and sony is superior than Nintendo in every way ..

    1. And if Sony hadn’t been called upon by Nintendo to assist in making a CD based console/add on, during the SNES days, you wouldn’t even have the Playstation brand to begin with. The Metroid Prime series, and DKCR are anything but casual games. Yes, the PS3 has sold 60+ million in 6 years, which is more than 15 days of Wii U pre-orders. Mario Kart isn’t a Mario game, and it sells just as good as any ACTUAL Mario game. Mario/Metroid/Zelda/Kart/Star Fox all sell better than nearly every single Sony franchise.

    2. Yah cause the name of the game is who ever gets bankrupt first wins. If that’s the case then Sony wins. Sony wont last 2 more years.

    3. You’re not making any sense Ness. Retro hasn’t made one game that I could ever go as far as to label casual. And PS3 selling more than Wii U in preorders doesn’t really make sense considering that it’s still going on for preorders.

    1. You’re a complete idiot if you think either of the next gen systems will have something even remotely like the 6850 or the GTX 680. Those alone cost the same as 2 Wii U’s each.

  11. We already knew they were working on new games, now we just need to know what those games are. If it is a new Zelda/Metroid we’ll see those at E3when Sony/MS announce their new consoles. Have to save the big guns to steal the competition’s thunder at the right time.

    If it’s a Zelda game, the most we’ll get at E3 next year, if anything at all, would be a trailer. It’s too soon after Skyward Sword for them to release a new console Zelda game. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. You act like Zigfried Von Shroder from Yugioh. Trolls and acting out and trying to ruin others because they were beat by the better company. Seto Kaiba with Kaiba Corporation is like Nintendo in this situation. You are like Zigfried who got butt hurt cause you’re tech sucked. You are the Sony in this situation. Point is Kaiba corp outlasted all competition. Nintendo will out last Sony. The better company always wins.

  12. Ah, my hopes… a 3D Mario title. Hear that, Nintendo, 3D! Starfox resurrected. It can happen. F-Zero. Remember that franchise, it’s the one they’ve ditched since the Gamecube. A new Metroid. Less drama, more shooting things. Zelda. Saying that one word is enough. Smash Bros., because we all know it’s happening, we just don’t know anything else. Remastered classics. N64 titles look like utter crap on my HD TV. Gamecube titles on the eShop. And for crying out loud, render them in HD. An emulator can do it. So can you. That is all. And maybe pony.

    1. yes. they are in stock there i believe. if you buy them there thoguh, you wont be able to play games thet youbuy in the usa. i advise just buying one here. i got mine at wl-mart about three months ago. the usually have them thereReferences : Was this answer helpful?

  13. I don’t believe that Retro is working on a new Metroid, they have done too much on that franchise already and there is no way that they are doing a Mario Kart, Mario or Zelda title. If anything they are working on Star Fox or F-Fero but unlike anything we’ve seen before, a mix between their core gameplay and an adventure title, think Star Fox adventure crossed with Mass Effect…or perhaps i’m just dreaming now.

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  15. Well, as much as i hope a new starfox is coming, i must also hope that whoever is developing it has the sense to realize that must of us want no part of ON FOOT star fox adventuring or combat.

    Multie paths and planets on rails by vehicles, please.

  16. They’re probably just fishing games.

    They might as well have released the console in 2013, where all the real games will be, according to Reggie, seeing as how there’s very little reason to buy it right now.

    And no, don’t just sound off every damn launch game like a psychotic fanboy to try and disprove me.

    1. Well if you want to put up with the abominations known as the PS3/360 for another year then okay wait a year. Nintendo Land beats anything for the 7th Gen that’s left to come out.

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