Nintendo Promises ‘Regular’ Wii U Stock Deliveries For Christmas

Nintendo has told MCV that although Wii U stock will be tight upon release, the company promises that it will have regular Wii U stock deliveries to retailers in the run-up to Christmas. MCV says that Nintendo is telling independent retailers to secure stock from Tesco and GAME, given the expected shortages. Wii U will be available to purchase in Europe on November 30th.

“Wii U stock levels will be tight on day one. However, we will be providing retailers with regular stock deliveries in the run-up to Christmas in order to meet demand as quickly as possible.”



  1. I cannot wait to hook my WiiU to my TV and begin a new level of gaming!
    I’m having a Zombie Launch, with some Nintendo Land on the side!

    Also, today I am picking up “Liberation Maiden” and “Night Sky” from the eShop.



    1. I got ZombiU, COD:BO2, Assassins Creed 3 and that other game….?…?…Mario U to go with the Deluxe Wii U. But don’t forget to pick up Lego Lord of the Rings for the Wii also. It’s gonna be EPIC!


    2. ZombiU for me too.
      Dont know what else i’ll buy, probably Assassins Creed 3 and NintendoLand, depends on my funds at the time


  2. I played with it yesterday at gamestop. That gamepad is light as hell!! It feels good in the hands and idk if it was just me, but the abxy buttons seemd oversized lol.


  3. I have a white Wii from day 1 and 3 white wiimotes/nunchuks when friends comes to play here (the wiimote/nunchuck I allways use are gold). But now with the damn delux I preordered I dont have the choice to remplace all my withe shit by black shit because it wont fit. I like that :) Cant wait to see the face of the EBGames cashier, pre-ordered delux with 7 games and 3 black wiimote/nunchuk Wii U edition.


  4. Just some quick thoughts: I think ZombieU is going to be one of the most essential launch titles for the console. I remember people talking 24/7 about Bioshock when it was first released at the PS3. Nowadays the game has its own imperfections, but it’s still considered one of the PS3 greatest hits.
    Considering the story of both games and, obviously, the gameplay, I could state that ZombieU is going to be “the Bioshock of Wii U”. I recently saw a video of IGN talking about the game and they seemed really excited with the final product. Let’s hope it helps sell the console up to Christmas period.


  5. I work at target PT ( part time) and we don’t have a pre order promotion and you can’t pre order the system online. But you can preorder the games online. I know weird. But if you into the store you can get a preorder card for the games. Pay a dollar and get a 5 dollar gift card. I preordered zombi u, mass effect, Madden, and batman.
    I got rid of my wii and ps3 so i never played any of those games before.


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