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Here’s The Colorful Japanese Box Art Of Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Paper Mario: Sticker Star launches November 11th in North America, December 6th in Japan, and December 7th in Europe. The Japanese box art of the game features Mario holding a book and a sticker, whereas the North American box art displays the mustachioed hero holding his hammer, which is a crucial item in previous Paper Mario titles. Which design do you prefer?

30 thoughts on “Here’s The Colorful Japanese Box Art Of Paper Mario: Sticker Star”

  1. I’m so excited about this game! It will be my first paper mario game and it seems very interesting. I’ve heard that the sticker aspect of this game will replace having partners which sorta sounds like a downer to people, but how great are the paper mario series?

        1. Have to say this game looks great, but not sure if its for me. The only paper mario game I’ve played through is super paper mario and I loved it, however I’m really not a fan of turn based combat systems at all – played Mario RPG for about 15 minutes and then totally gave up coz the combat system wasn’t for me. I’m tempted by this but worried that I might buy it and then give up before I even get started :(

          1. If you own a Wii, then I encourage you to buy Paper Mario for VC and see how you like it. If you enjoy it, then I think Sticker Star should do well for you.

      1. That comment pissed me off. Am I the only one that loved Super Paper Mario?!
        For me it’ll probably be (don’t hate) TTYD > Sticker Star > Super Paper Mario > original on N64
        Again, this is just opinion.

  2. I happen to like the north American version better.
    Something about Mario’s pose and the glittery rainbow in the background of the Japanese version makes me feel like this game is for toddlers.
    The north American version is brighter and has cooler sticker pictures surrounding it. Plus, Mario is bashing something with a hammer. Awesome!

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