Nintendo Japan has revealed another Pokemon themed Nintendo 3DS console to accompany the cute yellow Pikachu Nintendo 3DS XL. The only way to get your hands on this beauty is to participate in a special lottery that will be held from November 3rd till November 26th. Those that have been fortunate enough to be selected will get to buy the special Charizard 3DS XL for 18,900 yen between December 15th and January 14th.



  1. Want, want, WANT!! Oh Nintendo please bring this here to north america, and for sale too not some scaming contest. Im so anti 3DS XL since I love my Zelda anniversary 3DS but id buy this instantly!


      • Not really, yes its the same hardware, the difference is that people who don’t know will assume that this LL is infact the XL and hold off on getting a 3DS XL because they will want to get this LL

        When infact it hasn’t been announced for westwrn terertirries.


        • I tried to find sense in your post and couldn’t.
          The 3DS LL and the 3DS XL are exactly the same product, they simply have different names. Just like how Animal Crossing for 3DS is subtitled New Leaf for America and Jump Out for Japan. Same product, different name.


          • Say you’re an american wanting to get a 3DS, (you’re on a trip in japan) and you’re find this amazing Charizard edition 3DS, you get it and when you get home you get yourself a brand new game, but you come to find out that it wont play because you have a region locked 3DS LL.

            Do you see what I mean now. I understand its the same hardware, but its not the same.

            See, people are stupid, if they confuse the wiiU with the wii, I’m sure as hell they’ll confuse these Two because not a lot of people know about region locking.


  2. Another 3dsxl that we probably wont get….. Damn nintendo stop being so stingy with the colors for the NA…

    Still waiting for a good color to come out before buying a 3dsxl because I dont like the 2 current colors…. Still wanting that all white 3dsxl!!

    Please give us more colors!


  3. It’s crazy how I crossed Charizard bridge for the first time in white 2 right before I found out about this 3ds. ( the game is so freaking good)


  4. Damn that’s a great looking 3DS XL right there, I’d trade in my launch 3DS for an XL, considering they let me transfer all my Ambassador games and stuff. That and my Circle Pad broke.


    • Ambasidor games and status DO transfer!
      <– Tried and tested. ;-)
      I painted my 3DS XL. It worked pretty good, but it's hard to get the edges… My paint wore off around the edges… I need to hit it with another coat.


  5. This is the only 3DS XL I would buy. I hate the differing color schemes of all of them and I don’t like the color white on the system. This is black and attractive. I would actually want it from Japan too that way I could play unlocalized games and view japanese nintendo video and such.


  6. Nintendo Admits Poor 3DS Sales Outside Of Japan, Slashes Forecast By 70%

    Nintendo has conceded that the Nintendo 3DS has failed to sell as many units as it had hoped outside of Japan and has subsequently slashed its profit forecasts by 70 per cent. Nintendo also announced an operating loss of ¥27,996, though this is an improvement on the ¥70,272m loss reported the year before.

    THIS IS WHY! Give us all this awesome stuff Japan gets and 3DS will take over the world!!!


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