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Capcom Hints At Resident Evil Game For Wii U

Resident Evil Revelations director Koshi Nakanishi believes that he could make an innovative and unique Resident Evil title for Wii U. Nakanishi admitted that he was impressed by the console and believes that it offers video game developers the ability to come up with all kinds of never-before-seen gameplay ideas. He then went on to say that if he made a Resident Evil game for Wii U then it would have to be something that couldn’t be done on existing consoles.

“The Wii U certainly looks like it will enable creators to come up with all kinds of never-before-seen gameplay ideas,” said Nakanishi. “There are lots of things I’d like to try out on it.”

“If I was to work on a game for the Wii U, I would definitely want to make something that couldn’t be done on any other hardware.

“The GamePad’s separate screen enables so many possibilities, and playing on a television screen would enable sharing the experience in a way that wasn’t possible on Nintendo 3DS. I feel it would let us create a very unique and fun Resident Evil game.”

33 thoughts on “Capcom Hints At Resident Evil Game For Wii U”

  1. Resident Evil is one of my favorite series, RE6 is mind blowing fun. I wish they would do what he says but also make true remakes of RE0-RE6 including RE Revelations, all specifically for Wii U.

  2. I hope capcom allowd him to do something,they should let him do a timed exclusive like resident 4 then wen the game is finish port them to the others and you will have a happy developer and fans from all sides

  3. As long as its not like 6 and more like 4 or Revelations, fine by me.

    Seriously, I played Leon’s and Chris’s demo missions, and they were just awful. I couldn’t see anything in Leons because it was so dark, and I had to rely on the partner to fire her gun when an enemy was getting close, and I had my screen brightness at the level that the game recommends. And at the end of that mission, there was a quicktime event sequence that lasted 3 MINUTES. It was unbearable.

    And Chris’s I found was a sub-standard third person shooter. nothing special, and it seemed to drag on FOREVER.

    I didn’t even bother with the other character, which I hear is a mix of the other two’s gameplay. Seriously Capcom, just take 4, make some more levels, make a new story, and update the graphics. Is it really that hard? You did it for the majority of Revelations.

    1. Only decent thing is you unlock a fourth campaign and play as Ada Wong but cap on seriously let the ball slip survival borrow crossed with action/fps doesn’t work I know people who love it but they are call of duty fanatics – biggest problem is the horrendous camera angles at end of Chris’ campaign you fight a huge BOW and need to run from it there is a part you need to slid under a gap in front of you but camera is focused on bow behind you if you time it wrong you crawl under it allowing the bow to catch up and kill you must’ve died a couple dozen times :-/

    2. that’s why u should adjust the brightens if u can’t see seriously u people complain about lil shit and haft of u never even played re game if i listen to all game reviews id be fucked or not playing games by the way re6 was the best u go back and try to play re1 for ps one u wouldn’t last a min of boredom

      1. At the start of the demo, and almost every single other demo I have played, they start with a brightness set-up screen with several different shaded boxes and tests if you have your screen brightness to its best possible settings. i could see and distinguish each of the boxes and patterns they were telling me to when I first launched the game, just like almost every other demo I have ever played. If I am following their guidelines, then I should see everything on my screen that I should see clearly during gameplay. I did not.

        Plus, Resident Evil 4 is one of my favourite games of all time, and throughout the game I could see everything I should have seen perfectly. I played both games on the same TV with the same settings. Therefore I blame the game.

        By the way, learn how to spell, or I suggest investing in an autocorrect function for your computer. It makes you look like less of an idiot, and saves the reader time looking through the unspelled shit you call a comment.

        Have a good day sir, and I hope you continue enjoy Call of Evil 6, even though I simply can’t.

          1. That’s the best response you can come up with? You obviously have nothing else to say on the matter, therefore I win this pointless Internet argument.

  4. Bring Resident Evil 6 to the Wii-U!!! I skipped buying the PS3 version and just rented it because I believe it will arrive to the Wii-U in the future.

  5. Remake resident evil 6 for the Wii U with horror elements and give us res4 line control and Ada Wong as a start of character, lose Chris boring redfield and the son of wesker too. Then make revelations 2 for the Wii U.

  6. Here’s an idea, Capcom. How about trying to take inspiration from something that’s not the failtastic live action films?

  7. So the man says that he would rather develop a unique Resident Evil game for Wii U – one that couldn’t be done on existing & STILL you guys clamour for a Resident Evil 6 port?! WHAT THE FUCK’S WRONG WITH YOU ALL?!

    Make something innovative Nakanishi. (fingers-crossed) I’ll take a unique, exclusive Resident Evil game for Wii U built from the ground up over a Resident Evil 6 port anyday…. Some people man. Nutters!

  8. “if he made a Resident Evil game for Wii U then it would have to be something that couldn’t be done on existing consoles.”

    You mean that he is maybe working on a Survival Horror Resident Evil for the Wii U?

  9. If Nakanishi-san were to develop an all new Resident Evil title… or a sequel to Revelations… for the Wii U, it would be an incredible surprise to all RE fans and players who enjoy the franchise. And if they bring in the bootylicious Jill Valentine in a Resident Evil U title, I’m gonna buy it either physically or digitally downloaded!

  10. Next thing you know he includes the Genesis Scanner again if he makes a new game. Lol. I hated using that thing! But I still loved the game.

  11. If they do the “too much scanning” thing of revelations, or any of the mistakes of 5 or 6, I’m out.
    If they make it like 4, without a kid to protect and without tons of “Krauser fight” moments, then it’ll do spectacularly. Especially if the inventory space from that game is emulated.

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  13. I wish they would have a complete series remake re0-6 for wii u. Not that that miracle would ever happen. Id settle for a throwback game that was the re 6 cam view with lots of customizable weapons within the campaign full of inventive puzzles that they got rid of after. I remeber how annoying it was finding the damn spark plugs in RE2. but now …… all you gotta do is find items to every puzzle is in the same room, stupid lazy game developers, how bout some inventive thinking and original thought that makes me try to beat a game so i feel accomplished in saving the world. No all you gotta do is pray n spray through re 5 n 6 with no talent at all.

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