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Ubisoft Thought Nintendo Would Release Wii U A Lot Earlier

Rayman creator Michel Ancel has said in the latest edition of Nintendo Power that the team fully expected that Nintendo would release the Wii U much earlier. Ancel stated that Ubisoft originally planned to bring Rayman Origins to Wii U, but instead they opted to create Rayman Legends exclusively for the platform. It was announced earlier this week that Rayman Legends will miss out on the Wii U launch, and will instead launch early next year.

“To be honest, we were on Wii U very early – even for Origins.”

“We did not know exactly when Nintendo would release the system, but we started making Origins for Wii U. [At that point], we thought Wii U would come out a lot earlier. We worked very closely with Nintendo [on Wii U] early on, giving them feedback on the various prototypes.”

“When we finished Origins, it was time to start thinking about Wii U again, because [the hardware] was nearly complete,”

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