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iOS Developer: “The iPad Mini Could Be One Of The Final Nails In The Coffin” To The Handheld Market

According to iOS developer Supercell’s general manager, Greg Harper, the growing tablet market poses a serious threat to Nintendo 3DS and Sony’s PlayStation Vita. Harper believes that the rumored iPad Mini is a clear step toward an inevitable failure of the handheld market.

“That [handheld] market seems in trouble to me. The iPad mini could be one of the final nails in the coffin.”

111 thoughts on “iOS Developer: “The iPad Mini Could Be One Of The Final Nails In The Coffin” To The Handheld Market”

          1. Experience Mario like never before… in full 1080p HD, only on the Wii U console

   – Is NSMBU 1080p ?? or just upscaled ???

            I put my money on rendered native 720p upscaled to 1080p .

            We can take this as confirmation that most if not all wiiu games support 1080p upscaled if they are not native . Nintendo have said the wiiu is a ”true HD” console on their website and all that . So that surely means all of the games are rendered in native 720p MINIMUM or 1080p .

            1. think about it like this, wii games are normally rendered in 420p, but, with an emulator, you can play them in full 1080p. the only time it’s upscaled is when the hardware doesnt natively support it.

              1. Yeh it’s nice to know . I don’t think ANY wiiu games will be less than Native 720p , what do you think ??

                The ps3 and 360 are sub HD consoles . 80% of their games are less than native 720p . But wiiu is TRUE HD

                1. its have native 1080p no problem. that doesnt mean that some games wont be 720, just that it 100% supports 1080p.

                  1. The only reason 720p is too speed up development time and cost’s ??? I think the wiiu can do 1080p on most things , maybe when the wiiu is faced with Newer engines in the future it won’t be able to run them at native 1080p 60fps , maybe it will but the graphics will have to take a hit etc .

  1. iPad mini???????????
    they have an iPhone, now they call it an iPad mini?
    what kind of selling strategy is this?????????????????????

      1. No it wouldn’t because right now you can only play Wii games on the console (technically). iPad Mini is a smaller F***ing iPad.

      2. I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not. Entirely new device? Using a portable Wii as a metaphor? You must be joking.

      3. OMG! Not ANOTHER IPOD/IPAD. Jeez Louise. How many of them little buggers are on the market now – like, 35? If I haven’t already purchased an IPOD/IPAD yet, I certainly wouldn’t sell my DSiXL, 3DS, 3DSXL and PS VITA (and 3 PSPs) to buy one now. I’m not sure who they are marketing to, but it certainly ain’t me.

      4. a new DS could have new fatures like more battery life, bigger screen, more memory
        however, Apple recently found that the iZombies would buy a smaller version with same features as old one

    1. not even for Sony
      I support both in this case
      only a moron will think that mobile phones are gonna demolish Nintendo/Sony

      1. Or any handheld console creators for that matter. As long as people have the desire to play real games on the go, I foresee the handheld era lasting for years to come.

    2. Interesting that most commenters here simply cannot resist turning this into a Sony vs. Nintnedo fanboy bitch contest.

      Grow up losers.

      1. As happy as I would be to see the Vita succeed, the fact remains that its not doing so well at the moment. Anything that supposedly threatens handhelds will affect Sony more than Nintendo. Its an unfortunate fact, not a “fanboy bitch contest”.

        1. Hey miyamoto , I just got a swapnote off you !!! it had a little recording of your omnipotent voice and told me to play NSMB2 , 2 player even though I have been doing , and also told me to download Mario 3d land even though I have the physical copy :) .

          Keep up the good indoctrination miyamoto san!!!!

  2. When mobile gaming has a series that could rival Mario and Pokemon i’ll be more inclined to believe them. Sony on the other hand IS vulnerable since they don’t have any truly great handheld experience to speak of. Just spin-offs of already established console franchises that eventually end up as an HD remake on the PS3.

    1. Remember the Mario and Pokemon ripo-Pffthahahahahaha! I’m sorry, I couldn’t finish.

      But yeah, Ipad “Gaming” won’t crush the handheld market, it won’t even make a dent.

  3. I can see where they come from with this.
    more and more adults and children get (expensive) smartphones and tablets these days.
    People WILL still buy a console if they can then play their favourite game seires.
    Of course, consoles with the most popular franchises will be affected the least.
    Console developers with the least amount of popular franchises will most likely suffer from this.

    I don’t see Nintendo going down from this that easily.
    Sony and Microsoft have their own popular franchises, but are they popular enough to keep selling Playstations and Xbox’s?

  4. *laughs* I thought the iPad mini was the iPod.
    Seriously this has got to be the most hilarious, idiotic, arogent, bold thing to say. Nintendo and Sony has been doing this for years and it’s not getting old nor boring. They have been in our childhood and they will keep bringing joy to their loyal fans. There was never a coffin to begin with. Long live gaming my friends.*continues to laugh*

  5. What in the faq? It doesn’t have buttons! I wish they would stop comparing things and devices based on similarities! The iCrack and iPhone IS NOT a gaming console. The main reason people are going to buy this waste of hard earned cash and money is to sneak it into class and use it with caution of being caught by the teacher.

  6. No.

    As long as people buy and want handhelds consoles, they’ll be around, which people do.
    I’ve own every Nintendo handheld. Why? The games. There are games i will never find on iOS, on handhelds, and games i will never find on Nintendos hoke consoles on handhelds.

    Im mean, for starters, Pokemon.
    Seriously, what more can i say? It sells the system on it’s own.

    No amount of imitation and blatant stealing by making a cheap iOS knockoff will overthrow any game on handheld consoles.

    Also, and one of the biggest factors, quality.
    Casuals and the general public are retarded, and they’ll buy anything and everything thats getting attention, but they also find fun in the shittedt overrated iOS games ive ever seen, “herp derp cuz its free, hnnngggg!”.
    But GAMERS want handhelds. Would i rather put 60+ in a 3DS game, or 10 minutes in a free game app. I wouldnt pick the app solely on the fact that it would take up memory.

    This whole bullshit about iphones taking handhelds market is a load of toss. They didnt steal the consumers, they made their own.

  7. Handhelds will never go away in the near future, there is ZERO evidence in sales figures to say that handhelds are being greatly affected by mobile gaming. Just because a cheaply made game sells 10 million for £1 each, does not mean that people won’t appreciate or buy a well made £30 game that sells 1 million.

  8. Here’s my 2 cents:

    While the handheld market has changed, and it will NEVER be dominant like the DS days as it’s currently constructed, it won’ t just “die”. At least not Nintendo. Why? Because there are just too many people like me, who will buy a Nintendo handheld for a 1st party experience alone, with everything else being gravy.

    What I think needs to happen for the market to take off again, is one of two things:
    1) Handhelds continue to be gaming-only, but at a much cheaper price point. Console can get away with $300+ price points, the handheld market won’t be able to keep flirting with $200 with it’s game-only feature set.

    2) Someone (preferably Nintendo) finally figures out a way to enter the phone market with one of their handhelds. Imagine a “4DS” that syncs with your music/console properly, and you take out with you and can use it as a phone? Something that has the proper form factor to serve as a phone, while still being fully functional as a gaming handheld. A bastard child between an iPhone and Vita, but with the 1st party backing that only Nintendo has. That’s hard to do, but would be DOMINANT.

    1. anyone knows that anything but the iPhone is better
      now imagine one of the Nintendo
      Sony got their own, and yet they continue to sell PS

    2. I can honestly imagine Nintendos next consoles having phone capabilites. Maybe not phone as in call and text, but definitely social apps, such as facebook, twitter, youtube, web browsers ect. Its the sort of thing that would work. I mean i pretty much never call or text people anymore, most of my contact is done on facebook, or messaging apps. Its free and its easy.

      I think the only problem is the whole 3G hurdle, and limitations, to have something like that, you need 3G to have the whole, anywhere on the go deal.
      I dont think the 3G would allow downloads, or even online play, but still.
      Also, if the WiiU eShop becomes a haven for indie developers, we could get stuff like app games on the 3DS, and its successor.

      I know its way early to think about a 3DS successor, but still, food for thought xD

      1. I’m with you. I see that working well.

        But that’s the thing, it’s a new market. I will say this though: I would give up my iPhone in an INSTANT if my 3DS could make calls and sync my music. For real, that would be IT. Wallet, keys, and 3DS with me and that’s it. Even with the limited feature-set that current handhelds have, without apps.

        But I would NEVER give up my 3DS for iPhone gaming. What ends up happening is I use my iPhone for quick silly bursts when I’m out and about and my 3DS for the good gaming.

        But that’s a problem, because what happens is I buy the big experiences for the 3DS but not the smalls ones. That’s why a phone “4DS” would be such a big game changer.

    3. That’s a great idea , imagine if Nintendo set it up as a super cheap phone with video chat and everything (seems very plausable ) with android built into it and mega graphics and all the other features ^_^ , you may of given us all a peek into the future!!!! .

      Some kind of thing where they could offer contract/credit ridiculously cheap to make everyone buy it .

        1. If they don’t do this , I will be dissapointed lol . Maybe you close the ”4DS” and it work like a phone and it has its wireless headset bundled with every console !! .

          They could do all this for $200 – $250 in 4 years time .

    1. Yeah, but to be fair: The DS didn’t REALLY take off like crazy until the DS Lite. So while the 3DS is doing well, and also better than the DS, it’s no where near what the DS Lite did in it’s beginning.

      But yeah, the doom and gloom is silly. Nintendo is fine and the 3DS will continue to do well as long as the software keeps coming.

  9. I will always need buttons so I can SEE the artwork on the screen and appreciate what developers and programmers and designers do.

  10. No one talks about the WIii killing Sony/Microsoft even though it sold like cupcakes. Why? Different market. All the extra customers Nintendo reached with the Wii weren’t really coming from their competitors. They were reaching a new audience for their increased sales.

    The handheld market is in a similar relationship to the phone market. Two separate markets. iPhone users aren’t being “taken away” from Nintendo. It’s a wider market.

    That’s not to say handhelds can’t try and tap that market, though.

    The thinking: “You know, I want a gaming handheld. I should get an iPhone for that instead of a 3DS” isn’t really what happens. What’s happening is: “Ummm I can download Angry Birds on my iPhone for $1. Neat.”. Customers buy the iPhone for the phone capability (and music, etc), and the gaming is a “bonus”. Not the other way around.

  11. If apple really does have the desperation to release this steaming pile of shit known as the “ipad mini” then they will miss one bird with two stones: 1. Smaller Screen, 2. Still won’t fit in your pocket. The ipad mini will be apple’s biggest fail since the pippin. It will be just as good for gaming as well. Seriously, what the HELL do people see in the godzilla ipad that makes it good for gaming? I would honestly much rather use an ipod touch for anything except fruit ninja. It doesn’t matter what kind of fruit is plastered at the back of a device built to break, people; It’s still the same shit as last year, just a different toilet.

    1. And another thing. People who want a big device will buy an ipad. People who want a small device will buy an ipod. Braidead chimpanzee fanboys with no dignity will buy an ipad mini. Or women with disposable income who want more room in their $10,000 purse.

      1. Actually all reports are suggesting the alleged iPad mini will be to compete with other 7″ tablets and cheaper tablets. It’s a gateway product, a smaller, much more affordable version of a highly acclaimed product, that Apple hopes to use to reach a wider audience. It’s not going to touch the gaming industry but it could shake up the tablet industry if it gets marketed right.

  12. Tablets and smart phones pose a threat to Nintendo and can possibly hurt Nintendo but can not destroy Nintendo, tablets and smartphones are not dedicated portable gaming devices, as long as Nintendo makes a dedicated portable device designed for gaming, Nintendo will win. When I was a kid and the Nintendo came out we talked about Nintendo vs PC, and ultimately they compete against each other sometimes and they don’t compete against each other. This is because the Nintendo was dedicated to gaming and the PC is not. It’s the same argument with Nintendo 3DS vs Tablets/smartphones. If anything I think the Nintendo 3DS should try to do more things like the IPod touch. Never underestimate the dedicated gaming market.

  13. I love my iPhone and iPad but it will never replace my 3DS or Vita. Stupid to think touch games offer the same experience as games with actual buttons.

  14. I think all those devices can co-exist in the same market. You have smartphones/tablets for smaller, cheaper games plus all the social stuff. As in the 3DS and PSVIta are the portables with the dedicated games we’ve come to love. Bottom line, phones will always sell more than a portable device dedicated to gaming because everyone needs a phone, that’s a fact. A gamer will always have both, or one or the other depending on your budget but like I said, everyone has and needs a phone. But saying that handhelds will go the way of the dinosaur prematurely is kinda dumb.

  15. yes because i would much rather spend 600$ THEN 3$ to play game that will entertain me for an hour than 200$ then 40$ for a game that could last me weeks

  16. Graphics Impressive, gameplay ? besides some puzzle, wich are that PUZZLE, they all sucks !!! yeah NOVA and MC can be amazing the first time, the 5th time ? not so much and you start to beg for some freaking buttons !!!

    No Apple just no, i like your products (i have an iphone 4S) but for gaming ? please stop saying that your ipads and iphones are gaming machines

    1. If you paid even an inkling of attention you’d see Apple never makes claims like this, it’s either analysts or iOS developers. Don’t blame the company.

    1. I know it’s hard for you to think, being an idiot and all, but maybe Apple is releasing an iPad mini to COMPETE with these existing smaller and cheaper tablets? Did that thought cross your mind for even a second?

        1. You could have phrased it better to indicate you were trying to point out that there is already competition from 7″ tablets.
          Though there’s not nearly the “buzz” around them than there is around an iPad, that’s why an iPad mini allegedly poses a greater risk… But everyone knows that’s a pile of crap.

          1. what i dont get is people complain about psvita and 3ds price being too high when people buy ipads for like tripple the price for their children. makes no sense!

            1. Oh, I know. I bought the original PS3 at launch. I then bought a 32gb memory stick for it when it came out and that was all I needed to hold a ton of songs and watch great movies and play great games. My son has bought a new IPOD, and then every new one that followed to get the bigger memory storage. He has spent about 4 times as much as I did and I still have the better system. I won’t even go into what I get with my Nintendo handhelds. LOL.

  17. I walked into a store one day, mulling over the purchase of either a 3DS or Vita (I have no bias for or against either at this point). I walked out with nothing. The 3DS’ library is certainly greater than the Vita’s, but that’s not saying much. None of the 3DS games available so far were of any interest to me. And NO, I am NOT obligated to love Nintendo games, so don’t pester me about how StarFox, Ocarina of Time, Kid Icarus, and whatever are available on the 3DS, cuz as far as I’m concerned, I don’t give a shit about them and I don’t have to give a shit about them to know what a “good game” is. Surprisingly, the Vita felt better in my hands than it ever had, and yet it doesn’t excite me either. I’m not saying that the tablet touchscreen gaming whatever is suddenly the most exciting thing, but I’m saying that the buzz this handheld generation has is a whole new low compared to the previous gen’s. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on certain DS games like Hotel Dusk, 999, Elite Beat Agents (You’ll notice these games listed here are not indicative of “hardcore” games, yet they were still incredibly awesome), , and I actually LIKED playing on my PSP with games like FFTactics War of the Lions. But what the crap is this generation? Why are all the 3DS games relying too much on 3D and being freakin “hardcore gaming”? Why is there so little creativity and diversity in Vita games? And if mobile gaming is supposed to be so damn amazing, then where the hell is the killer app that makes it worth playing? Why are the handheld games being released lately are such innovative BUZZKILLS? Good lord.

    The problem here isn’t the type of platform you enjoy playing on. The problem here is the freakin games. And if you think naming every damn mario game on the 3DS, every pokemon game on the 3DS (which technically there isn’t any), or every Japanese-only game on the 3DS, then you’ve got another thing coming, cuz you clearly have forgotten what it meant for a game to have absolute buzz, and let me tell ya: Just because a website claims a game has a lot of buzz, doesn’t mean it actually does. The website makes up that buzz. This is especially true for games like Skyward Sword.

    1. Switch out Skyward Sword with Skyrim. Skyward Sword was actually very very good. It was not a typhical Zelda game, but still good. Skyrim on the otherhand… Overhyped… -__-

      The 3ds games do not rely alot on the 3d, that’s just what alot of nay-sayers thinks. All 3ds games works perfect without it and I think it’s library is stronger than the DS was at this point of it’s lifetime. That’s not saying you should buy it. If you think the titles are weak now, wait a while, they’re bound to get better. :)

    2. Hmmm…I am gonna have to agree with you…while I have a 3ds, and I do enjoy it, I do feel like it is lacking creativity…I was much more excited at the same point in the ds timeline than I am for the 3ds. Its not that the games I have don’t play well, its just that, like you said, there is nothing ‘grabbing’ my attention, or looks to be anytime soon(Paper Mario looks good, but I will be too busy with my Wii U to really care). But overall from most publishers, and I think its true universally, and not just on Nintendo…CREATIVITY LOOKS LIKE IT IS DYING. And thats sad.

  18. REALLY??????……….. REALLY????
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  19. So then because it has a camera it will kill the digital cameras market, too. And because it can play videos the iPad mini will bury all the DVD and blurry players as well… C’mon!

  20. I’ll be the nail to your coffin iOS developer…

    Respect your god/master (games would have never existed without them), or get what you deserve.

  21. i believe his comparison is more akin to comparing them because of their physical size.

    what i can’t believe is how in the world could the developer compare the iPad mini with the handheld consoles. clearly the iPad mini was created to compete with the likes of Samsung Galaxy Tab (which has a 7″ and 10″ versions — Android devices), or similar.

    the handheld consoles have their own respective fanbase which keeps it alive. and the fact that the iPad clearly doesn’t have physical controls/buttons in them, doesn’t quality it as a dedicated gaming device. oh yes, iOS got lots of games that are almost the same in quality as the handheld (or even better); but they also have lots of crappy games like those Mario/Pokemon rip-offs. and although there are add-ons you can buy so it’ll have physical buttons, still not everyone’s gonna buy them.

    i have nothing against iPhone or iPad. clearly people enjoy having them for their own reasons, and those devices have their own merits. but to say that it will kill off the handheld market held by Nintendo and/or Sony is just pure hogwash. just like what FerminDX said about it having cameras, did it kill off the digital camera business? oh, and cameras on cellphones have been available for ages, even before iPhones have ’em.

    for sony, it really doesn’t matter much as they also do mobile communications devices. for nintendo though, they don’t really need to add a cellphone into their future handhelds. they can simply integrate better 3DS into Miiverse, and probably expand on the features there.

  22. really you think so really, some people……. i am going to say what i say to cold caller i don’t won’t the crap your selling goodbye. if i wonted substandard gaming i would go for them but no just no

  23. It was a wonderful game that faithfully recreated a console Zelda adventure, but
    allowed you to take it on the go with you. More than any other hardware company,
    Nintendo is the master of sparking sales by doing something as simple as introducing a new color to the
    marketplace. This plugin will allow you to listen to
    your mp3 tracks while playing Daedalus – X64, other
    homebrew apps and PSP games. I don’t know if there is
    any significant compatibility difference between either.

    Nintendo 3DS’s Mii Plaza has been updated with new touch-controls, four new games and an fresh layout, the company announced this morning.

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