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Sumo Digital Says Sonic Racing Transformed Wii U Frame Rate Problems Are Sorted

Steve Lycett, the Executive Producer at Sumo Digital, has allayed fears regarding the poor frame rate and graphical issues plaguing Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for Wii U. Lycett says that the frame rate for the game is now the closest to the target frame rate, discounting the PC. He went on to say that the demos that the public have been playing are based on an older build of the game, as Sumo Digital hasn’t had time to make new demos to show off to the public due to the impending launch of Wii U.

97 thoughts on “Sumo Digital Says Sonic Racing Transformed Wii U Frame Rate Problems Are Sorted”

  1. i wonder what they mean by closest to target framerate?
    but its reassuring to hear that you can get a better wiiU framerate at launch than the ps3 and xbox

    1. He saying that the Wii U has the best framerate, like what they were aiming for its the best out of the console versions [Thats why he discounted the PC]

    2. Id say 45-60fps would be a solid target, especially with a racer, obviously the PC will have 60fps, but the WiiU not far behind but better than the other 2

        1. I have an interview here in Nintendo magazine UK , and steve lycett clearly says the wiiu version looks better than the other HD consoles cus it has ”way way more memory” and he was able to do less compression on textures etc. so it will look ”all lovely and shiny” .

          1. Haven’t you heard?Aeolus don’t appear when he is proven wrong. He just stay in his room & cry & play his two games on vita saying ( This is all i need my vita & me) sad really. Oh by the way in aeolus strange mind were his only friends (kinda like cartman from south park he think by bashing others & whhat they like makes him cool) so that’s why he needs his moment.

            1. HAHAHA!!! yeh :) . I don’t think he can even afford a vita . He’s got the oldest core 360 model and buys 5 year old games for $7 . LMAO.

              Now it is 100% confirmed that the wiiu version has superior graphics and superior framerate to the old consoles. which is expected but reasuring :)

              1. Yea & if he did, it was most likely bought by his mom. (Doing carman puppy dog. Eyes mamma i wanna be cool like the other kids & get. Vita finds ouut 3ds is cooler that system finds out 3ds better 3ds is garbage

      1. Concidering AV did F-Zero GX at 60fps in 2002, it shouldn’t really be too hard to get 45-60fps on a console vastly superior.

  2. I can hear the butthurt from here.
    See, developers are already getting use to the systems completely different architecture, having a GPGPU and all, its takes a bit more effort than “herpderp how i port as 360?”

      1. He didn’t. The boy know as zigg was born to late, for the great games of the 90s. & beside zig is only growing up on cod so it explains his behavior.

  3. Yeah…Zigi , Ness and that other dud are pretty pathetic. I mean if your going to be a troll, at least be creative. When i feel like trolling i make sure to be creative so i can get a laugh out of it. That’s why you troll. You put out some bait and some pore soul who forgets he is on the internet goes for it.
    Sadly these guys don’t know what bait to use, wich makes them just stupid and bland!

  4. In your face for giving this game so much shit about its frame rate aeolus, and i told you then that the demo ppl were playing was a beginning build of the game.

  5. Great, i won’t lie i did wanted this game. But was not interested after the repot. So i buy it but not for launch. To many more innovative games coming out then this.

        1. Show us all the shooters that run in 1080p on PS360.


          Your Argument is old and can be used on every system, not just Wii. Go to an and get that tunnel vision fixed

        2. I don’t see how a casual game outselling a core third party game changes anything. Core third party games still sell.

    1. actually, that is not entirely true. there are some games/franchises such as, sonic the hedgehog, that actually sell better on a nintendo console than any other system. sonic & sega all-star racing actually sold 1.07mil units on the wii, while xbox sold only 0.52mil and PS3 0.71mil.


        Not a single core Sonic franchise in the top 30. Also, you picked one of the worst examples to make some sort of a point. The combined sales on the other relevant consoles for SASAR exceed that of the Wii, show me a single multiplatform core title that exceeds combined figures on the 360/PS3. Have fun with your search.

        1. Or perhaps a bit more easier, title(s) that can appeal to the core market. I don’t think cartoony mascots on the Wii of all things helps your case.

        2. Show me a single Sony Vita title that even comes close to selling as many units as a basic Nintendo rehash.

          Owait, there isn’t enough Vita hardware in circulation to make huge software sales possible.

          1. I love how when all else fails come up with something completely irrelevant to the argument.

            Good sign how desperate Nintendorks are to water down the truth about third party support.

        3. of course they’re not. why are you only looking at the top 10 when you need to search them individually? those top 10 sold more than most anything globally, do you really expect to see others in the top 10? and look at both PS3 and xbox360’s top 10, it’s mostly just call of duty and that series will sell high numbers regardless, overshadowing many core games for both systems. and i was only stating that SOME games and franchises actually do sell better on a nintendo system, i didn’t say all. i partially agreed with you, geez. yes, sonic does actually prove a point, nearly all his games sale high numbers on a nintendo console compared to the PS3 and 360, may not make the top 10 but he still sells more on that one platform. if you did it a different way, sonic on PS3 and wii dwarfs the xbox360. you can’t combine two systems into one lump sum against one platform.

            1. sorry top 30, i guess i got mixed up there. but even still, the games in the top 30 on PS3 and 360 are not for all 3 systems, only just the 2, so they can’t really be counted when bringing the wii up when going to head to head. in that wii top 30 there are a few multiplatform games that are on all 3 systems that outsold the PS3 and 360 versions. again, you have to search up the games individually instead of looking at top 10’s-20’s-30’s.

              1. The main problem here is the point that those third party titles very seldom, if at all sell better than the multiplatform versions for HD consoles.

                More often than not the multiplatform games on Wii U “play it safe” and usually reak of low budget/development assets. I seriously would like to see a third party title on the Wii that doesn’t cater to a massive niche audience like Monster Hunter does and is something that even the core market would go out and buy in a heartbeat.

                As you can tell, no such third party game exists. Not on the Gamecube either and probably not on the N64 as well.

                Third party core games do not get anywhere on Nintendo consoles, it’s proven with virtually every generation time and time again. Nintendo consoles sell for their IPs and very little else.

                1. i have to agree to some extent. their IPs sell a lot worldwide while 3rd parties don’t often get a lot of recognition despite some generous sales. i try to support both the niches and big budget games for each console and plan on doing so next gen as well. and i too would have loved to see a lot of games come out on the wii.
                  some core game ports like EA’s need for speed game received the shaft, turning into a weird bumper cars like game, even the ipad version was closer to the original PS3/360 and it looks like it has PS2 graphics. i think it’s a mix of both sides, the developers and the gamers, gamers who don’t care for most other things than nintendo IPs and developers who think nintendo only makes “kiddy” systems, both sides are not helping each other.

                  1. The major problem here is the consumers, they only buy and oversaturate the market in Nintendo’s IPs, almost nothing else.

                    We all saw what happened to Wii games with legitimate development efforts like Madworld or The Conduit 1 and 2, the latter of which shows what should have been on the system, but ended up being few and far between (if at all).

    2. I’m a nintendo fan and I will be getting ZombiU, Batman Arkham City Armored Edition, Assassin’s Creed 3, and Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed. Your argument has been proven invalid.

        1. Huh…=__= I didn’t know you were clairvoyant. That you can determine the fickle future of people and this nation. Besides, your first reply sounds like defeat since your words flew back into your face about this game.

            1. In the case of sonic and all stars racing I can prove it right now . In an interview with steve lycett he clearly states the wiiu version is the same as ps3 and 360 but with enhanced visuals and loads of extra content and gamepad exclusive features , like using the gamepad as a rear mirror view .

              And this article proves the framerate is better than the ps3’s and 360’s . Not suprising when using loads more RAM and a GPGPU which is probably clocked pretty damn high ……….

              1. How the fuck is some stupid shit controller gimmicks a purchase incentive? And he didn’t even say shit about the visuals being “enhanced”, only “maybe a little better”. Why maybe? He doesn’t even know because the fucking game will look identical and you know it.

                    1. “deluded casuals” and “fanboys”. At this rate, soon you will be calling people “muggle” or “mud blood”

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