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Need For Speed: Most Wanted Confirmed For Wii U

EA has confirmed that Criterion Games‘ upcoming sandbox racing game, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, is coming to Nintendo’s forthcoming console. The game arrives to other platforms, including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, on October 30th, but Wii U’s version launches sometime during 2013.

“Starting Oct. 30, Most Wanted will be available on X360, PS3, PS Vita, Android and iOS. Then in 2013, Nintendo fans will be able to experience what it means to be Most Wanted amongst their friends on the Wii U.”

118 thoughts on “Need For Speed: Most Wanted Confirmed For Wii U”

        1. It’s annoying it’s late , there is no excuse. EA really have it out for Nintendo atm. They just don’t like em for whatever reason.

          This game will be old new by the time it’s on wiiu , unless it’s some definitive version , which knowing EA it will have a tiny bit better graphics and a couple of missing features with som exckusive features…

          Good for people who want NFS on wiiu spose.

          1. uh there is a pretty good excuse. they’ve been working on the other version for a while, and just started working on the wii u version. now which one would you prefer. a sloppy, quickly done port, or a polished port with a bunch of extra features added to it?

              1. well it’s still technically a port. which isnt really a bad thing. but with something like tekken tag tournament 2 (god thats a mouthfull) and the actuall size of the files and the differences, i dont think that one is quite a port, but more of a new version of the game. while games like darksiders 2, mass effect 3, and assassins creed 3 are just ports.

              1. i have no clue lol. hopefully, it was to get the main versions as good as possible, so they could use that as a starting point for the wii u version. capcom is doing the same thing with the pc version of resident evil 6.

    1. I guarantee if Wii U is a success and third party sells well on it, the PS4 and 720 will be getting ports. There’s no way the other companies can wait 2 years to release their next consoles. I agree with what ReviewTechUSA said.

      1. My problem mainly with this is the absurd length between releases, if darksiders 2 can be put on the wii u quickly and painlessly, there’s no excuse for this game not being released by the end of november at the latest

        1. It’s E-fucking-A! Baffling to me to miss the launch being basically unopposed in the genre(sonic isn’t a realist racer), but the launch window is full of quality game. And fuck the WiiU’s lack of analogue triggers, how the FUCK is that going to work?!! ._.)

            1. What? It has NOTHING to do with Nintendo HAHAHA XD! EA just screwed themselves. The game is suposedly already done, I wonder how they make decisions like these.. they have their reasons and I’m guessing so It’s not overshadowed by Mario at launch. Hope it sells well tho :)

      2. Well if they do halo 4, new gears, and god of war, are all coming out by next year so be ready for a zcrackdown/viva pinata/kinect sports 3/360 ports or a ratchet and clank 12/UC4 launch line up…..

              1. EA is by far the worst, they really pull a lot of BS move on Nintendo fans. proof? look at mass affect 3 trilogy.

            1. The idea that EA is a horrible company mainly stems from fanboy rage due to Mass Effect 3’s ending more than anything else.

              If you know what goes on behind the scenes, the games industry is pretty crap overall. I have learned that the hard way over the past 3, almost 4 years I have been working in it. But EA definitely isn’t as bad as the internet would have you believe. It’s far from perfect – but there are far worse. Massive companies out there making AAA games.

              1. im not a fan of mass affect and never will be, but you need to know what EA has done to Nintendo for the past 6 years. they don’t keep there promise at all to Nintendo fans and they really don’t make a lot of AAA games. if you count battlefield as a triple AAA let me tell you that game is a fucking joke. most madden games are just plain rehash every year same with fifa.

              2. ME3 (as a whole) is only one of the many things EA has messed up. it’s not even that relevant in comparison to other stuff.

                i literally cannot think of another gaming company rap sheet NEARLY as long as EA’s.

                i’m not talking about behind the scenes illegal activities and stuff like that. i mean that they’re hurt the industry far more than anyone else.

                1. Nobody is talking about illegal things. You’re talking about fans getting feelings hurt. I’m talking about business practices.

                  Hurt feelings do not necessarily equal bad business. It equals human nature. It happens. People say EA is the worst company in the games industry. It’s not.

                  You say EA has hurt the industry far more than anyone else? How so? I know that they have helped move it forward in many ways. How have they “hurt” it any more than companies like Microsoft, Sony, or Activision?

                    1. Go for it. It still wont change my mind nor prove anything to me or anyone else who works in the industry; IE Those who know and understand the workings of the businesses a little more than the people who get upset because we didn’t get a game or service we wanted on our system(s) of choice, a game didn’t end how we wanted, or some other illegitimate reason for calling EA the worst company.

                    2. i’d like to think you’d at least keep your mind open to the possibility of having your opinion changed
                      or try not assume that i’m some butthurt fanboy because i’ve taken a non-neutral stance
                      but ok, that doesn’t matter

                      got an email or something i can send it to? comments are not practical.

                    3. Yeah, I wont post my email on here but you you can contact me, if you really think it’s wortb your time, through my name on here.

                      Also, it’s not about having an open mind, I know what goes on in the industry. So what you say to me, I’ll probably already know. You are still free to tell me, I’ll listen to what you have to say, but it probably wont change anything.

                      If you work in the industry, you’ll see how different things really are.

                    4. sneaky way of getting me to sign up for your forum, but ok :3
                      (that was a joke btw)

                      i have work tomorrow and the next day, so i’ll have it on your desk by monday yo

              3. No.

                They were rated the worst company of the year by Forbes. A non-fanboy run business company.

                Fanboys happen to be right about somethings. This isn’t the only one.

                1. No, Forbes did not rate it the worst company. The whole idea came from a consumer based website –, who have since retracted the article. (

                  They made a user-based contest. Anyone could vote on who they thought was the worst company. If fact, forbes said the following when reporting on the contest, “I don’t think EA is the worst company in America. As I’ve said before, this contest is just badly-named. It ought to be “most hated company in America” or at least, most hated company online in America since this is more a gauge of internet opinion than anything else.”



              4. Thank god you’re here to school us about the goings on behind the scenes of game development and piblishing with non-specific statements backed by no amounts of evidence whatsoever. Thank you sir.

  1. Need for Speed: Most Wanted for the Wii U in 2013?! Just like NFS: Underground 2 with Brooke Burke (PS2 version), it’s gonna be off the hook. All I need is the Wii U, Nintendo Network and Origin IDs and it’s on like Diddy Kong!

    1. It’s going to be old. I’m sick of seeing devs waste time bringing games that will be released months earlier to the system. If it continues, the Wii U is just going to play catch up all the time, which is terrible to see.

          1. it should be even like the 6th gen how every multi game on the console are the same, my favorite example is soul caliber 2 and favorite fighting game.

      1. Who the hell cares if it’s old or not?! If Criterion wants to develop the game for the Wii U and add exclusive features into that title, they’ll do it. This is what us Nintendo gamers want in a Need for Speed franchise title.

        1. I’d rather get new ones though that aren’t several months old and that have been played by everybody else :/ I’m not hating or anything if that’s what you’re getting at

      2. what do you mean by “play catch up all the time”? 6 years life span or 1 year before the other consoles?

        1. Play catch up, as in how they seem to get ports of old games. It’s a new console! Devs should be putting there new games on there relatively the same time as the other consoles is what I mean.

          1. You mean games that aren’t announced/dont exist yet? It’s a new gen of course ports will be abundant, and no shit It’s playing catch up to libraries of games that have been expanding for 7YEARS on the other consoles! New games will come, let the fucking system launch before you go make claims.

            1. I find it funny how you defend the Wii U lacking new titles but are all over attacking the VITA …. And I’m damn confident you’ll be defending Wii U with a lousy line up as well.

              Fan boys and there hypocrisy

              1. Who gives a fuck about the vita? Backtracking like a motherfucker. That has NOTHING to do with what I said. So have a nice day :).

                1. How doesnt it? You’re defending a new system with lack of decent games, but attack the VITA for having a lack of decent games seeing as its a new system too. You. Should. Stop. Sucking. Nintendos. Dick.

                1. Well seeing as it’s not a handheld, it would be kinda sad if it didnt have more games. Plus the launch line up is basically full of ports too for the Wii U.

          2. Well, see, ehm…… Xbox is the problem, yes, that Xbox 360 is a X in the BOX or PC in the BOX or better, Direct X PC in the BOX, its easier to make most games first for Xbox 360 and than port it to PS3 and PC, and now Wii U…… well, PS3 also was a new console but again, most games are anyway first made for Xbox 360.

            Its actually very simply, Xbox 360 is the best platform for making games or in other words its much easier to port it to PC (both Xbox and PC are using MS Direct X).

            1. Trust me to that….. Xbox 720/8 will be the best in multiplatform games or in other words games will be made first for that system and than ported to PS3, PC and maybe Wii U…..

              1. Well, the thing about that is, it’s also the weakest of the HD systems, and the easiest of the HD systems to develop for. PS3 had the cell processor, which was a whole new kind of mess. From what we’ve heard so far, the Wii U is fairly easy to develop for, and since it’s coming out first for next gen, like the 360 this gen, it’ll probably be the weakest of the next gen consoles, and if multiplats sell on it, then they’ll probably be developed first on the Wii U and then ported over to the others, that way they don’t have to try to downscale at all. This will mean that the others could get upscaled to of course. But the games will be made to the lowest common denominator. Wii wasn’t getting the games this gen cause of the lack of a regular controller, but since the gamepad is a regular controller, just with a little extra stuff in addition to that, it should be fine for multiplats. I’m not saying the games will run best on it, because the other systems may make the games look better (like some of the games ported to Gamecube from PS2), but they’ll probably develop the games on the Wii U hardware, as the baseline form of the games.

  2. Would be cool if your friend was the driver on the tv and you were the cops on the tablet. you could be helicopter and have top view and tell cop cars where your friend is. Then switch to the cop car and go after him. Or co op and have top view and tell your friend where the cops are coming from or if they laid out the spikes or have road block.

  3. I actually posted about this in the article about the Gamestop waiting list. Anyway… well I just hope they don’t half-ass the game like saying this version doesn’t have some of the features that the other versions had due to time constraints. That would suck if they did that. Glad I waited on the game but now I have to buy 2 versions of the game.

  4. If the game like Burnout Paradise, yes yes yes.
    If it’s like Hot Pursuit, no no no.

    You see…i want a game, thats exciting to play. Not “chase that guy down, and use shitty police weapons (basically like Mario Kart, except it does fuck all, and have the cars handle like shit, but its not like it matters anyway, because the game is just track/line racing that lasts for 2 minutes each race.
    Gee, excitment all around.
    Meanwhile, on Burnout, im doing fucking barrel rolls in a DeLoreon.

    1. No analog = no deal. I hope there’s a substitute for it tho.. WIIU gamepad godsend for rpg’s; abysmal for racers. Seriously, THERE. BETTER. BE. A WORKAROUND.

      1. I personally hope you can play using motion. Obviously the gamepad is much more accurate than the Wii remote was, having a gyroscope and accelerometer, so id like it to have to have that, i always enjoyed in Mario Kart Wii, but you’d be able to turn pretty precise with the gamepad, much more than an analog.

      2. Oh wait, you were talking about the triggers. The triggers are digital, yes.
        I honestly never noticed analog triggers making andifference in driving games. When i need to slow down, i just let go, then push back down, or use the brake. Not like im gona start lightly hold the trigger, im just gona go like a mother fucker.

        1. It’s just not acceptable to me.. even the goddamn gamecube had analog triggers :O. I’ll wait to see how they handled, before I condemn it. I could buy it for 360 if it comes down to it. If its offsceen playable, I’ll buy it regardless. No BS, I’ll buy it.

          1. Well the gamecube was more hybrid, like 2 buttons, but not alot of games used that function.
            I personally hate the 360 controller’s triggers (i dont like the whole thing however), the triggers have to much pull back, which is fine for a racer, but for a shooter, nah.

      3. THERE . IS . A . WORKAROUND. ! . it’s called a second analog stick. have you never played GT ???? it can be used perfectly as the accelorator and brakes similtaneously.

        THINK. A . BOU . T. IT

  5. Man, the last time I even noticed using the function of analogue triggers was back when I was playing Super Mario Sunshine and Luigi’s Mansion lol. Honestly, when i’m playing games on my PS3, I rather have digital triggers rather than the crappy analogues they have on it now. None of the games I own even Use the damn function, the design of the L2/R2 buttons was a poor choice as well. So this issue doesn’t really effect me much.(I’m not a big racer in case U couldn’t tell).

  6. After what happen with Mass Effect, I’m very wary of EA. Not saying I won’t ever buy any of their products again, but they are way down on my list now. I’m holding out on buying ME3 for Wii U until they confirm if the trilogy is coming to Wii U or not.

    This good news for racing fans on Wii U. I wonder why it’s coming so late. They could’ve made launch. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. As I posted above, they were rated worst company of the year by Forbes. (Forbes, not “Fanboys.”)

      I get pretty tited of hearing the word “Fanboy.” I’m going to develop an insult for users who insist on using Fanboy as an insult

  7. This is great news! The more third-party the better. Now I just wish more games would be confirmed. Wii U NEEDS this support. I would love to have a reason not to buy any more of Sony’s consoles. Just wanna stick with Nintendo.

  8. Man all people ever do is bitch and complain. Talk about 3rd arties not suppporting nintendo well that is part nintendo and part the consumers fault. Nintendo won’t admit it but a major snafu was not upgrading to a HD system.
    1 sony jumped to cd before Nintendo and then they had to play catch up.
    2. get the gamecube but it doesn’t play digital streaming media and no dvd..
    3. release the wii after the xbox and didn’t adopt HD the excuse they gave us was that there aren’t enough HD tv’s in the household. But I have 3 Hd tv’s and yeah didn’t buy them when they first hit, but I got them over time. The problem with there whole theory was they didn’t future proof there system and it came back to haunt them.
    4. Biggest mistake they made is admitting to going after the opra crowd with the Wii.
    5. Huge mistake was not developing new IP’s.
    6. Bigger mistake was not going deep into the crate and turning old IP’s into something new. Look at Kid Icarus that game still trandscends time.
    7. Not embracing online and the indie community the Wii should have been perfect to get these people on there side.
    8. Turning there back on people like myself that have supported there systems on day one.
    Yeah I’m hardcore Nintendo how many people can say they remember blowing on carts as a way to get them to work, stuffing paper on another cart on the one in the system to hold it down so it would play, or putting in the code up up down down ab ab select start to get 30 men or have a friend die and steal your men. Who can say they recall the first adventure of belmont where dependent on what weapon you got holy water or knife or the ax meant beating or losing to Dracula.
    9. Not staying in touch with developers to adhere to there needs the economy is rough so you got to make money from a business standpoint.
    10. Not giving back.

    My rant is to clearly help people realize that yeah companies like EA don’t give us hardcore what we want but it’s not all there fault. do the Math if i sell 10 mill on two other systems and only sell 1 on the other why would I develope for the other.
    You can say they give us wash down ports but lets be honest technology determins th end result.

    If we as consumers want to get high quality software then we need to show our support for these company’s remember this is why platinum games is not making bayonetta pt 2 for X Box or PS3.

    So my final thought to everyone who bought a Wii U is put up or shut up. Lets show our support with our wallets so that we get the the better games down the road and not ports.

  9. There’s something I don’t get.
    I bought a game with the exact same title on GameCube like 6 years ago.
    Obviously it’s not the same game, is it a remake ?
    Why didn’t they change the title ?

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