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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Wii U Supports 1080p

The latest edition of Famitsu has confirmed that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Wii U will support 1080p visuals. The publication also revealed that the game will support linear PCM 5.1ch surround sound. You’ll be able to take the game online, or alternatively you’ll be able to play locally with up to three Nintendo 3DS players. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate save data can also be shared between the 3DS and Wii U versions using a free app data migration application.

52 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Wii U Supports 1080p”

    1. All of them. The only way to get it to sell well in the West is to have online (as Capcom has said several times).
      No online = No west.
      This is good news for us as MH4 is already confirmed to have online :)

    1. if it was only upscaled to 1080p there would be no need to even mention it…. anything that’s in a lower native resolution will have to be upscaled to 1080p once you play it on a full HD TV.. has to be or you’d see black borders around your game window ;)

      there’s not a single ps3 or xbox 360 title that isn’t being upscaled to 1080p when required by the TV set.. so why mention it as a special feature?

      1. Especialy in a magazine as credible as famitsu . Its native 1080p 100% . otherwise they would say its 720p or what ever . Noone comes out in a magazine and says ”its full 1080p” to imply its upscaled . doesnt happen .

    2. Butt hurt much. It’s 1080 P, while you are playing Killzone 3.7 with Lag, or halo 4 with Samus’s borrowed visor we will be battling wayverns in 1080P, supersurround sound with our Wii U friends or 3DS owners.

    3. Nahh , its native or they wouldn’t mention it . They’re ot trying to confuse people or get people’s hopes up there in Japan .

    4. Well CoD isn’t native 1080p on the PS3 and Xbox 360 since they upscale it but the Wii U version is Full HD 1080p at 60 fps, that means that this Monster Hunter game is going to be in native 1080p.

  1. That’s awesome.I’m going to buy an HDTV for my Wii U. I want to get the full value out of both of my purchases. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. I recently bought an HD TV for my uni halls to play my wii on :) Gonna use it for my future Wii U. If all goes to plan I should be getting my Wii U in January. I just hope the bundle I’ll want isn’t out of stock!

    2. HEY don . I just got a 32” 1080p 100HZ LG for £289 . Bargain of my life , its so fucking nice . Its just for my bedroom though , I have a bigger 1080p downstairs :)

    3. If you have the extra money you should buy a Home Theater in a box, which will go for about 200-500 depending on quality, this will truly show off a games quality not just in graphics but also in sound. Pcm 5.1 supported, so go for a 5.1 system, and 1080p go for a 46-60 inch Hdtv. Leave luck to Holiday sells, lol.

  2. now we only need screenshots/ingame videos to get a glimpse of the overall graphics quality.. 1080p in itself doesn’t say much
    but i’m not worried.. monster hunter tri was one of the best looking wii titles

          1. They really don’t, in fact it almost looks like Capcom just took the 3DS game and upscaled it…which considering their track record is a very likely scenario.

            I went with high expectations after hearing the news, but after seeing it, I’m not impressed if that’s the best they could do.

              1. The majority of launch games are not, and that is a fact.

                Again, don’t butcher my quotes and put words in my mouth. This seems to be all you can do lately.

                1. That is only because it is a new system and some companies are too lazy to do 1080p.That is a fact that the majority doesn’t,but you should still acknowledge that wii u is 50% more powerful than current generation.

    1. 1080P for a game that has more content than all COD games plus their DLC put together. This is a win for us gamers.

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  4. Now that is some heavy duty STUFF!!! Transfering information from Wii U to 3DS and presented in 5.1 digital surround sound. Dolby or DTS… hope one of you are paying attention!!!!! Thanks for that report, Sickr.

  5. Well, the game was originally being made for the PS3 and then shifted over to Wii. Then it got ported over to the 3DS. I think they’re going to use the Wii version adapting the 3DS extras with higher textures and stuff. 3G came out last year, and I’m sure Capcom and Nintendo have been working on this since then. 1080p is not as unbelievable as some of you might think, but 5.1 is a nice addition since a lot of the bigger games still only support 2 channels stereo audio..

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