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250,000 Gamers On GameStop Wii U Waiting List

Nintendo has announced that there’s currently 250,000 eager gamers on GameStop’s waiting list for Wii U. GameStop hasn’t revealed just how many Wii U units it will receive on November 18th. Nintendo UK confirmed yesterday that launch stock will be tight, but they will be providing a steady stream on consoles in the run up to Christmas.

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123 thoughts on “250,000 Gamers On GameStop Wii U Waiting List”

      1. You won’t. You’re on a waiting list. You’ll get it in the second shipment. I preordered mine the first day and paid it off. Have a fun november 18th! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

        1. Says the one with an anonymous life. I didn’t say I need it day 1, I just said I HOPE I get it day 1. And yes I will have fun November 18. I have a regents exam then, and it will be quite easy, but because of how long it will be I wouldn’t have time to get the wii-u in the first place. Now go sit in the corner.

    1. yeah lol. that means they had so many preorders, that they had to put that many people on a waiting list. very good.

  1. I’m paranoid now, I ordered from Zavvi despite all the criticism they get because it was cheaper, but if launch stock will be tight, they’ll give it to GAME and ASDA and stuff, not less popular places like Zavvi. Hopefully I’ll still get mine on time though.

    1. I ordered my Wii U games from Zavvi because they were the cheapest. Zavvi also have a good record sending stuff out early, for me at least. I got my 3DS XL three days before release day and I got Duke Nukem Forever two days before release.

      I got my console from Amazon because they were cheapest at the time, I got the premium for £265. I would think that Amazon should be one of the places getting the most stock. I hope so. Fingers crossed.

      I hope the numbers aren’t really as low as the reported 25,000. That would be terrible.

      1. Where in the world do you see 25,000? o_O

        It’s 250,000. As in 2-5-0-0-0-0. Those are people on the WAITING LIST. We’re not even talking about preorders here. Or other game stores across the world. lol

        As long as Nintendo can meet demand, they should easily topple 5.5 million units sold. And since the audience this time is pointing to both casual and hardcore players, we should see a very good attach rate for software bought for each unit sold.

        1. the wii was pointed at ages 3 to a 100 just typical third party neglect while the stationboxes get heavenly supported it’s disgusting

        2. My comment was largely just a reply to Jaemyz. It didn’t really have much to do with this particular story.

          The 25,000 figure comes from reports that stated that could be how few units Nintendo delivers to UK stores on launch day. The same reports also stated it could be as high as 100,000 though. Either way, thats not going to be enough.

          The article isn’t talking about other stores or countries, but Jaemyz was, and thats what my comment was about too.

          Again, doesn’t really have much to do with this article. Apologies for any confusion.

          1. Don’t worry about it. Yes, some clarification would have helped explain that point clearer. :)

            What is amazing is that this article only mentions the waiting list. Who knows how many preorders there must’ve been in GameStop stores alone? lol XD

    1. Walmart is taking preorders, I don’t believe they’ll be doing a “get in line before midnight” this time around.

      1. Walmart is already Sold out again for the second round of bundle orders. It comes out to ~$510 with tax and people are lining up (myself included) This round of Walmart pre-orders will not be fulfilled until Nov 30th. That is what shows as my expected delivery date.

  2. Sir Nicholas Pennyworth

    Good thing this man of royal blood does not have to wait! I don’t do lists, and I especially don’t wait on them :D

      1. Sir Nicholas Pennyworth

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          1. Sir Nicholas Pennyworth

            Haha! Sorry I am working at a radio station live on air at 7am (you wish you were, don’t kid yourself) and don’t have time to spell check something I put on a site about nintendo… I wouldn’t want to debate with a tool like you either way, so no big deal. Thanks!

        1. Sir Nicholas Pennyworth

          and I suppose I could have looed it up on Wikipedia but… that is something you do to make yourself seem smarter… I don’t want to be anything like the virus with shoes you are

        1. I think gamers that prefer dual analog will become infected by the rawness of the gamepad whether its on the u or the competitors it’s the threshold of the dual analog and tablet the next big thing

    1. You’re such a fanboy of nintendo and you didn’t even get a pre order??

      What a damn shameful trolling fanboy. You are not worthy of the U XD

      1. Why the fuck am I a fanboy when I own a PlayStation 3 and a PC, assclown? I am worthy of getting the U because I work hard for the money. This is the last time I’m feeding you, lol the troll. If you don’t like my comment, then go fuck someone elso who does gives a shit about you!

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          Sorry, couldn’t resist…

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    2. They are. Anyone with a power up rewards card that makes a purchase gets put on the wait list whether they want to or not.

  3. 1/4 of a million huh?

    Seems nintendo is keeping up that whole high demand illusion again. Come on nintendo, you’re only helping these damn fuckers reselling you’re system at tripple the cost. Smh

      1. Want me to friend you on my wii and 3DS morron?

        Troll, yes, but in not a fanboy like you’re retarded nintendo dick sucking ass.

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        2. if it wasn’t for kingtendo u wouldn’t even have analog or shoulder buttons or diamond button layout inkirrect or Ps moved now u can have play or x pad u hate them should thank them

          1. Moron, I own all 3 home consoles, if I think one or the other did bad or fucked up some how ill let it know, I don’t bash nintendo because I hate it, ive said it multiple times, Zelda is my favorite series period, but if it dissapoints me ill say it.

            Just like the lack of 3rd party support ps has, or MS lack of ips.

            Stop acting like nintendo is a clan, or that your part of the reason nintendo Revolutionized gaming, that was nintendo not you.

  4. And GameStop is pathetic, and Nintendo REALLY needs to fact check before they open their mouths.

    ANY power up rewards member gets automatically placed on the wait list, without even being asked. They’re doing it to make it look like the system is in high demand, when it’s not. There’s demand alright, just no where near what they are trying to make it out to be.

    They also put you down for both consoles, so that’s 2x per customer.

      1. He is dumb i wen to my local gamestop to reserv a wiiu and they told me that i cant but “if i want” i could get on the waiting list for free but it was not secure i get the sku i wanted ,it was like we will call all on list but you have to beat every who wants 1

    1. I’d love to know where you got that piece of information, because Gamestop employees actually aren’t allowed to do that.

  5. traditionally there should of been new systems in 10 and 11 but the wii was flaming so the n stayed put and softsony are trying to recoup I think they both expected wii numbers

    1. Yes. Bear in mind Nintendo’s goal was 5.5 million WiiU’s by March, and this just on store, in the USA, at launch day

  6. Of a sample of 10 gamestops I have averaged about 40 people on the waiting list per gamestop. so you can add those findings to the results

    1. Where did you get that info? Just curious, cause the guy at my gamestop told me they have hundreds on their wait list and I live in a pretty small town. I dunno, may e he was exaggerating.

  7. A site I frequent is holding a Mariokart 7 Tournament where you can win a deluxe if you don’t want to be on a waiting list…

      1. Well lottery is usually 1 in 1,000,000,000, and there’s only like 50 people in this MK7, so not sure where you get your odds being worse. The site also doesn’t send out any spam.

  8. Just hope Gamestop has enough for everyone, since I’ve had some issues with GS regarding pre-orders in the past.

  9. I pre-ordered it at Wal-Mart, who’s only doing the Deluxe console. Also got $35 off since my boyfriend works there. You may wanna check your local Wal-Mart if you’re on the GameStop waiting list. You have to pay $5 plus a percentage of it up front, but you can pay on it and pick it up at launch or in mid-December. They put it on layaway for you, so it gets held until layaway is over. It’s worth it to do it, especially if you want the deluxe. And with Target starting pre-orders, I feel there’s no need to be on GS’s list.

  10. There aren’t 250,000 “eager” people on the list. I work at Shitstop and they force employees to put anyone who has a power up card on the wait list. It’s the same standard as pre-orders, if we don’t get them, then we get fired. So the real number on eager people on that list is probably around 5,000; if that. Anyone who REALLY wanted a Wii u on day one got their ass out of bed to go reserve it the one and only day that it was pre-orderable.

    1. Really? So if even if the person doesn’t want a Wii U, but has a PowerUp card, they are automatically on the Wait list? Wow yeah if that’s the case then yeah the number is a lot less.

    2. This is really interesting, lol. 250,000 seemed to be a pretty unrealistic number to me anyway, already thought that something has to be wrong with it.
      Way to fuck over people, I guess.

            1. Yeah and ANYONE can get on it twice for free. So that’s 2,500 people in each state that wandered into a game stop at the mall and said “Huh? Free wait list? Why the hell not?” Certainly not unrealistic. Stop deluding yourself.

    3. Not true. I am friends with two managers of separate GameStop stores near where I live, and neither of them have their employees force people to sign up for the Wii U Waiting List.

      As explained by them, the most an employee can do is “recommend” to a potential customer that there is one available for those who want the Wii U. Other than that, it’s the CUSTOMER’S decision.

      Also, for you to have a job at GameStop (which I highly doubt) and call it what you just did, you better know that there are a LOT of people who prefer shopping at GameStop, work at GameStop and absolutely LOVE their job, or would love to get a job, to begin with.

      Before calling the place you work for “shit,” you better check and see where your paychecks are coming from to begin with and be damn glad you are at least getting paid and have a J-O-B in our modern day society where people can’t even earn a frickin’ penny in their name.

      1. I don’t work at shitstop for the peanut shells they give me that they call paychecks. The only reason to work at a Gamestop is for check out privelages and employee discount. And each district has different “rules” on how they run there stores. Our district manager told us specifically that wii u wait list numbers are “very important” which of course just caused our manager to tell us to just sign people up if they have a power up card. This is obviously just one store out of many but if it’s happening in our store I don’t see why it wouldn’t happen in other stores too.

        And as far as me “lying” about working at Gamestop, you act like its some glorious place of business and a person would be lucky to get a job there. HA! ha ha hahahahaha. Spoken like someone who has never worked at such a place or even retail in general probably. I feel sorry for you, I really do. Let me give you some advice, NEVER work retail, it erodes your soul and causes you to develop a hatred for every living human on earth. Ask anybody that has been at ANY retail job for more than 5 years. I’ve been at Gamestop 6 years for the perks alone and everyday I ask myself why I haven’t quit yet.

  11. Those are some damn fine numbers. The Wii U is shaping up to have the best launch in Nintendo history.

    Correction, IT IS the BIGGEST launch in Nintendo history. I have never seen a console launch with so many AAA titles on launch day and then have EVEN MORE in its launch window. AMAZING!

    Keep ’em coming, Nintendo! :D

  12. the truth and nothing but

    @gamer: i guess that makes all multiplatform gamers who buy the wii u and still plan on getting a ps4 or 720 nothing but “nintendo fanboys” then? riiiiiight.>_>

  13. At first I thought it said 250,000 pre-orders,then I thought “not that much”.Then I found out it was just the waiting list I was like”Wow…..”

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