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Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Majestic Wii U Box Art

WB Games’ upcoming fighting game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, which features characters from the DC Universe, including Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, is scheduled to release April 2013 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

74 thoughts on “Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Majestic Wii U Box Art”

    1. Looks awesome, bring alot of new game mechanics to what is a tired genre. Stuff like interacting with your environment, in different ways depending on the character, and new type of special and attack types changes up the gameplay, adding more skill.

      Looks sweeet

        1. Yeah, but the fighting looks alot deeper. Of course only playing it will be its final judgement, but after the last MK, i have faith.

          1. I played an early build demo and wasn’t impressed. Still waiting on the final but…. meh.

            All these fighters feel like a been there done that sort of thing these days for me.

            Hopefully it turns out good since I’m not only a big gamer but huge comic book fan.

        2. Ugh nintendo is making a mockery of the hardcore franchise now any weeaboo faggot with think they hardcore. I hope the pedophile rape the parents and the children who buy nintendo

    1. Lol you are thinking of the wrong game. This is the one that looks similar to mortal combat. The one you’re thinking of is in third person view, and your’re right that shit really does suck!

    1. I think it should have always been assumed they would be in the game, it would be really stupid if they weren’t. I mean, The Joker is Batman’s nemesis and Green Lantern is one of the best known DC characters.

  1. In other news, I passed on Pokemon B 2 for now and got Code of Princess instead. (with artbook and CD.)

    It has a few gleaming reviews, and I really like playing 3DS games on my 3DS.

    1. Is code of princess good ??? for some ass hole of a reason , Atlus is not releasing cod of princess yet in Europe (dick heads) , instead shin megami tensei devil survivor overclocked is coming out in Europe . Even though Shin megami tensei devil survivor has already been out on DS for MONTHS in EU .

      Why Atlus no love for EU ??

      1. BTW… Devil Survivor Overclocked is amazing. And includes an 8th day. I’ve played the shit out of it, logging so many hours.

        Code of princess looks pretty refined. Extremely polished. I haven’t played it much because I picked it up on my lunch break.

        More to come!

        1. Sweet , I will pick up devil survivor then !! ^_^ , but it really grinds my gears how Atlus seems to put their games in europe 7 months late . Its exactly how you Americans must of felt when Xenoblade , the last story and pandoras tower were all released in EU early 2012 :/ .

          Why caln’t devs understand that EU (at least western EU) is the same as USA ???

          1. I´m curretly playing Devil Survivor Overclocked and it´s a great game, despite of no use of the 3D effect anywhere during the game. Be prepared for a tough challenge, though. This game demands skill and patience.

      1. I really didnt know. I watched the videos too. Alot of good games kind of got “ignored” at E3, like Dishonoured.

        Everyone too busy over Metroid Prime 4, i mean Halo 4 -__-

        1. None specific action figure and pikmin 3 were by far the highlights of E3 for me :D . Everything else was shite.

          1. Ive never played Pikmin >.< but 3 looks awesome, and fun, and uber cute, so i'll be picking it up day 1.
            E3 was really that great…
            ZombiU was cool, and Rayman Legends was awesome, same with AC3, Dead Space 3 and Dishonoured. Other than that, wasnt much to look at that kept my interest.

  2. Awesome cover art. Since the game is PEGI 16 in Europe, I wonder if the game is rated M by the ESRB in North America?

        1. Are we sure it’s not just, “The Flash,” as in the DC superhero?

          Sorry guys, I doubt this is “Flash Gordon,” probably just the super-fast “The Flash.”

    1. i thought that too glad im not the only only one who thinks thats doctor doom laying on the floor for a sec there i thought this was a cross over game DC vs Marvel :)

  3. Batman is going to win against Superman cause he has Kryptonite in his hand, incase anyone hasn’t noticed. Gonna get this on the Wii U since I thought it looked awesome, that and it’ll make a good bday gift to myself in April :P

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