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You Can Visit A Nintendo Themed Town In Animal Crossing 3D

Animal Crossing for the Nintendo 3DS allows players to visit other glorious towns in their dreams. One of these towns is a Nintendo themed one which features plenty of iconic Nintendo related characters. There are also cutouts that let you pretend to be Satoru Iwata and other Nintendo executives. Animal Crossing is due for release on the Nintendo 3DS in the West next year.

26 thoughts on “You Can Visit A Nintendo Themed Town In Animal Crossing 3D”

    1. I don’t understand. Do you mean “I’m still upset about getting this year. I really want this now.”*?

      1. Welcome to the site where* trolls praise the PS3 and Xbox 360. Anyways, I’m going to skip “Nintendoland” for this crap.*

    1. I definitely want to try it out, it will be my first game of the series.*
      (By the way I am also thinking about buying this game. I’ve never played “Animal Crossing” before.)

  1. Lucky japan, they will get the game before christmas, they will get gifts on animal crossing on christmas, we will need to wait a whole year :(
    No i wont change the time of my 3ds

    1. …they will get the game before Christmas.* They will get “Animal Crossing as a gift for Christmas while we have to wait for a whole year.* No I won’t change the time on my 3DS.*

  2. i play nintendos tree ds in gamespot for like 1 hoours when it furst hit the
    store. i did not let any buddy get on it. no one hadda chance to plays.

    stunk ups the whoole store with burrito farts and made peeple leeve. noo loosers will ever get to sit in my king chair. i am thee nintendo tree ds master. bow down uuu slaves.

    the ds was all minesss wahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hahahaha hehehehe kekekeke

    oooh the memorys. now it wiii uuu time!!!!!

    lock and load.

    1. I’m sorry, but I have to put this into English. “I played Nintendo’s 3DS for hours/ for an hour when it first came out. I did not let anybody play it. I had farts that made the store smell, forcing people to leave. No losers will ever get to sit in my king chair. I am the Nintendo 3DS master, bow down you slaves. The DS (3DS) was all mine! (laughter) Oh, the memories. Now it’s Wii U time, lock and load.” I hate being a Grammar Nazi… Also please try to write sentences that are more mature and are easier to understand.

  3. You are the worsat grammar nazi i ever seen.

    The idea was that you get items in the game on Christmas, not that they will receive the game as a gift.

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