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Walmart Wii U In-Store Pre-Orders Begin On October 14th

Cheap Ass Gamer have been informed that Walmart in-store pre-orders for Wii U will begin on Sunday, October 14th. If you’re considering popping down there on Sunday then you should be warned that you can only pre-order a maximum of two Wii U consoles. There’s also a Layaway service fee of $5 and 10% down applies to reserve the console.

50 thoughts on “Walmart Wii U In-Store Pre-Orders Begin On October 14th”

  1. That 2 preorder limit is awesome, because we know pricks will buy the tons of systems then put it on ebay for a insane price

  2. Cheap Ass Gamer? Hahaha that’s pretty interesting.
    Anyways to bad I don’t live near a walmart but that’s good to hear they’re getting their pre-orders up.

        1. Oh, i thought EB Games was just an Australian store.
          Still, 7 games, thats as much as the console itself for me .___.

  3. Mark your calendar right now and prepare to rush on down to Walmart and pre-order the Wii U console IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!

  4. That’s awesome. Because from announcement to now, the Wal-Mart ppl near me, were completely oblivious to the Wii u. (target also) Which pissed me off. I’d ask about it, they’d be like “whaaat? Never heard of it. So it’s like a Wii but better?” And then I’d walk out.
    Come on Nintendo, crank this bitch up.

    1. “whaaat? Never heard of it. So it’s like a Wii but better”

      So we should be like ‘So the ps4 is a ps vita on crack?

      “Come on Nintendo, crank this bitch up.”

      Comment of day.

    2. You have to remember, most people are stupid, and probably still think people play the ps2.

      But yeah, you literally have to slap the public in the face with something new. Lets face it, if people want to buy the iphone 5, they’ll buy a WiiU.

  5. who ever made this post is false. Walmart doesn’t do layaway and they started pre-orders a long time ago. K-MART IS STARTING PRE-ORDERS ON OCTOBER 14th, the real article is on

    1. they already started layaway that runs until december. idiot look at the website. and also i already seen the fucking walmart ad that is going to be in your fucking mail box october 14th that states it on the front page. so get your facts straight pussy.

    1. yeah they will the only difference is you have to put down a $5 deposit which u get refunded to you on a wal-mart gift card after you fully pay for your layaway.

  6. Ive called every walmart within a 50 mile radius. All of them say its bullshit. They aren’t doing preorders. Wonder who to trust.

    1. yes they are they just arent aware of it yet. they’ll get an email like the day before and be like “oh shit we fucked up”. because when you get the ad sunday are u going to be like.. “oh it says on the front page but i dont know if its just a hoax or not?”…

              1. yes and i work there thats how i got it. they will figure the shit out. just make sure u show up on sunday to the site-to-store to preorder your nintendo wii u

                1. Kottonmouth, I got that paper ad in a little flyer thing in my USPS mailbox 2 days ago. I didn’t bother to check with Walmart because i was under the assumption all Wii U pre-orders sold out 2 days after the announcement last month. Anyway after reading this I called my Walmart & of course they have no idea what I’m talking about.
                  My question is when do I need to be at the site to store to pre-order this? Midnight (Saturday going into Sunday) or just be there at 10 am Sunday (the time my store lists site to store opens)? I understand you may not know the answer, any help is greatly appreciated though.

  7. Cheap ass gamer is correct. Just left Walmart and reserved under layaway. Even though the sales rep was unaware and had to call manager for assistance it got done and my 7 year old will have his Christmas wish come true.
    Thank you cheap ass gamer for this info!

    1. Yep! I have to wait till 9:00 for layaway to open but I got that Wal Mart ad paper and there it is. My body is ready.

  8. I was there at midnight. Took them about 45 mins to figure it out. Thank you kottenmouth for the photo I printed it off its the only way they believed me.

  9. My Walmart had the referenced paper for putting per-order wii u’s on layaway, but their system wouldn’t allow them to do it because they don’t know how many additional consoles they will get.

    1. Just looked online and a site “claims” deluxe has sold out at Walmart and basic model is all they have left. Not sure if this is true or not…

      1. I did reserve one myself this morning but a friend of mine wanted one. Im sure they will not last long. Hottest thing for the holidays this year!

  10. An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a co-worker who was doing a little research on this. And he in fact bought me breakfast because I found it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending the time to talk about this issue here on your site.

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