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New Super Mario Bros U Will Run At 1080p

The official website for New Super Mario Bros U is now live and it clearly states that Mario’s latest adventure on Wii U will display at 1080p. This contradicts what a Nintendo representative said at E3 about first party game such as Nintendo Land, Pikmin 3, and New Super Mario Bros U running at 720p.

Experience Mario like never before… in full 1080p HD, only on the Wii U console!

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139 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros U Will Run At 1080p”

  1. Actually, how much does it matter? In my opinion, the most important issue to be solved is the “slowness” and the lag when you are playing in co-op.

      1. It actually has been proven that the GamePad updates image faster than the TV. Erich is talking about an old doubt that has been saned a few months ago.
        There are no framerate or lag problems on the Wii U as for now!

        1. I had Wii U running NSMB U in my hands two months ago during Wii U Experience in US. The game is just amazing, but I felt kind of annoyed with the lack of dynamism and pronounced slowness during the co-op gameplay. It has nothing to do with the framerate; I’m talking about the game dynamics and I’m sure that others had the same perception I had as well. But let’s see when the game in its final version is released.

          1. Oh, you mean the lack of freedom when playing co-op modes? Sorry, I misunderstood you. Well, I guess that actually varies from who you’re playing with, or how fine you can adjust your pace to theirs. I think it can’t be helped. =/

    1. The only lag I’ve heard about with Wii U is the framerate lowering to 30fps (which is still good) when two Game Pads are in use at once. And since nearly every game for Wii U is not going to use 2 Game Pads, that won’t be a problem.

  2. That was quick MNN !! .

    Here is my question – Who thinks this is native and who thinks the game is rendered in native 720p and upscaled to 1080p ???? I don’t think anything will be lower than NATIVE 720p on wiiu as Nintendo have said its a TRUE HD console , that doesn’t mean 80% of the library will be less than native 720p like the ps3 and 360 . It means its native 720p upscaled to 1080p (which looks stunning) or native 1080p (which looks a tiny bit more stunning)

    1. You made a nice point there. It may be 720p upscaled, or might be true 1080p. But the site states the following:

      “Experience Mario like never before… in full 1080p HD, only on the Wii U console!”

      You can find this sentence in the bottom part of the page. According to this sentence, I believe the game will run at 1080p natively, not the result of upscaling. Either way, I’m more worried about the use of GamePad than the graphics, as the most famous Nintendo franchise, which usually fully utilizes every console’s capabilities, seems to make use of the second screen only as a gimmick.

      1. full 1080p definitely means native ! . So the way I see it is at the end of the wiiu’s life in 6-7 years 60% of its library will be native 1080p and 40% 720p upscaled .

        The high profile games falling into the former and the lesser profile games into the latter give or take a few . maybe some HD 3D games aswell ^_^.

        1. rendering full HD games in 3D will be very difficult on the wii-u as it basically takes 2 times the processing power of a normal 1080p render…
          even most mid range GPUs can’t stem that

          1. I will take 720p 30fps 3D thanks ^_^ . Just as an optional extra on games such as street fighter for example .

          2. Kehool, you are forgetting that the Wii U has a custom designed GPU. I don’t think for a second that they would be that silly to be making a console that couldn’t handle the games they did for it.

            Never underestimate Nintendo. Leave luck to heaven.

            1. no i’m not forgetting that it’s a custom designed GPU.. but what is that supposed to help? the processing power and thus the number of shader elements needs to be there.. and this kind of processing power is only present in the more expensive graphics hardware

              i’m not suggesting the wii-u wouldn’t be able to handle the games that are developed for it in full HD i’m suggesting it wouldn’t be able to handle those games in full HD 3D

                1. That would depend what you mean by “60fps”.

                  If you mean 30fps for each side alternating rapidly (for a total of 60fps), then it wouldn’t make a difference.

                  If you mean 60fps on EACH side, then you’re not actually fully doubling the power required. Sure, there would be twice as much visual data to process, but a portion of the bandwidth also goes to the audio, events, game processing, and controls/AI programming (all of which do not double with 3d games). So you’re actually using significantly less than twice the power, meaning you should be fine.

  3. Sickr: Mario’s latest adventure will display at 1080p

    Website quote: Experience Mario like never before… in full 1080p HD.

    Sooo, which is it? -.-

    Not like it matters though.

        1. They transformed the entire game from native 720p to native 1080p since E3 ??? i dunno maybe its possible . But it just sounds like the rep was wrong to me.

          1. It would take like 20 min to get this game from 720p-1080p
            If the possibility is there it really doesn’t take long.

            1. depends on the art assets, so its probably not 20mins, but since E3 it has been some month, so this is definitely doable.

            2. 20 mins ??? it’s not upscaled , its native . That means they would of had to go over the entire game in native 1080p textures etc etc . Not 20 minutes more like 6 months .

          1. It also stands for pixels, which basically tells how many pixels are going across the screen. pixels make up every digital picture. The words you are reading right now are pixels. Same with games, they are displayed in pixels, 1080p means there are 1,080 pixels going from the bottom of the screen to the top. 1080p pixel resolution is 1920×1080.

            1. Indeed sir !!! If I am correct another difference between i and p or 1080i and 1080p or 480i and 480p is reduced screen flicker .

              Progressive scan ensures a smoother looking framerate due to reduced screen flicker .

                1. yeh , thx!!! Native content is the only way it makes a difference . That’s why its great the wiiu is getting native 1080p content. I can finaly put my LG 1080p to use !!!

                2. Thanks for the explanation! Now I understand the difference between p and i. Which means that, while I’m playing my Wii on a tube TV, even it has the component cable, the image will never be as good as if I’d play it on a TV that supports 480p resolution. I still have to see the full capacity of my Wii yet, imagine how astonished I’d be when facing a full 1080p HD game!

  4. The official website for New Super Mario Bros U is not live. It says “Full Site Coming Soon”. But neat news for sure.

    1. They deserve to be shot . lol . My theory is all the wiiu games at e3 were set up on 720p tv’s becuase they are cheap . And the rep was saying ” the games are running in 720p” .

      1. Maybe. They could be telling the truth but I find it harder and harder to trust representatives unless they’re developers or people who are generally correct and know what they’re talking about.

        1. Nintendo don’t write bull shit on their website though . They asked EAD is it 1080p ?? they said hell yes , so NOA wrote it on their site.

          Damage controll insurance.

  5. It’s official… Nintendo EAD is already in Regginator mode– Kickin’ ass and takin’ names! NSMBU in 1080p @ 60fps?!!!!!! Now THAT is an epic shocker!!!!!! Nintendo is now playing with power!!!!!!

  6. E3 2012 and later builds were 720p, really hope they did make the jump to 1080p. No excuse for them not to on a game like this.

        1. If it’s on their website, 99/100 times, it’s legit. Otherwise, I can’t use other console manufacturer’s as legit sites for information about their hardware and/or software.

  7. lmao! what the hell is up with the random Spanish chick in the Silk commercial? XD i love you guys! so pointless lol

  8. I’m really looking forward to the Wii U now, as time passes and more news pops up, most of the news are positive.

  9. I don’t want to piss on anyone’s campfire, but NSMB2 is the last side-scrolling Mario I will be playing for a while. I want a Mario 64 type title, THEN, I may pick this up in a year or so when the price drops.

    I’m ready to lock ‘n load some non-platforming gaming like ZombiU, Aliens, Black Ops2 IF IT HAS ZOMBIES IN HD. I MAY get Power of Two, Epic Mickey for coop, and it looks georgeous.

    Mario U is on the backburner for me, but I’m sure it will be amazing, and I totally support those of you excited for this fine game.

      1. SMH.

        DO YOU EVEN KNOW…..*calms self down* what a rehash is? :/ It seems as though you have no intelligence reguarding this game.

        1. 1. “To bring forth again in another form without significant alteration: rehashing old ideas.”

          In what way in NSMBU a -significant- alteration from the previous console entry?

          1. I dunno, what do I care if the gameplay mechanics are essentially the same game to game? New power ups are nice, new graphics and art design is quite pretty, all levels are new, so… It’s a sequel, right? Not a rehash. They’re not recycling content, but gameplay. All series do that.

            1. So you enjoy playing level and item expansion packs? That’s basically all what this series has done at this point.

              But it’s okay, I won’t judge you.

              1. They are expansion packs. Nothing would be wrong with that if they released a decent 2D Mario though. Not having other options is the frustrating part.

              2. What can I say? I thoroughly enjoy Mario games, I didn’t pick up NSMB2 because I didn’t have the money and the last 2D Mario I played was on Wii so I imagine I’ll find this more fresh and enjoyable than most for that reason.

                However I don’t really see how you can expect Nintendo to shake up the platforming formula any more than they have, perhaps the series is reaching the end of its lifespan in that regard. But y’know what? I don’t really care if they keep releasing new games, if the content is different and I continue to find it fun what do I care if they reuse the same formula?

    1. I’m in the same boat . But mario in 1080p ?? fuk it , i’m sold . shallow I know , but i gota make use of this 1080p TV .

    2. … I think people are over thinking these facts way too much just because this game is the newest one…

      You know what else had essentially the same gameplay as it’s predecessor? Super Mario World. Think about it, it’s a game on a new console with HIGHER graphics capabilities, JUST like how what NSMB U is doing against that of NSMB Wii, it keeps essentially the same gameplay, despite a crisper and more smooth look, even when compared to the previous entry, it has new music, new powerups that allow you to fly along with old favourites and necessities, it takes place in a new area, basically unseen before (A BIG element in World when compared to 3 because of the Yoshi-esque areas that were ALL new, and in the newest entries because the new settings seem to be native ones outside the oft-seen mushroom kingdom), new music, and all the good stuff… yet they all still remain as 2D Mario Games. Soooooooo, yeah, this isn’t much new besides maybe the idea of 2D Marios being in stream again, which IS indeed seeable as annoying, but… it’s all in good fun and good profit… soooo… yeah

      1. How DARE you compare NSMBU to the masterpiece that is Super Mario World. Super Mario World added A LOT more to the series than this rehashed piece of crap.

        1. The only memorial and important thing SMW added was Yoshi. SMW it’s a masterpiece, but SMB1 and SMB3 had way more impact on the series.

          1. Well, that’s not quite true either, though… World is indeed a genius Game, and by all means should be loved to absolute DEATH by all those who do love it, me included, and everything about it from music to style are INCREDIBLE. What I’m saying is that the idea of upscaling and carrying on old ideas is being over looked by people who feel as though they NEED to over look them because… well, this is a new Mario Game within a same series…

        2. How dare I…? HOW DARE I?!? >8//C

          Nah, it’s fine. Honestly, it’s all well and good that you aren’t a fan of this game… it’s all fine, and your opinion can and should be used as much as you want it to, but that doesn’t change the fact that that’s REALLY what Mario World did in contrast to Mario 3. This isn’t some kind of opinion based thing either, and is no joke, Mario World is just a Sequel to Mario 3, and adds all the elements as such, while THIS game is a sequel to NSMB Wii, and adds all THOSE elements as such.

          1. Thank you for respecting my opinion. It’s just that I feel NSMBU isn’t really shaking things up like the older games did. One thing I also noticed is how some people seem to really like this game because it reminds them of Super Mario World with the Baby Yoshi’s and connected world map etc. My problem with that is, should a new game really be attractive because of nostalgia or should it be attractive for being something completely new? I’m starting to feel that the NSMB series is mostly catered to casuals and nostalgic fans.

  10. Regarding the reps being inaccurate.
    I’m OK with this as long as they “under promise and over-deliver,” rather than the other way around.

    If they had said 1080p, then we found out it was 720, THEN I would be pissed.

    When they give us info, and it turns out to be better than they stated, I’m cool with that. Probably being careful as to not over-promise and to keep expectations real.

  11. The Nintendo rep actually said that first party games would be native 720p which then would be upscaled to 1080p. There was never any question whether you could view these games in 1080p. For more information look up the black ops II debate, where people are going nuts that it is 1080p native for the wii u and not for the 360 and ps3

      1. My god, if that happened I might just give up entirely on any innovation in the Mario series. 3D Land was good and all, but imo it’s the weakest of the 3D Mario games.

            1. I tend to forget that often, just never found it to be as groundbreaking as suggested. N64 games don’t really age well.

              1. Mike S what the heck happened to you. You were never a dick on Nintendo3DS Blog, but on this site, you’re the lowest of all trash.

                1. Or, maybe he knows the direction that Mario has headed to.

                  NSMBU is all around lazy. All the footage so far can clearly show you that. The music is absolutely terrible in comparison to the 3D titles and there’s still that annoying “Bah bah” it makes in the tracks.

                  I am frankly tired of that series existing.

                  1. Unfortunately for elite gamers and main series mario fans , NSMB is mainly not aimed at us.

                    Its aimed at the 28 million who bought it on DS and the 25M who bought it on the wii . It’s suffering from COD syndrome , but that’s becuase people want it .

                    It’s still a pretty fucking fun game at heart , but sort of aimed at casual with a bit of depth thrown in . Mario galaxy 1 and 2 are in my top 10 best games of all time , more of that please.

                    Point- don’t take NSMB so seriously , it’s just a cash cow .

                  1. Because you give o legit arguments on why you hate the series instead of typical brainfart shit like ” OHH. ITS THE SAME CRAP OVER AND OVER AGAIN.DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR”

              2. For it’s time it was groundbreaking. Also, I had no problem playing N64 games on my Wii like Paper Mario, Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, and Majora’s Mask. I guess “not aging well” comes down to a matter of opinion.

          1. That’s not fair . It’s a handheld game . That means emphasis on ”pick up and play” its a short cute portable mario in amazing Fully realized 3D . Probably the best use of 3D ever in a game so far , the gameplay is perfect if not a little to easy at the start .

            If it was on a console I would agree with you . But considering its a handheld game , it deserves its 9/10+ status for sure .

            Galaxy depth is for consoles . Pick up and play 3d land is for the bus or in bed simple .

            NSMB2 is the same its great for a handheld , not so much for a console.

            1. The problem with 3D Land is how terribly repetitive the game was and just how much I couldn’t shake the feeling of NSMB while playing it. And it basically IS NSMB, it only really has camera perspective now, the controls are almost identical and the powerups are stuff fresh out of the past. The music too has almost no originality going for it either.

              1. I can see where you are coming from , many have said the same thing .

                I Loved it , the levels could be bigger and the game could be longer . But over 300 star coins keeps you hooked for 20-25 hours of amazing 3D mario .

                I would give it 8.8/10 . There is room for improvement , other than that its perfect.

            2. Just because it’s on a handheld doesn’t mean it has to be easy. 64, Sunshine, Galaxy, and Galaxy 2 had MANY points that made me want to throw my controller out of frustration. That frustration also made it all the more sweet when I finally accomplished my goal. Playing 3D Land made me feel like the game was holding my hand walking me through the levels with only a few slightly difficult parts. Even the special worlds weren’t that difficult.

              1. Try playing collecting every single starcoin without dying once , it records your death count on your profile . I did it dying just 9 times . And that was really hard to achieve.

                1. Speaking of Star Coins, I found them all pretty easily. Only 1 really stumped me and I had to look on the internet to find it. And congrats on your record btw.

                  1. Yeh they weren’t that hard to find , but they were hard to collect without dying the way I did it :) .

                    The levels were small you just look around a bit lol

        1. Lol no.

          Sunshine holds the title of the weakest 3D Mario. It was built around the FLUDD gimmick, but all its best levels were those floating block levels where you were stripped of the FLUDD.

          Imagine if Galaxy, which was built around excellent use of gravity, saw its best levels have nothing to do with that concept. It would not be as highly regarded as it is.

      2. Typical of you.

        What are you gonna say when there is a new Mario concept for the Wii U that is just as fun as and innovative to the series as 64/Sunshine/Galaxy?

        I wouldn’t be surprised at all, since with every new gaming console, they revamp the series to better while keeping the ol’ and good nostalgic feeling. It will be no exception with the Wii U.

        1. I’ll be damn surprised when they actually show it.

          After 3D land and the fact that rather than making an entirely new game, they crafted a SEQUEL to their previous 3D Mario title on the Wii, my expectations have now been lowered.

          1. 3d land is fucking awesome lol . It’s a handheld game , it’s not a main series mario game . Its a 2d/3d mario mix portable spin off . And a fucking excellenrt one at that . It oozes playability and fun .

          2. It was a sequel because they already had the resources, it was within the same console and the fans were asking for a galaxy 2.

            The Wii U will get a new innovative Mario game that will be crafted to be played with the GamePad and whatnot, and it may get a sequel of it as well if it sells well and the players want a continuation for that. I expect it to happen. :p

          1. Now see? We all can have a decent intelligent conversation with one another on agreements, disagreements, and opinions. All we don’t need is a biased person tossing around curse words and excessively using caps lock

  12. can i trade 1080p (or even 720p) for online co-op

    or a level editor

    the NSMB series would actually be memorable if you could make your own levels and upload/download them or something
    like, literally, that’s all it needs to make an impact on the series imo
    i’m getting tired of SMW hacks/SMBX, a mainstream level-creator has SO much potential for exciting amateur level design =(

      1. If the series did that it might actually get me back into it like I use to be. Seriously, level editor is amazing. It’s one the main reasons why I love LBP Vita so much :D

      2. Then Sony drones would be saying Nintendo it’s copying Sony and then more flame wars would start even tho the idea it’s awesome!

      3. i think literally the only thing holding them back from it is the possibility that people will make levels with the word “penis” spelled out or some stupid “8====D” garbage that will put their company’s name in jeopardy
        it’s not an unrealistic expectation as it’s not uncommon for gaming sites on the internet to mass together and do this sort of thing to “prove a point” or whatever their reasoning is at the time
        you can’t moderate these things 24/7 and some parent is bound to get upset that their child saw a bad word or something in their game
        and then they make a huge deal out of it because bad words are the devil himself
        and then the company’s name gets associated with those bad words and people on the internet make pictures about it

        as an example of how they don’t want this sort of thing to happen, just look at how limited the Brawl stage creator is
        it’s not even a big part of the game (so it’s not as much worth making a fuss about) but it’s STILL very limited
        the problem with these restrictions is that it cripples everyone, and not just the idiots who want to use these things for stupid crap, but what can you do when scumbags who make games worse exist

        still, i don’t actually know for a fact why they don’t try it because i play video games, not make them

    1. Until now it’s been difficult to implement it well into a console… But the GamePad might make it easier, with the touchscreen. Still, modern Mario games are full of touches that are largely only achievable by programming, and would be hard to replicate in an editor, unlike LBP which was built around the idea of user generated content.

      1. tbh i can’t think of many levels in the NSMB series that couldn’t be made in an editor (excluding bosses ofc)

        the games seem like they were made in level editors themselves imo

        one of the only things i can imagine taking any extra effort is a system deciding which pipes/switches do what
        even then, if rom-hackers can make it work in things like Lunar Magic, Nintendo can do it
        the gamepad even makes it more convenient, it’s such a good set-up

      1. well you probably wouldn’t be able to use GFX/SFX other games unless they DLC’d it on or something, but the quality could still very much be there

        and, of course, for every quality hack you’re going to get like 50 of these:

        but it would still be a worthy endeavor from Nintendo as they could feature the best levels every week/month or something which would give initiative to level creators to come up with something unique

  13. Honestly, I believe this will be the best NSMB game in the series. It has HD graphics, SMW-like gameplay, and Network Network features like the 3DS version (I saw it on the boxart). When I first saw trailers of the game, I honestly thought it was an improvement over the Wii version and I find it more appealing than the 3DS version.

    Let’s just wait and see, first.

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  15. I just can’t wait to play the darn thing. I know this game will probably be the most played game at parties along side Rayman Legends.

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