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Team Ninja Thinks Wii U Could Get People Interested In Console Games Again

Yosuke Hayashi, the director behind Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge believes that Wii U could get people to pay attention to console games. I presume his comments are directed towards Japan were the home console market is in decline, as gamers opt to use handheld devices like the Nintendo 3DS and mobile devices. Here’s what Hayashi had to say:

“The biggest difference compared to other Nintendo hardware released until now is that it is not trying to complete with ‘only one’ feature. Obviously, the Wii U GamePad is a huge feature, but the Wii U isn’t only about that. There’s the hardware performance, network capabilities and, of course, the titles that fully utilise these aspects. From this all-encompassing gaming ability I get the impression that this hardware could get many people to pay attention to console games once again.”


99 thoughts on “Team Ninja Thinks Wii U Could Get People Interested In Console Games Again”

    1. The Wii U is weak hardware and will fail like the Wii. Again, Nintendo sits in the background and watches as Sony and Microsoft Surpass it greatly. Its sad seeing Nintendo like this :(

      1. Sales will speak otherwise, just like they did with the Wii, only this time they’ll also be appealing to the core market too despite the cries of denial from trolls.
        Mark my words.

      2. You’ll be proven wrong. When was the last time that Nintendo came out with a bad system? Virtual Boy? And that was like 20 years ago. So you’ll see how right Nintendo is. :)

        1. I feel exactly like you.
          Why do people get pissy when WiiU is compared to a DS?

          For fuck’s sake, the DS is AMAZING. It’s a compliment to say WiiU is a giant DS.

  1. Japanese gamers love their mobile games. The Wii U will give them the feeling of portablity when they decide to play their game strictly on the gamepad and in any room of the house. Wii U FTW!!!!

  2. Even though i prefer consoles to PC’s, due to only one smaller price, and no upgrades, and more reliable (well, ps3 and wii anyway), plus exclusives, not muh seperates them apart other than *derpy voice* “graphics”.

    1. The wiiu is kind of in a league of its own . It litteraly does so much stuff that any other platform cannot do , its hilarious.

      Using bops 2 as an example = wii pointer controlls , pro controller , dual screen gamepad play . as oposed to a mouse or a ps3 controller ……….

      wiiu 1 everbody else 0 .

      1. I’ve always admired Ninten because they went the creative route with their controlling mechanics for their consoles and games. I still like to use the occasional traditional controller but nothing can replace wii remote and nunchuck

      2. Yeah. I mean, in reality, i couldve bought a PC this gen and be just as well off, all my favourite games of this gen have been multiplatform.

          1. Im on it right now xD ive almost at level 50 with Maya, now starting my Gunzerker playthrough.
            And nooo, but i got the premiere thing so i get the Mechromancer for free :3

            1. fair enough . Such a good game , loving those graphics !!!! Some of the clearest graphics I have seen this gen . You have to sit close to the tv to see any jaggies . Its awesome!!!

  3. Just because people are playing shit like MW3 darksiders 2, Borderlands 2, and so n so, instead of Ninja FGaiden 3 and Metroid Other M and whatever else they make doesn’t mean they lost interest in consoles

      1. Na never was saying games like MW3,Darksiders 2 and Borderlands 2 the game im playing right now.. Sorry for putting shit in front of it there not

    1. I was surprised when that happened I guess it will be a big success, I wonder what sony drones think of this and if it will sell more than ps2…maybe

      1. I’m a big Nintendo fan, but even I can admit that we really don’t know if the Wii U pre-orders sold out because of crazy demand or if there wasn’t that huge of a supply to begin with.

        1. Why wouldn’t ninty have enough U’s Mike?Of course they’re getting ready for launch so they must be makn’ dem consoles,and plus the article said it was for huge demand.

          1. I don’t know, maybe they underestimated how many people would pre-order? I’m just saying we won’t know how many are out there until launch and we have the sales numbers.

            1. Reggie said that Nintendo has a solid amount of consoles available to sell right at launch. I do not think that they are trying to creat a shortage again. That was a problem with the Wii in the beginning and Reggie said that they had learned from that mistake.

  4. slickr on the new nintendo video they said e-shop games is coming daily and it was in the past days. So hope that helps you

  5. He’s right about this. Wii U will be a huge hit. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen before. If they continue to get strong 3rd party support, it could become the single console most people own next gen. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Chuckie baby… even for a graphics whore, YOU’RE STILL A FREAKING JOKE! You’ve miserably failed to realize that the Wii U is the most innovative gaming/social/entertainment console on the planet. More RAM, asymmetric gameplay, NFC technology, cross platform gameplay with 3DS… and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is the perfect example… and you don’t have to pay a single penny for playing games online or watching cable programs using Nintendo TVii.

        1. The Wii didn’t get left in the dust.
          It formed its own niche, and out-sold BOTH of the competition consoles as a result.
          As for the Wii U, it’s already showing far stronger third-party support this time around.
          And as for the PS4/720, they will not be that huge a leap over the Wii U.
          If they are, in terms of power and graphics, then dev costs for taking full advantage of that ability will scare away developers, not to mention the price they would have to slap onto such consoles in order to justify the price.
          In this economy, which is NOT going to be getting better any time soon, a super-powerful set of console twins that do ginormous improvements over the Wii U, would be FINANCIAL SUICIDE.
          It won’t happen. It just won’t.
          And finally, growing up and disliking Nintendo are not related.
          At all.
          I’m 28, have a fiance and a great job, and I still find time to play on both my Wii and PS3.
          Choice of system does not equal maturity.
          Only retards believe that not playing a particular system makes them more grown up than those who still partake of them.

  6. I hope so, I don’t understand why Dead Space 3 is not coming to Wii U. I want a Dead Space Wii U games, especially after seeing Zombie U. Also Bioshock Infinite is not been announced for Wii U, as well as Tomb Raider, GTA 5, Resident Evil 6, DMV, Lost Plant 3, and what about Metal Gear Rising Revengence, Platinum Games helped make that and they are working on Wii U, also Castlevania Lord Of Shadows 2 has not been announced for Wii U. What about Battlefield Bad Company 3, Medal of Honor, Star Wars 1313, this is disconcerting to me, I am a big Nintendo fan.

    1. they said they don’t want to bring it to wii u because it add up cost…yeah that what they said. these companies are multi million, are they saying that they can’t afford to make it for one more platform but they put it on the PC which is more powerful, that makes no sense.
      i guess they don’t want to make money.

    1. smartphones were created to do multi stuff, but the fools say that smartphones are video game consoles because it play games, um yeah my calculator can play a mini game does that mean its a video game console? no, same with this.

  7. I can really see the Japanese becoming interested in the Wii U. It has everything they could want and with Miiverse being compatible with any internet device they can update their Wii U info whenever and where ever. The Wii U is getting Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest early on so that should produce some strong sales of the system there. I think they will really enjoy not having to be confined to the TV to play a full console game.

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