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Wii U US TV Ad Campaign Starts Tomorrow, Here’s A Sneak Peak

Nintendo of America has announced via social media that the television advertising campaign for Wii U will begin tomorrow. To prepare us they’ve provided the above image as a teaser of what to expect. Wii U adverts have already begun appearing in the UK in the run up to the console’s launch on November 30th.

Thanks, TheOriginalUNation

63 thoughts on “Wii U US TV Ad Campaign Starts Tomorrow, Here’s A Sneak Peak”

    1. Yeah, what’s going to be interesting is how Nintendo represents the <Wii U through this commercial, because the UK commercial was bad in that aspect.

      1. Do you know how jealous I am ??? You’re going to have to put your wiiu through the screen and let me have a quick go !!! :@ .

        I expect a thourough review – what games are you getting on launch day ?

                1. I’m in the US too. :p

                  Getting Nintendo Land included in the Deluxe bundle, New Super Mario Bros. U, Assassin’s Creed III, ZombiU, and Ninja Gaiden: Razor’s Edge.

                  1. I would be getting NG3 if it was available in UK (not till january for some annoying reason) we have similar taste- let me know how that turns out!

                    1. I will! Hope that we can somehow connect our Nintendo 3DS with the Wii U’s Nintendo Network ID (or that the 3DS gets an update that forces everyone who connects to the Internet to sign up for one).

                      I’ll send you a message and let you know how all of the games are! :3

                      But, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge isn’t coming out until January in the UK!? Sheesh. Well…then again…we went through a similar waiting process for Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story as well. lol XD

                      It should be great! I heard a lot of negativity from fans about NG3 on the 360 and PS3, but it sounds like everything has been revamped for the Wii U. Love the fact that we’re getting DLC that wasn’t included on previous versions of the game for free. It finally pays to play third-party games on a Nintendo console when they’re multiplatform! :)

                  2. have you given me your 3ds friend code ??? I may have not added it but written it down on my 3ds game notes.

                    1. At college right now. Darn! Forgot to get it to you last night! XD

                      Will get it to you sometime this weekend, hopefully. x.x

            1. Sir Nicholas Pennyworth

              I’ll be picking up Nintendo Land with the Deluxe, as well as NSMBU and ZombiU for sure… Possibly Scribblenauts Unlimited as well so I can give you some quick impressions I’m sure :D

                1. I’m only getting Nintendo Land. I will not be getting any new games when I obtain my Wii U. If the games that I want will appear on the e-shop, which they most likely will (or at some point,) I will get them digitally. I don’t have enough room to store any more boxed covers.

                  I’m going digital. :)

                    1. I just hope Nintendo encourages other devs to make their games digital. I remember them saying that they are “aggressively” attacking digital support, which is good. :)

                      1. Certainly good for people like you who are ready to step into the future and leave physical behind. I will be sad if physical gaming stops (which I doubt) but as long as the games are still available digitally it doesn’t really matter !

      2. Sir Nicholas Pennyworth

        I wonder what channels it will be on?… Hopefully some on ESPN, Comedy Central and Cartoon Network during Adult Swim as well as all the obvious “kid” oriented channels if you are smart Nintendo

        1. Technechaly Toon & Swim are seperate networks as they each have their own management, branding, marketing, ratings reports & web presences. They just timeshare the same channel.

      3. OMG! Launch day is just 18 days away, and I’ve already begun to lose my appetite for food. I’ve officially entered “Starvation Gaming Mode.” x.x

        I know that’s not healthy–it doesn’t help that I’m already paper-thin (no pun intended). I mean, unless anything less than 120 lbs. at a height of around 5′ 9″ seems perfectly normal to anyone out there (don’t answer that, it’s not–I’m underweight).

        Goodness, I knew this would happen–haven’t felt this way since playing Super Mario Sunshine back on the GameCube. I’ll be lucky to wake up and actually eat something for breakfast if I even remember to. Well, the good side of this is that it should only last for the rest of the winter break from college! Afterwards, I’ll probably be back to my (somewhat) normal routine.

        My Color Theory professor at college stated that she is gonna be living off of ramen noodles all winter. I feel for her because I do the same with organic PB&J during these harsh times (because WE ALL know organic makes such a difference in everything–not being sarcastic there because processed peanut butter has trans fat and processed grape jelly has high fructose corn syrup). Man, even in starvation gaming mode, I’m still a health nut. XD

          1. Rock on! :D

            It’s funny because we’re both probably the opposite to most gamers out there–we forget to eat rather than eat any snacks while gaming. :p

            I’m still gonna keep up with my exercises, but it’s gonna be difficult to bring myself to eat anything because of how anxious I will be to keep playing the Wii U. I think I just made matters worse for myself because I just got my new Red Nintendo 3DS XL along with OoT3D, SM3DL, MK7, KI:U, AND plan on getting PM:SS next week Sunday. XD

            1. I feel you I’m never gonna get any sleep. I got Nintendoland, Batman, A.C3, Scribblenauts, Sonic Racing, NSMBU, and ZombiU I’ll probably take a nap around new years lol!

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        1. It’s either that, or your crystal ball is messed up? The Wii U will present hardcore games like Assassin’s Creed III, Darksiders II, and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge. BTW, Nintendo of Europe DID showcase Mass Effect 3, NG3: RE, and Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition in their Wii U commercial in the UK.

          1. Actually, Nintendo UK audience is mainly consisted of people who are generally associated with the “core” group of gamers. For the Wii’s generation, that KILLED the number of units sold in the UK (in a bad way) compared to the States and Japan. This time around, Nintendo brought out their big guns by showing off the core titles for the Wii U instead of the ones that are aimed at a more casual-type of audience.

            If Nintendo 3DS advertising shows off anything about what Nintendo’s aiming for in the US, it’s definitely gonna be the family-friendly/console made for everyone with games for everyone approach they’ve been recently using. The UK advertising is more geared towards the core audience than the casual audience while Japan is also much like the US in terms of advertising (with the exception of most Japanese commercials being fudging HILARIOUS).

            Hope that clears things up.

            Expect to see commercials for the Wii U aimed at everyone, rather than just the casual group of gamers, this time around in the US. :)

        2. I agree, I hope they stress the hardcore aspect they’ve been trying to create. I imagine this commercial will be a bunch of family members gathering to play this crazy new invention and when one person wants to watch TV they will switch the game to the Gamepad and play in all of those other rooms. But at least this won’t be as casual as Xbox 360.

          1. There’s nothing wrong with casual marketing if done correctly. The Wii Sports Resort Commercial was a great example of good casual marketing as it showed what the game can do which is the most important thing when marketing a product. Plus, there was more to it than just people staring at the screen with derpy smiles begging us to buy said product. The camera effects & CGI were pretty impressive & conveyed what the Wii Motion Plus can do. I don’t mind if the Wii U has some family friendly commercials just as long as they have substance & aren’t just random celebrities staring at a screen doing nothing for 30 seconds.

      5. It’s about time! Cutting it a little close there aren’t you, Nintendo? Why did they wait so late to start the advertisements? These commercials need to kicks ass and get the point across that Wii U is a new console but is also completely backward compatible with Wii. Leave luck to heaven.

      6. It looks too “family friendly” to me but I’m sure they will be good. I want to see some core player type commercials so we can prove the trolls wrong.

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