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Nintendo Reveals How Wii U’s Design Is Distinguished From Wii

Although all Wiis function normally when they are placed horizontally, the six-year-old console was, for the most part, marketed with a vertical design. In order to distinguish between Wii and Wii U, Nintendo’s upcoming console features a principally horizontal design. Nevertheless, the Wii U can stand vertically with the support of a Wii U Console Stand, which is included in the Wii U Deluxe Set and can be purchased separately.

“The Wii went out into the world with a mainly vertical design, so in order to create a distinction, we went with a mainly horizontal design for the Wii U. But we have prepared a stand so that it can also stand upright.”

38 thoughts on “Nintendo Reveals How Wii U’s Design Is Distinguished From Wii”

  1. Distinctions are very welcome. I hope Nintendo can provide enough distinctions to make it clear that this is an entirely new console, so that the average consumer will not confuse it with the Wii.

    1. i think they already missed that target simply by the name. most (uninformed) people won’t recognise the difference between “Wii” and “Wii U”. they should have either named it “Wii 2” or given it its own name.

  2. Haha take that all you people that think the Wii U is just an add on! The Wii U is marketed to be layed horizontally not vertically! Mind=BLOWN!

    1. Really? I’ll have to read it then! :D Thanks for mentioning it. (Didn’t know that it existed + I love reading the Iwata Asks segments.)

    2. That Iwata Asks was awesome. It really gave you an idea of how hard they worked on the console. The transparent Wii U looked so cool.

  3. In what way? I really like the sleek and simple design. But no matter how they design it, someone’s not going to like it. That’s ok. As long as it works.

  4. What was the point of reporting this when that Iwata Asks interview was chock full of information about the hardware and it’s form factor, it’s not news that it’s different than the Wii. Show us what it says in that article about the Multi chip module and it’s architecture and how it’s efficient.

  5. They will… Eventually. But they for some odd reason instead of just giving us a couple good summaries takes one article from somewhere else.. And posts like 5 different news updates… All from the same article. I can understand how that helps mynjntendonews creating a lot of ‘new’ content to post, but for everyone who reads the link they just see the same thing…. 5 times. I think one or even two good summaries of the same article should do it.

    Don’t get me wrong. Love the site. And the timeliness of the news and I think even this story is newsworthy. Just not a fan of ‘news’ being reported in 6 different chunks as if they were different where one could do.

  6. maybe dumb people would know it’s a new console if they covered it in spikes or something

    and then that “wiiu wiiu wiiu” ambulance siren joke would make sense because you’d poke your finger when you touch it

    get it

    get it

    goodnight i need sleep ~_~

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