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Rayman Legends – Toad Story Official Gameplay Video

Ubisoft UK has uploaded some new footage of the sublime Rayman Legends which is exclusive to Wii U. The footage shows Rayman and his friends capering about and avoiding the lethal obstacles that stand in their way. Rayman Legends was originally meant to launch alongside Wii U on November 18th but has since slipped into early 2013.

36 thoughts on “Rayman Legends – Toad Story Official Gameplay Video”

    1. Were you thinking what I was thinking…. toad from super Mario… it almost blew my mind then I realised it was not so

    1. HRH wiiboy101 super tastic bloke

      WALK PAST TO DAY ON THE WAY TO A JOB INTERVIEW didnt see any did have my eyes open in case i went past are main game shop and another in the shopping centre in leicester by the way

    1. Well… You have at least 3 or 4 months to save some money until its release… But it is a pity such a delay regarding the launch… >.<

        1. Absolutely. But among all the Wii U line-up games, Rayman Legends is the one I want to play the most… It will be hard to wait ’til 2013 to put my hands on it.

  1. I’ve never been a Raymond fan, but the 3DS demo is pretty fun, and with the 3DS version looking pretty, and the WiiU version looking Beautiful, I am very tempted…

  2. This game is going to be EPIC! The gameplay looks stunning and the graphics… oh man the way the game looks is fantastic. This is a must have Wii U title for sure!!!

  3. I played this at GameStop today.. And omg the game looks so F***ing beautiful… I wasnt interested in this game but now I wanna buy it.. I really was impressed

    1. I concur.

      They managed to make Legends look noticeably better than Origins. I have high hopes that next-gen 2D platformers take notes and deliver this kind of experience.

      Too bad it got delayed though.

  4. I had the first one on the wii and the graphics were nice. Played this one at best buy and was blown away by the graphics. One player is crazy at some point you control murphy to get your player to different areas. I’m glad theres a gap in the time of the release. Also i’m going to be able to play this with my girl so i’m def ready.

  5. The good thing about Rayman Legends is that it’s a Wii U exclusive. I have seen tons of people complaining that certain games are only Wii U exclusives, and that they would definetly play it if those games were launched for PS3 or 360… Well DUH, Isn’t this the whole purpose of making an exclusive game? So that people would have a reason to buy it? It’s all a market play, and it seems like Nintendo is doing it pretty well. Bayonetta 2 is proof of that. I really wish people would start understanding that instead of spilling death threats to game developers.
    Anyways, back to Legends, I think they did a big move postponing it for 2013. We already have a good 2D platfform game launching this year: New Super Mario Bros U. They would be competing against a Nintendo first party. And although it might be good, Rayman Legends is still just a mere paltformer about one single dude and three other irrelevant characters (at least on Mario U you can play as Luigi).

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