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Crytek Still Really Wants To Make A New TimeSplitters

Crytek producer Peter Holzapfel has announced that the developer would still love to make another game in the TimeSplitters series. The development team has said numerous times in the past that they would really like to create another TimeSplitters game, but nothing has ever materialised. The Facebook group set up to persuade Crytek to create TimeSplitters 4 has already reached 35,685 members.

16 thoughts on “Crytek Still Really Wants To Make A New TimeSplitters”

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  2. “The Facebook group set up to persuade Crytek to create TimeSplitters 4 has already reached over 100,000 members.” What? The page has 35,685 likes. Just because it aims to get 100,000 doesn’t mean it actually has. Sorry if I sound like a douche, but it does not have 100.000 likes, only 35.685.

  3. Three months ago when Crytek was showing off with their crysis 3 we felt betrayed. As of now I would not give two cents even if their generic shooter was not ported or remade for the Wii U. Greater developers like Ubisoft and Capcom have come through with grander games. Monster hunter 3 Ultimate is enough to keep me gaming two years straight, the Ubisoft’s AC3 makes a great playing experience too :).

  4. They should release Timeslitters 2 or 3 HD on PSN/XBLA and see how many people would download it. Maybe then they will get the green light to produce the forth one.

  5. *Sometime in the future* “We would like to announce TimeSplitters 4!!!!!!!!!!!! And it’s going to be a Wii U exclusive!!!” The first world war fought entirely by video game fanboys followed shorty after.

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