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New Super Mario Bros. 2 First Set Of DLC Revealed

During a brief Nintendo Direct, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed details and footage of New Super Mario Bros. 2’s first DLC level packs. The first set of DLC consists of three packs. The first pack, “Go! Go! Gold Mario,” has three courses and will release in Japan on October 2nd for 200 yen. Worldwide top scores for the second pack, “Challenge the Record,” will be displayed on the game’s home page. The third pack, “Survival Panic,” is the most challenging of the three as it is advertised for experts only.

50 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros. 2 First Set Of DLC Revealed”

  1. Survival panic looks awesome! I can see me playing that mode for many hours on end. I can’t wait to try out all three packs.

      1. Well:

        Mario Kart 7 – introduced new courses, characters, added gliders, added underwater segments, allowed Kart customisation, etc.

        3D Land – introduced a new style of 3D platformers, added mostly new stages, etc.

        NSMB 2 – uhh…?

        1. NSMB 2 new costumes, new levels, new music, new enemies, new graphics, coin rush mode, multiplayer, unlimited lives, more precise controls, new prize huts… and this is all just off the to of my head, not to mention the new cheap DLC content that makes the game harder for the diehard players

          leave luck to heaven.

          1. 1. New music? Almost ALL of it is the same as the other new super mario bros games.
            2. Graphics are EXACTLY the same.

            otherwise, I can second this. I hope the DLC makes the game more worth the while considering I 100% the game in a day (excluding 1m coins.) The game just doesn’t feel ‘new’ unlike the title claims.

    1. Lets see. I know of Super Mario 3D Land and New Super Mario Bros. 2 as the core series being on there but that is only two. That is unless you count Mario Kart 7 and Mario Tennis but that would make four.

  2. Watched GTTV, and Reggie dropped the bomb “rest assured, Retro is working on a fantastic project”. DAMN YOU RETRO!!!!!!! Tell us what you’re working on!!!!!!!!!!!!! He also said Miyamoto and Nintendo EAD are also working on great projects, let’s hope to see them soon :)

    1. If Retro makes an award winning game for WiiU you can bet Microsoft will buy and smother them like Rare. lol Sad if that happens again.

  3. here what I was fearing the most, the DLC business. so far nintendo has been great at not doing it but I think it will be the norm now. I promised that if i can hack it I will. I hate those DLC sh*t hence why I would never play skyrim, assassin’s creed and batman on console game IMO.

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