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Microsoft Says It Wants To Capture Wii Owners This Holiday Season

Matt Barlow, general manager of product marketing for Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, says that company is intent on capturing Wii owners that are looking to upgrade to a high-definition experience. The company hopes to capture Nintendo fans with blockbusters like Halo 4 and a $50 price cut on holiday bundles.

“I think this holiday season is an amazing jump off for all those people who may have been interested in the Wii and now want to be interested in high definition gaming. I can’t think of a better console for them to choose than one that has the most games available, the highest rated games available, than the Xbox 360 platform.”

“And when you look at the alternative experiences that we’re going to bring with SmartGlass, the entertainment providers that we’re bringing on board, with sports and music and movies and TV, and then if you think about those preeminent best selling blockbuster games that they’re going to want to play – Halo, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Forza, Nike+ Kinect Fitness – they either play first or they play best on Xbox 360 and nowhere else.”

“We’ve only scratched the surface…Kinect is going to be something that everyone’s going to want to own. Like I said, jump off is great and we like the way we’re positioned to pick those customers up. They really should consider an Xbox 360 if they’re looking for the best high definition gaming and entertainment platform.”

357 thoughts on “Microsoft Says It Wants To Capture Wii Owners This Holiday Season”

      1. they don’t even enough have first party games to satisfy Wii users. Daym Micro$oft. Wii U is in full HD and have better quality games than you have..

    1. I got the 360 for Blue Dragon. I also got the PS3 since it has better exclusives than the 360 and I came to the conclusion I would save money buying another console than to constantly pay for online to play multiplats.

      So basically, I have all the consoles.

      1. When Microsoft calls out games like Halo, Cod, AC3 and Forza, im not too sure that the casual market is their intended target. It’s Kinect that they are using to aim for the casuals, which they also mention. So clearly, they are aiming for both hardcore and casual. Rendering you’re comment moot.

          1. Exactly, Even though my patience is already being tortured right now waiting on the Wii U, I will still wait and purchase AC3 for the Wii U, and CoD for that matter.

      1. It does… but personally I would play any Metroid game over Halo. Halo has a good story and very interesting characters, but the bad guys are awful. For a serious game, the inclusion of those retarded little alien monsters you have to kill in the first one(I have only played the first Halo) really turned me off from the game. I would LOVE the game if it had more bad-ass villains…

      1. Microsoft thinks it is the shiznit! But it only does well in The United States and the UK. Nintendo is the real King Pin in the gaming world. People hate Microsoft because naive people support it simply for targeting more towards an older audience. Instead of whether or not the games are actually good-like Nintendo, who works their butt off to make amazing games and get criticized by the States for having gamers that are “too childish”. In reality though, people need to realize that a game has no age limit. They have requirements like you mist be age 17 to buy a rated M game or somthing, but no where does it say you cant play Nintendo after yhe age of 12. Its silly to think that way.

        1. mostly because their fans are not very good ambassadors for the company they love. Every news site for whatever console i’ve read, the microsoft xbox fans come off as huge fucking douchebags and seem to be just about the most aggressive nerds you can find anywhere. I dont mind an xbox at all, but thier run of the mill fans are collosal fucking jerk-offs.

      2. its not that i hate microsoft not like id do sony but it just seems aragant to me that the said that there going to out sell onther commpeny

      3. They acted very repulsive when discussing about wireless control,confronting them at every line,saying if they wanted to make it,they could have make it better,even some employees said sorry for their reactions.

    1. For a lot of people, they purchased a Wii because of the lower price. So MS’ price at this point could be appealing to some consumers if they want an HD console.

      Not everyone of course though.

        1. So you’re saying Nintendo is for casual gamers only? lol

          Wow, the contradictions I see on this site. >.<

          Also: You don't represent the full number of consumers in the market for a gaming system. Nor this site, nor the gaming community online,.

              1. Aeolus, you totally misspelled, “I, Aeolus, masturbate with my feet while my hands are tied up trolling a nintendo site because that gets me off”

                fixed it for ya! :)

                  1. wow jellybean coming in to help your fellow troll or is alous your gayboyfriend ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

        2. no no, read, dude. They specifically said they want to capture people who may have been or are interested in the WII not the wiiU, not the casual gamers, not the hard core gamers. Theyre basically saying people who own a wii that may have gotten it for the price point and may want something different at this point may want to choose xbox at its new lower price. basically saying they wanna cut into wiiU sales to get people with a wii who want something new to choose xbox over a WiiU. specifiaclly.

  1. If I had to “migrate” from my Nintendo Console to a HD console…yeah, It would be PS3 not Xbox, sorry Microsoft.

    Although I do admit that, if I had the needed money, I’d buy every single console ever xD

    1. Me too. If I am to get another non-Nintendo console, it’s definitely a PS3…even if I couldn’t afford enough games for it without a small fortune. Definitely getting a Wii U, since the Xbox does NOT interest me at all. The only game I can think of that I would want that is on the Xbox is Minecraft, and that’s it.

                1. I’d like PC gaming if I didn’t have to use the stupid keyboard. (yes i know you can get controller thingies for it, i’m lazy ok)

              1. The way I see it, the more the merrier. If a version turns out to be crap, then it’s crap. If you’re never going to play that version, why care?

    2. I LIKE THE PS3 MORE, but most multiplatform games are better on Xbox 360 (better controller and a bit better graphics)… you know, most games are first made for Xbox 360 and than ported to PS3 and PC, but PC is ovibiviously far stronger than both consoles so ofc PC can produce much better graphics even with Xbox 360 ports.

      1. Stop sticking up for kinnect lol. Wiiu is the future of sophisticated gaming – kinnect can chew on a dogs lipstick.

          1. Yeh!!! not 13 year old cod retards and disabled kinnect users and ”oh so happy” family’s cus that’s all the 360 is right now…. Nintendo and Sony are the only proper gaming company’s.

            Microsoft is a joke with 3 good exclusives.

            1. Sorry, but the Xbox 360 controller is better than dualshock 3 controller….. btu, i agree, Nintendo and Sony FTW !!!

              And i have my PC for multiplatform games, most FPS and TPS games ande ofc RTS, MMORPGs, PC exclusives and emulators.

          1. That means nothing jellybean. Kinnect doesn’t even work on a £30 game….. It’s an embarassment to gaming and barely works at all. It’s a good idea credit where credit is due – but its a complete fail , fail where fail is fail.

            Wii motion plus >>>>>kinnect , Gamepad >>>>> smartglass. simple as.

            1. I tried smart glass the other day. It ain’t all bad, needs some work, but it ain’t bad.

              Kinect is pretty fun though. Star Wars on it provides some fun between friends.

              1. This not bashing the kinect im bashing the medical companies ,how dare those companies use cheap things in use to research i hate them cause instead of finding ways to give lower medical cost they keep rising,i know this cause i lost my grandma for not having a good medical plan for cancer medicine

          2. Mr. Jellybean, I must say I disagree. I own a Kinect and the game Kinectimals is really not that great. I also plaued Star Wars Kinect and I couldnt finish the game because te controls got SOOOO messed up with the Kinect’s weird “no controler” game play. Kinect is good for one thing and one thing only…. JUST DANCE!!! Works amazing with that game. I have so much fun with Just Dance, but that is the only thing I use Kinect for…. it sucks oter wise….

            1. Oh no I knew about them. But the wii wasn’t mentioned in the conversation until now. He just said the kinect is useless and then went on to say the Wii U is the most sophisticated. That’s why I posted that link.

      2. So now sales matter? Even though they didn’t matter when the Wii sold better than the other consoles or when the 3DS sells better than the Vita? They matter now?

          1. So essentially you’re saying sales don’t make a product good?

            So therefore 20+ million units sold for Kinect don’t make it good?

            So bringing that up really gave no substance to any form of argument you may have been trying to prove?


                  1. I’m sorry, look at the pot calling the kettle black is virtually the same thing. Kind of like saying Aeolus is an asshole with no life versus an asshole with no life would be someone like Aeolus. I’m sorry i had to bring you back into the world of common sense, you obviously lack it.

                    1. and now the computer decides to lag and not post this right away so i have to post again…lovely

                  2. I’m sorry, it’s virtually the same thing just switching the kettle and pot. It’s kind of like if i were to say that Aeolus is a retard with no life versus a retard with no life would be Aeolus. I’m sorry i had to bring you back to using common sense, but obviously you lack in that department.

                    1. Aeolus must have no life to enjoy the abuse he gets from this site. Man the way he gets treated is sad (thought he deserves it for trolling) and funny at the same time. Like the kid that gets picked on in school!!

              1. Funny, there’s no assumption in there. Providing that you stand by your statement that sales =/= quality, then the only thing you could be commenting on when you bring up the sales of the Kinect, is that the Kinect has sold well. That’s it. Therefore you have no substance to your argument, because good sales doesn’t equal good product.

                I fail to see any asumption there.

      3. A lot of those came attached with the X360s themselves, so many of them came simply as just something extra that people may or may not want. I bought a Kinect and I honestly regret it. It’s just gathering dust since I got bored of playing Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports.

      4. The kinect shouldn’t even qualify as a gaming device. The kinect is the opposite because every game console had a CONTROLLER and removing that would just be to drasitc. Also it’s funny you talk about Nintendo attracting the casual audience while saying that Nintendo was a kids company. Yet you try to gloat about how the kinect sold 20+ million units and yet it was for the casual audience.

      5. That comes with every new Xbox. No one goes out of their way to buy it… Maybe if it was accurate enough and had decent working games..

      1. Yeah, but it terms of 360 vs PS3, the PS3 is better. I have both to play the exclusives, but the PS3 is definitely better for multiplats.

        1. It’s all a matter of personal preference though.

          I like my PS3 better as well, but that doesn’t go for all people.

          Thankfully, I’m able to own all systems, so I get the best from all worlds. :D

    1. Fanboys, and you are on a site for NINTENDO lovers. Most people who love Nintendo have a burning fireball of hate in their chest(where their heart would be?) generated towards Microsoft. LOL!

    1. They say this with confidence – But I’m expecting the wiiu to take off big time :) just like the wii but even better. After all it’s just a better version of the wii and a LOT of people have fond memories from the wii.

        1. You’re not doing a good job trying to explain to those core 360 owners how the Wii is in any fathomable way a better console.

          1. You’re not doing a good job at proving why you are not a waste of human flesh. Aeolus just GTFO do you honestly think anything you say makes anyone give a damn? We get our daily laugh thanks to you. How does it feel to find out your purpose in life is to ammuse others with you’re stupidity?

            1. Exactly, he is the official “fool” for this site!!! The abuse he gets would make a normal person cringe. Then again he probably isn’t all there anyways.

          2. He isnt writing a dissertation douche bag. You aren’t doing a good job NOT being a useless pratt trolling a nintendo site.

    1. I’m getting a 360 for Halo 4, but I still plan on getting a WiiU once the next Zelda or Metroid near sunlight. It’s not an upgrade for me – just an opening of horizons.

  2. And then early next year, we’ll announce our next gen console, and all those people who’ve just bought a 360 will have done so in vain.

    1. That’s technology for you.

      I was at GameStop earlier this week and this woman was pissed off because she was talking about how she just got her kids a Wii last year and now the Wii U is coming out this year.

      It happens. lol

            1. Who knows. She waited 5 years to get a Wii. She may wait another 5 years to go on to the next system which could include the new system from Sony, Microsoft, or someone else.

              For now, yes; They had their eyes on the Wii U.

          1. No, somebody who actually has a grasp of business says so. Unless you like to explain to me in detail where over 12 billion dollars is going to vanish in 2 years even with current practices.

            I bet you can’t.

            1. Sadly, Aeolus is right this time. Though I’d love to know what this grasp on business is that you have. Is it that same one that said the 3ds was going to be a failure?

            2. Big paragraph incoming. (I have typed this same statement like 100 times to idiots already)

              Sony lost $6.4 BILLION in 2011 which is 1/3 of the entire Sony companies worth NOT THE PLAYSTATION SECTION THE WHOLE DAMN COMPANY. Samsung is kicking Sony’s ass in the TV area. Sony hasnt made a profit in 4 years in a row. Yes PS3 finnally made a profit in 2011 but as a whole Sony hasnt made a profit in 4 years.

              Sony themselfs stated they predict they will lose another $6.4 BILLION in 2012 which means they lost 2/3 of the entire Sony companies worth in 2 years. It will be INCREDIBLY difficult to survive with 1/3 your original worth. Sony fired 10,000 employees. Their investors have lost all faith in Sony.

              They are losing Devs left and right for their systems. Alot of the devs who were working on Vita games abandoned Vita to go to the 3DS for obvious reasons, they know they can make money that way. People from some of Playstaions Devs have left like the people who left the Uncharted team and now work for Nintendo. They knew Sony was in trouble and instead of risking losing their job and being screwed they left and got employeed at Nintendo. Some are part of Retro Studios I believe.

              So in short SONY SURVIVING AFTER 2 YEARS FROM NOW IS LOOKING VERY VERY UNLIKELY. They will need a fucking miracle. And no Rip offs wont help them. All Stars Battle Royal, Little Big Planet Karting pff. Sony went downhill when they started thinking they dont need to innovate anymore. They havent been innovative in god knows how long. And when they try to innovate (Wonderbook) you get a stupid thing lol.

                1. Who is right? i think both!…. well, its difficult for Sony, no one can say its not but this reminds me of Nintendo 64 days and a N64 fail aka cartridges versus CD for weaker PS1…..

                    1. N64 was awesome. I would have loved if the Wii U went back to Cartridges. Yah you fit more on a CD but WAYYYYYY faster loading times on Cartridges. Nintendo hasnt been losing money for the past 20 years like Sony has. But people will belive what they want I state facts and people can chose to believe me or not believe me and get proven wrong thats the only 2 choices.

        1. What sad attempt?! The Vita was a total success at killing the 3ds as all the critics and trolls said! Oh, wait…

    2. You’re out of your god damn mind. What’s with the “we” and “our” bullshit. You arent announcing anything. It’s not your next gen console. Quit being a god damn flake and identifying yourself by the products you buy. You sound like those ass-hats that watch sports and yell stupid shit when their favorite team wins like “WE won, WE did it, WE ARE AWESOME!!!”

  3. That’s kinda stupid. A lot of Wii owners also own a 360, and those who don’t obviously won’t ever get one if it’s taken this long

      1. Exactly. A few. Nowhere near the numbers Microsoft may hope for, I think. I only bought an Xbox 360 after my friend came over one day and brought it with him, and I’ve been hung up on it ever since. But even so, despite my Wii being broken, I still play on Nintendo consoles more than my Xbox 360. It’s just my preference, and a lot of others as well.

  4. That’s right, Microsoft. I’ve had a Wii for five years, and have never been interested in the 360. What’s going to get me to switch are games like Halo and Call of Duty, not the kind of games that I bought the Wii for (i.e. primarily first party Nintendo games).

    Oh, no, wait, sorry, I don’t actually care about the games I play, I just want them to look pretty, never mind whether I have any interest in the content.

  5. Ahahahah! Man…this is a funny one. As if everyone who owned a Wii originally hasn’t already moved on to the Wii U/Nintendo 3DS and/or Facebook and mobile games already? They expect to play catch up over 7 years late into this console generation? GET OVER YOURSELVES, MICROSOFT! Everyone, including developers, are tired of this current generation and want to move on–that includes the Xbox 360 and the PS3 just as much as it does the Wii. It’s time everyone makes their next-gen consoles and get with the program already.

    I’m sure as heck that no one who has invested the money to buy an Xbox 360 for the past SEVEN YEARS it’s been out are going to bother with getting another one again unless they already had one and needed to replace their currently existing one.

    Microsoft, meet toilet. Toilet, meet Microsoft.

    Have fun you two. <3

    1. Im not a microsoft fan or ps3 fan, but dude, you ‘re making yourself look like a huge jackass. what is your personal stake in mircrosofts plan failing or succeeding to go out of your way to unleashe such a moronic diatribe?

      1. There xbox live have many users my self included angry,ppl say that the wiiu is the same has an xbox so if i buy a wiiu whit nintendo games who will be th same has the xbox would that not make xbox users jump from xbox to the wiiu

  6. This is just company talk. Reggie recently said ”we can hold of the next xbox and playstation”. Pure Business talk. Microsoft wouldn’t say ”You should go for the wiiu , our console is dated” would they ???

  7. Are they trolling or just dumb?, if a nintendo fan wants a HD experience this holiday, they’d get a Wii U… do they even know it is coming out?

  8. See, the thing is, most people already have an Xbox 360. And those who dont probably never wanted one in the first place. This would appeal to those who would need a new xbox cuz their old one is old and crappy. I mean, it’s an amazin offer they are givin, and it will sell, but it will probably be as much as the wii sell, give or take

  9. That would’ve been an awesome thing to do last year when people still thought Kinnect was a good idea. Now they know it’s crap and the Wii U is coming out, so I don’t think this will work out well for them.

  10. LOL! Are they serious?! I’m mostly a Sony guy because I have been buying the Sony brand since the early 1970s, but I will play (and have) about anything that comes along. I absolutely love and have had all the Nintendo stuff, but I’m an exception to the rule. Microsoft and Sony systems are relatively similar experiences, but Nintendo is, for the most part, completely different. I really don’t see how either one would tear away a loyal Nintendo fan by a sale and an exclusive game. Sorry, dude!

    1. your judging a game that hasent come out and you dont plan on playing you nintendrones PC masterfags microshits and other rabbid fan boys sickin me

      1. i have never played a halo game that was good just another formulaic sifi first person, i don’t think they will ever get better. also why the hell would i own a console that can damage its own dics by lazer burn. and the origianl Xbox was not much better the controlers were sub stanrd not to mention all the other harware problems. the only half decent Xbox is the new elite in build quolity, but why would i buy old tec to play games i can play on a pc with better graphics out put.

        1. your a half life fan right well half life is also very generic. its on an slightly updated engine from the one used in halo 1 and a shit ton of other FPS but what sets half life apart? THE PHYSICS. you shouldnt judge what you dont understand the physics weapons and every other aspect of halo is far off from anyother FPS its not sifi BF like planet side 2 and halo and metroid are so vastly different. its an awesome expireince. also PCs arent far away from consoles. i dont know what bastard created the notion that PCs are years ahead in gaming but there is litarly a small gap and what i mean is that besides slightly smoother (and i mean barely notable depending on PS3 or 360) animation there is NO difference between consoles and PCs. trust me i compared for myself

          1. the tell me why there is problems with rendering on the new game you don’t get with PC I can tell you they are tweaked to work on the older technology. build up is faster and texture is smother on the newer game. but yes you do need the newer graphic cards to see a difference, what you said is rubbish. how can consoles that a 7 years old compete with new Graphics cards and the greater RAM that you can have in a PC and also the Wii U and the other next gen consoles coming out. things move on

            1. ah I see you’ve never compared PS3 gameplay with that of a PC. i have the best gaming PC availible and modded it so i could get in on the stuff that people like you were talking about just to feel like an idiot when it was the EXACT same thing with a barely notable graphic difference. seriously and 7 year old tech? come on dude what are you comparing it to? the PS2 gaming in PCs havent advanced at all in these consoles life span. why do you think EVERY PC game is able yo be ported with ease.

        2. lastly never use the past as an example saying consoles suck because of miner problem that can happen on any CD that is over used. and the first xbox thats like me saying PC games are all generic with the integrity of NES because of MS DOS favor what ever platform you want but dont be a fanboy

          1. you are the one who loves Xbox, you are just acting like a twat end of. first of all fanboy what the hell does that mean other than to piss people off. second the cd burn has be seen on new discs with the Xbox 360 mainly as it is made out of cheap parts. i have had cosoles made by intel, coleco, nintendo, atari, sega, sony, sinclair and Amega. and the only time i have seen any console damage games it with the Xbox 360 and consoles that use magnetic tape. so no i just like playing games fanboy twat, and maybe i might buy the ps4 and the 720 when they come out if i see a point to it. and yes i am going to buy the Wii U as well it.
            you are been hostile oooo i said i think Halo is rubbish grow up

            1. i blind fan-boy is someone who simply puts down competition that he never touched and deludes themselves into thinking their preference is Superior no matter what the facts are. that fits you and 75% of the rest of the master fags pretty well. also i own all platforms and love them all

    2. Halo has its good point. Campaign is fairly good. ODST was a great campaign. Also Forge gives soooo much replayability. Matchmaking…uhg the Halo community has went down in quality alot latley. MLG tryhards, and 12 year old whinny kids screaming in the mics and trash talkers…Gives be a headache. Nintendo community is a heck of alot nicer and better.

            1. A community is a broad word with a alrge umbrella of definitions and conditions to meet the requirements to be recognised as such. For example, the regulars who comment on this site would be considered a community, yeah? In this community, you would be the asshole friend some near out-cast brought along one day who just will not leave despite contributing nothing but triple A dickitry, despite no one wanting you here. You dont need voice chat to have a community, you dont need voice chat to know you most likely sound like a fucking weasel.

            2. oh suddenly voice chat is necessary for a game community? wait give me a sec i’ll tell all those MMORPG gamers that they actually don’t have a community at all.. only the 5% or so that actually use voice chat within an MMORPG

                1. oh yay with the generalisations again
                  love em :D
                  everyone playing an MMORPG is a “basement dweller” and everyone who preordered a wii-u is obviously a nintendo fanboy
                  cracks me up

                  of course people who spend their spare time every day fighting a hopeless and irate war against nintendo on a nintendo news site can have no generalisations applied to them at all..
                  oh wait that’s not right actually i can think of quite a few and “no lifer” is not even the first one that comes to mind

                  1. you trolls are so fucking funny i mean if your serurs then your stuipid but if you jokeing my anser is ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

            3. You need to talk to be a commuity??? Since when? You dont talk to all your neighbors in your area do you? Yet you are part of a community. Plus the 3DS doesnt have a head set I dont think? Plus in a racing game where its FREE FOR ALL why would you want to talk you need to focus on racing not being distracted with people saying OH LOOK OUT MR 1st place I sent a Blue shell your way lol.

      1. i just never got into Halo games it is the same with black ops maybe its just not my thing. also i know what you mean about pointless chater on multi player online it can get annoying. i wish you could block it out sometimes

    1. Well thats a matter of opinion. Xbox fanboys will say Halo is better. Nintendo Fanboys will say Metroud is better. Metroid has been around longer though. I personally agree with you. I would much rather have Metroid HD or Prime 4 or whatever the Wii U Metroid will be then Halo 4. Im only playing Halo 4 for the week and a half between its launch and the Wii U’s Launch lol. All though I think in a fight Samus would be Master Chief.

      UNSC weapons wont effect Samus’s suit. He would have to use Covenant weapons or Forerunner ones (Halo 4) plus Samus can turn into a ball and roll around and lay bombs that destroys flesh or whatever they said in Other M when here power bombs were not allowed lol. She has infinite beam ammo can shoot missles she can scan things with her visor. Plus Master Chief cant do shit without his suit. Samus can fight just as well without hers.

      I know off topic but I thought it would be fun to say all that lol.

        1. Next Wii Metroid? You mean Wii U? I loved Other M though. Im not part of the butthurt people who hated it cause Samus showed emotion. Prime games were better imo but I loved Other M.

        2. I doubt that Nintendo would do that again. Other M was an experiment of sorts from Team Ninja that found fans and made enemies in the fanbase. I thought it was patchy at best, though others disagree.

          The next Metroid game will be a First Person Adventure, a la Prime, in my opinion.

          The fact that Nintendo are wheeling out their IP in Nintendo Land shows their continual dedication to these franchises – no bad thing.

  11. Sorry Microsoft, I’ll just wait until the 720 and see if it peaks my interest, I doubt it though…..
    All I know is that the Wii U is definetly gonna be my First Console in the Next Generation. (;

  12. Your systems been out for 7 years whoever’s just now buying a 360 is either poor, just turning 6, or buying there third one cause it broke

  13. There already is a console for Wii owners looking to upgrade to an HD gaming experience. It’s called the Wii U. November 18th is so close I can taste it. After people get their hands on it for the first time, the holiday season will be a lock for Nintendo. Leave luck to heaven.

  14. And while they attempt to do that, the Wii U market will EXPAND. Yeah, keep up the “good” work, Microsoft. Even though the 360 ain’t sellin’ shit in Japan as it is.

  15. I can’t even FATHOM how this can even begin to make sense to these fools….
    It’s like they don’t know what Nintendo is.

  16. PFFFT!
    Okay, okay, Micro, seriously, If you had made the Kinect better than the Wii in the first place, people might have believed you.
    But as it is, people still love sitting down to play most of their games.
    Kinect and Smart Glass are not going to blow the Wii or Wii U out of the water and capture their audiences. It just isn’t happening.
    The smart move would be to start doing what you do best instead of trying to constantly focus on direct competition with “rivals” who don’t really have a care to give to your statements of competition.
    If you focused more on your products themselves instead of trying to beat the products of others at their own game, maybe you’d come up with ways to make them more enthralling and exciting.

  17. Microsoft forgets that we Nintendo fans arent as stupid as the common everyday Xbox fanboy. We dont fall for their cheap tricks as easily as their normal audience does.

  18. I have own a xbox 360 for 5 years and in each day that passed fill me whit more fear of a red ring until 1 day it happened so i sold it many ppl still think like me but i dont see wii owners that got a wii that dint already owned a 360

  19. Sorry. Sticking with Nintendo. I’ve only owned their consoles and they deliver in their own way. Plus their games are so fun they leave me positively giggly!

      1. No, because hes really correcting spelling. Grammar is stuff like punctuation and sentence structure. That said, yes aeolus does spend his entire day refreshing this site and acting like a douche bag.

  20. “people who may have been interested in the Wii and now want to be interested in high definition gaming” *COUGH*WIIU*COUGH*

  21. Sir Nicholas Pennyworth

    “I think this holiday season is an amazing jump off for all those people who may have been interested in the Wii and now want to be interested in high definition gaming. I can’t think of a better console for them to choose than one that has the most games available, the highest rated games available, than the Xbox 360 platform.” – Matt Barlow

    I can think of one Matt. It’s called the Wii U, you inch-brained moron. It is pretty sad how Microsoft has to mention the Wii by name to try to slide into Nintendo’s game. This is exactly why I do not like Microsoft and Sony at times. They copy off Nintendo with no shame, and it is quite pathetic. Gaming could be lightyears ahead of where it is, but they don’t innovate, they just copy and paste with a few different bells and whistles. I hope Valve or Apple brings a new innovative system to the market and wipes Microsoft off the gaming map, because you do have those massive amounts of people who are only looking for shooters and sports games… Which themselves are bringing gaming down. Nintendo will always be better than those companies can dream about being. It is akin to Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Jordan is the original greatness, just like Nintendo. Their would be no LeBron without Jordan… Truth. There would be no Sony or Microsoft without Nintendo. End of story. Not fanboyism, just straight up truth. Especially when Microsoft tries to pull this crap.

  22. I’ve played both Wii and Xbox 360, although I prefer the xbox’s graphics over the wii, I find nintendo wii has the better games and I find the games more memorable on Wii (Zelda, Mario Galaxy ect).
    The most I have played on the Xbox is Perfect Dark and the two Banjo kazooie games since i got bored with the majority of the Xbox games as I find them too samey. Sure the Wii is drowning in shovel ware but who even plays those games and I would also like to say that if Microsoft are trying to beat the Wii’s sales of 90+ million, they must be mad.
    I do not hate the Xbox 360, I just think there is little variety in good games which in 20 years time would be considered classics. I’m certain many on the wii will be considered to be amazing, there are some on Xbox such as halo or forza but many aren’t there and I believe this may put prospective customers off the Xbox 360. So because of this they probably will not capture wii users.

  23. Wow Microsoft. Your so full of yourself. Why would Wii owners that want an HD console go for ghe 360 when we got the brand new Wii U with over 23 launch games. Sony said the same damn thing last year

  24. Wouldn’t Wii owners ‘looking to upgrade to high-definition’ choose the Wii U rather than Xbox 360 due to familiar brand name (as they have the Wii), familiarity in games etc., not to mention the backwards compatibility of both games and peripherals to get them started… Also, ‘The company hopes to capture Nintendo fans with blockbusters like Halo 4 and a $50 price cut on holiday bundles.’ because I’m sure all the NINTENDO FANS will jump ship on the Wii U and want Halo and cheaper Xbox’s. Gah, Nintendo confuses me with their decisions sometimes, but at least they don’t come out with this sort of crap.

    1. Most gamers had both Xbox 360 and Wii or PS3 and Wii…. there are even people with all consoles etc.

      So, basically…. yes, people will buy Xbox 360 for Halo 4 etc. but ofc Wii U will be obiviosuly more “future proof” than Xbox 360.

  25. i think many people who already own a wii will rather look towards the wii-u (or at best both platforms) since they already have the additional hardware they need to play it with their friends

  26. Desperate times call for desperate measures . Microsoft knows that Nintendo is about to enter the HD scene and with the WII U’s release. Nintendo is now ready to reclaim any fans whom may have switched over to Xbox. Microsoft and Sony are like the ghosts in Pac-Man and Nintendo just ate a “power pellet” with Wii U.

  27. Sorry Microsoft, but all my money went to my WiiU pre-order. The rest of it will be going to the games. You ain’t stealing me.

  28. Aeolus if i could shove a fking xbox 360 up your fking butthole then let us know how that big ass console feels when the sun doesn’t shine will ya?

  29. Aeolus i would love to shove a fking xbox 360 up your fking butthole and i would pay just for you to let us know how that big ass console feels where the sun doesn’t shine. Baws.

  30. They should be targeting each others crowd. Sony should worry about developing the Vita and Microsoft the X Box relations in japan.
    Nintendo will appeal to the masses again just like they did with the wii. People talk about they won’t do as well because the wii was a sleeping giant. Lets say they capture 50% of there casyual crowd and 50% of sony and microsofts so called hardcore. Now your talking sales. lets say that the new xbox and playstation cost more than the wii u But to the average consumer they don’t do comparisons to see that extra pixel of graffix then Nintendo pulls a mario Galaxy with the Wii U except you have added tablet functionality That’s a win win for nintendo. If people stil doubt the controller take a look at this.

    “This is the best controller Nintendo’s ever made for making an FPS. This is the best controller Nintendo has ever given us for playing hardcore games”
    Pitchford also commented on Xbox 360′s SmartGlass and PS3 Vita cross play, saying that what the Wii U does “wouldn’t work well on SmartGlass or cross play”. But we always knew that, as developers cannot count on gamers having access to a secondary screen on the Xbox 360 or PS3, while they certain can count on it with the Wii U.

    Nuff saisd.

      1. Tell that to PlatinumGames, asshurt troll. U mad because Nintendo is capturing the core market. Do you think Bayonetta 2 is gonna be rated E for Everyone? Stop shitting yourself while sucking your dick!

        1. Yeah, a title (A DMC clone, no less) that barely sold over a million copies on two platforms is going to capture 50% of the core market.

          It’s disturbing how delusional you Nintenyearolds are.

          1. I can see that your IQ is the same number as a blonde in a B-movie– ZERO! You should know the fact that both Bayonetta and Devil May Cry were created by Hideki Kamiya. Quit sucking your mama’s titties, man-child!

            1. Oh, so being created by someone who crafted the original DMC suddenly makes it -less- of a DMC clone?

              You’re really this stupid, bro?

              1. And you’re a cum guzzling, remedial, Sony cock sucking, rug munching, Pyro fucking, no life, ass hurting bastard! You’re at My NINTENDO News and you keep failing miserably spewing more bullshit than a fucking politician. Get lost… get a life… get a boyfriend for Christ’s sake!

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                      1. Aeolus Sucks Tretton's dyck!

                        Hey ass hurt… shut the fuck up and go back to your basement and fucking dwell there!

                        1. Aeolus Sucks Tretton's dyck!

                          Better check the crystal ball again, asshurtlus… except you have no fucking balls!!!! I’m JackTrettonCEO, BITCH!!!!!!!!

                      2. Thetruthandnothingbut

                        Kid, you don’t want any of us facing up to you IRL.
                        Any one of us here on our own, without weapons, would drop your sorry ass in a hot second.

              1. If there was ever any doubt about how blind your hatred of anything Nintendo is, you just dispelled it.
                Come back when you’ve got the guts to lift your elitist shades and see things how they really are.

              2. Super smash bros brawl is the highest selling fighting game of all time – on the wii , super smash bro melee is number 2. Nuff said.

          2. oh im so sick and tired oh you aeolus why just why can’t you just shut up oh my gosh you are probly somone that got trown ot of hell for being to much of a dick for satan to stand so just piss off and go crawl in a dich and die

      2. Have they even heard of Wii U? I mean if you read what he said, and then somebody told you about Wii U, then you would have thought you wasted 2 min. of your life. And I like how there commercials say “Every things better with Xbox 360 and Kinect”. I myself don’t like Kinect. The Wii and *sivers* PlayStation Move used controllers (you know, something with buttons you can physically touch), while Kinect is just unnatural. Plus any body who has played Wii for 6 years probably knows about the Wii U.

      3. LMFAOROTFL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA………..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA cough hack cough cough……….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH What the hell is Microsoft smoking cuz its sum strong crack mixed with meth and shrooms. Im a Sony fan but have respect for Nintendo.I was a Nintendo fan before a Sony fan. And a Nintendo gamer will do one of two things before they think about gettin a 360.
        1.Quit playing videos games.
        2.Get a PlayStation.
        Microsoft can keep dreaming of taking Nintendo fans away from Nintendo.No not happening . They just made Sony took there gamers and Wii-U is gonna take tbe rest of them.

      4. I bought a 360 in 2006, completed a few games for it, then I never played it again for about a year.
        Then I decided to use it again for another month, which is when the piece of shit RROD on me, so obviously I was pissed-off.
        So fuck you Microshit and take your garbage hardware with you.