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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Is A 16GB Download

Namco Bandai has announced that Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be available at both retail and as a digital download on the Wii U eShop. However, the game will take up a whopping 16GB of space, which is clearly an issue if you purchase the Wii U Basic 8GB package. Thankfully, Nintendo has already confirmed that you can use a variety of external hard drives with Wii U, so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Still, that’s one big download.

74 thoughts on “Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Is A 16GB Download”

    1. who would want to download 16gb of info when you could just buy the physical copy of the game.even tho memory is not a issue seeing that you could put a 3t external hdd on the wii-u

      1. To me, a digital copy is insurance for the future. If something happens to your physical copy, its gone for good and you have to repurchase it. However, if you go digital, you can always redownload it whenever you want. It may even be available for you on future consoles via another download or transfer from your old system.
        I’m still going physical, but I can see the appeal of digital.

      2. if its a game that you play a lot, it’s nice to have it installed rather than having a disc. this is one of the reason why i like pc gaming in the first place, is that every songle game is available for download. plus, when you have a game downloaded, it loads a lot faster than if it was reading off of the disc. but yeah 16 gb is pretty big. i mean skyrim on pc was 7 gb. but max payne 3 was 32gb….so yeah lol

    1. I think it’s safe to say we won’t be using te onboard memory for games. :)

      Like the Vita, and IF we want to store pur games digitally, (Like, when we get a discount for doing so, and not just the Deluxe-discount,) we need to buy disk space.
      UNLIKE the Vita, we can buy any harddrive we want for the most part. There’s a 500 gig for $70. That’s about $2.30 in storage costs in this case. Deluxe customers save 10% on the download, so that’s $5-$6, about twice what will be necessary to store them digitally, but not significant enough to make me want to rush out to buy a hard drive as opposed to buying the disc.

      Smokers, however, mayaswell get it out of the way, buy a harddrive as their optical disk will be tarred up in a year anyway. ;)

      1. thats bullshit im a smoker and never had issues with drives or disk and if you buying 500gb hdd for $70 that just proves that your the dumbest fuck on the planet

  1. Jesus! I thought most game downloads were no more than about 7GB? I’m getting Deluxe, not that it matters because I have no intention of getting this game, and it will probably be overpriced anyway.

  2. Wow! Who would download a game that big and how long would it take? Physical copies all the way. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Depending on your internet speed, quite a long time haha
      Honestly the largest Nount ive downloaded on my ps3 was around 12gb i think for Infamous 2.

      1. I’ve have to download Rage on my PC, and that’s about 21GB. It’s best to download these things when you’re out somewhere like work or school.

    1. SD cards only go up to 32GB. At that point, you’re taking up half of your storage space. If you plan to download games at all besides eShop indie games, I’d suggest buying an external hard drive.

      1. I may have seen a 64, but to your point, SD, even HDSD’s are not large enough, nor cost effective to act as full-production storage solutions.

  3. Ha. Lol I’ve seen better. 27GB for DC Universe Online. At one point you ask yourself why the heck you are downloading it.

    1. Gawd I was at college when I first got my ps3 and downloaded that. AND I didnt have a tv so I had to go to our tv lounge to download it, AND our internet is shitty, AND it was already like 10 p.m. AND I had class early in the mornin. ZThe worst mistake I ever made. I ended up fallin asleep in the lounge waitin on that bad boy to finish downloadin

      1. Yeah, christmas mornings are gonna suck in an all digital future.

        “Merry Christmas! Here’s a card so you can download a game. It’s 50GB, so you probably won’t be able to play it until midnight.”

    1. Digital copy is better, why anyone would use the internal storage if we can put large games in common HD? Internal memory for me is just for small games (virtual console), save and others craps, I don’t want to put full games in a 32 GB storage….

  4. Ok…what the fuck is on the disk, or at least for the wiiU version?
    The 360 will be less than 8gb, so how the hell have they doubled the memory?

    1. The reason why its so much more because it includes all the DLC packs. So if you add all those up it makes sense why its so much more than downloading it on 360

    2. It could have to do with the possibility that they added a lot of stuff. Maybe increased resolution, more tracks, included DLC, nintendo costumes, enhancements for the controller. Maybe new fighting arenas too.

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  6. SimplyG told our good friend, the apathetic Link, that the notion of EA being the worst company was a Fanboy Sentiment.

    When IN FACT, they were rated by the distinguished Forbes as the worst company of the year.

    It’s not fanboys making stuff up, it’s a fact.

    1. i mean, i don’t work in the gaming industry, so duder could be completely right

      also 16 is pretty big for a fighting game
      like, double what i’d expect
      if it really is just due to the dlc, that’s ridiculous
      what a world we live in where DLC takes up half the size of a game released a few months ago

      1. Duder was not correct, but nice of you to give him the benifit of the doubt.

        I’m not a big fan of his, not do I dislike him. I just wanted to point out in that instance, you were correct. :D

  7. I can get the physical copy for under £30 and I am fussing the game will cost around £40 to download….. Wonder which one I will buy…

  8. For the time being, I’m buying the physical copy of the disc and save the 32GB storage for indy titles. In the future (not too far, far away), I’ll be purchasing an external hard drive (1 to 3 terabytes at the very best).

  9. The One Who Wrote This

    16 gigs is a LOT!! I might do the physical copy on this one, but the 10% off deal is also tempting as well….

    Nevertheless, I’ll be getting this game! Looks fun! :)

  10. Well Nintendo gamers welcome to the HD gaming world. Where you have to buy a external HDD for your games because the the one in your consel is crap. But its actually worth it.I was the same way “no I want the physical copy”. Once I started to see less cluter I kinda jumped boat. I have games installs and patch’s that are 10 gig (GT5). HD games are not small, there really big in memory. Plus the DLC and patch’s. Those gettin a external HDD are doing the right thing. I wont be getting a Wii-U this year but next year.

  11. The Wii U has a really pathetic hard drive. I don’t mean to hate, but that memory size is terrible. I’m glad that we can use a wide variety of external harddrives, but there should at least be a decent amount of memory IN the system. Especially if nintendo wants to push digital distribution like they have been doing lately. I’m sure Nintendo will have a higher memory wii U in the future though.

    1. Joey, dear… the Wii U DOES NOT HAVE A HARD DRIVE. Evidently, the Wii U has an SD memory card. If you want more storage, you have complete freedom of purchasing a 64 – 128GB SD card. Nintendo have already stated that “…you can use a variety of external hard drives with Wii U…”. In other words, you need to buy an external hard drive if you want more digital downloaded games, etc.

  12. Why is it so big? I mean, something like Dead Space 2 on PC is like 7 GBs. I was going to get Zombie U digitally if available, but now I’m not sure anymore.

  13. Just did some quick calculations… (I’m probably wrong lol)
    This would take about 1 hour and 15 mins to download at my current internet speed…. Yeaaaahh, I probably stuffed up the calculations lol :)

  14. External drives are all good and sweet but I think the pressing questions is this: will we be able to play games straight from the external drive?

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