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Some Of The XBLA Team Have Been Working On Building The Wii U eShop

Jonathan Holmes, who works for Destructoid, has found out from Nintendo that some of the talented individuals who helped create the original Xbox Live Arcade have been helping Nintendo create the eShop for Wii U. Here’s what he had to say.

“Just had an awesome conversation with Nintendo. Did you know some of the people crafting the Wii U eShop worked on the original XBLA?”

Thanks, Mike

76 thoughts on “Some Of The XBLA Team Have Been Working On Building The Wii U eShop”

  1. See, Micro$hit ain’t bad they left to work with a better gaming Devis- errr company.Microsoft helping Ninty, even they admitted to wanted to bring them down.

    1. You know, you criticize them, but XBOX Live and the XBOX 360 is the most successful online console to date. Wii might have sold a lot of console units, but software sales-wise, XBOX 360 dwarfs the other consoles roundly. Lots of people bought a Wii, but like me, a lot of them played it for a little while and then forgot about it. In fact, everyone I know that has bought more than 1 console that included a Wii, has not played their Wii in ages. Hell, mine hasn’t been hooked up in over 3 years. But I play my XBOX 360 every single day. Simply because the online is better and because there are more third party games like Assassins Creed, Batman, Marvel Alliance, Crysis 2, etc. Blockbuster games that Nintendo hasn’t been able to e part of until just now.

      If you were a REAL gamer and not just a blind Nintendo fanboy, you’d realize the value in each console rather than just saying “anything that isn’t Nintendo is $hit”. True gamers love GAMES, not just consoles (or one company, as the case may be in this situation).

      1. The highest selling games this Gen were all on the wii. Mario kart wii sold twice as many units as the highest selling Xbox 360 game. NSMBwii sold way more than the highest 360 game.

        The highest selling 360 game is Kinnect adventures with 18M. Mario kart wii is 36M

        1. Overall , third party games did better on the 360. But don’t act like the wii did bad lol. It has the highest selling fighting game of all time – Super Smash Bros Brawl. The highest selling Platformer of all time – NSMBwii (or DS, can’t remember) I think Mario kart is the highest selling Game on any 1 platform of all time. And Wii sports is the highest selling Pack in(sepereate in japan) game of all time with 80 million units.

          Those figures dwarfe the 360 , and there is many other wii games that sold well (mainly all first party)

          BUT third party developers have been much more successfull on the 360 and ps3 than the wii. That is all.

                1. Ahhh yes! So I was!!! And that guy said Microsoft was dwarfing Nintendo’s sales. When Nintendo pretty much hold the title of Most sold game in most genres lol.

                    1. I know. But all the games I mentioned were pretty recent. The xbox does have high selling 3rd party games. But the wii has the highest selling games. and they all seem to be first party.

      2. “but XBOX Live and the XBOX 360 is the most successful online console to date.”

        that’s not saying much at all, especially considering it’s a paid service

        also, there is 0 reason to buy a 360 if you own a PC

        1. Yes their is , it the pleasure of supporting a company i like & helping them keep their games on their console & not allow them to port to pirate PC world.

      3. It’s not that I don’t like the consoles (never played an Xbox, love playing PS3) it’s just the companies themselves just piss me off sometimes (Sony and Microsoft jumping on the motion control bandwagon after the Wii was proven to be popular, Microsoft announcing SmartGlass 1YEAR after Wii U announcement etc.)

      4. …you know, half of what you said was just pointless? You could’ve been more concise and just talked about the good assets of the Xbox 360, instead of going on and on about how the Wii is shit. You may not have plugged in a Wii for over 3 years (You missed out in 2009/2010/2011) but I did and I still do. Why? Because I’m a “REAL” gamer and I looked for these games, instead of ignoring them and bitching about how the Wii lacks 3rd party support. BTW, being a “REAL” gamer doesn’t mean you can’t prefer companies or consoles, you just have to be appreciative of other companies and consoles because they’re all here to push gaming forward.

      5. If I were a fanboy i’m sure I wouldn’t have a 360.M$ posses me off but damn when it comes to shooters it’s dominant!I like microsoft somewhat, but they really are rip-offs.

    2. Not to mention indie games are vastly more available and abundant on XBOX Live because it’s much more indie-developer friendly. The good thing is that Wii U looks to mimic that. But to deny MS the credibility of te success of XBOX 360 for all it’s factors (online, indie games, third party support, graphic capabilities, etc.), is silly.

  2. Great news, XBLA, no matter what people say, is the best console game download store out there, vastly superior to PS Store and Wii Shop Channel. Can’t wait to see the best of the Wii Shop Channel combined with the making of XBLA with things learnt from PS Store. Should be amazing for developers and consumers.

  3. That’s a very smart move by Nintendo. Get the best to work on your online shop. I’ve heard people say Microsoft has the best online service so Nintendo should copy it to make theirs better. Not a bad idea, but knowing Nintendo they like to do their own thing. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

        Nintendo will never be over anyway. They came out before MicroSony and they will last longer than MicroSony if the Wii U sales like the Wii. I love all three companies but numbers are a virtue.

  4. 7 more days for Merica. Get ready Mericans the Wii U is almost here, I have been killing myself watching unboxing videos, I want to do one myself so bad!!! Isn’t this like the first time America gets something before japan. Usually japan gets stuff like 6 months- year before us.

  5. WHAT? NO THIS IS INSANE!!! ARGHH CURSE YOU NINTENDO,but haha it doesnt metter the wiiu will fail thanks to its generation and NOTHING WILL STOP XBOX720 OR AT LEAST PS4 HAHAHA

              1. Yeah, “second” dev kits.

                If you think the PS4 is launching in 2013 at this stage in development, you’re a gigantic fucking idiot.

                When it comes out, the Wii U will weep and the downscaling will begin. Microsoft will be able to get their Nextbox out cometime in 2013, I’d imagine. So they can start steamrolling them in no time. While the fanboys talk about gameplay over graphics for the umpteenth time when they can’t deliver either.

                1. Cool story bro. Anyways, if Sony gives Nintendo two years, it won’t matter if the PS4 blows away the Wii-U? Developers would’ve found a sound market for their games and will refuse to move on. That’s what happened with the PlayStation, it got a two year head-start, it didn’t matter if the Nintendo 64 was far more powerful. Anyways, what’s wrong with downports? The PS2 got downports and so did the PS3, yet it’s only pointed out if it’s for Nintendo. Your bias is cute and laughable. BTW, why do you come to a site filled with information you don’t care about? You don’t like Nintendo, so why do you waste your pathetic miserable life on a Nintendo site and suck Sony’s dick like some cheap whore? If you want to suck Sony’s cock, go to a Sony website and be their bitch over there. Everyone here is tired of your fucking bullshit. You may not like Nintendo but a lot of people still do so how about you shut the fuck and go somewhere else?

          1. I don’t know what they hell they’d even do with over 8 tbh. I VERY rarely go over 8 myself. I’d expect maybe 4GB on the final product, consoles really don’t need that much ram.

            then again i’m not Sony idk

            1. They don’t, but that’s probably just their attempt to have another “ten year cycle”.

              4GB-6GB would just about keep them covered, really.

              1. yeah i guess that’s true. it is good to have some future-proofing.

                i don’t know what kind of dev tools they need all that ram for though, what the heck
                great gaming PCs don’t even need 16
                sometimes i wish i was a developer so i could make sense of these things ._.

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  7. That’s comforting, though I’m hoping this means Nintendo will be embracing arcade titles with its eshop service. The Virtual Console on the Wii fully embraced, what, five or so classics? Let’s see more! I love Golden Axe and Altered Beast but there WERE more great arcade titles to come out of the late 80s/early 90s.

  8. If Gamecube titles will become available, then I want Luigi’s Mansion and Eternal Darkness. Speaking of which, I want a sequel!

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