Wii U GamePad Has A ‘Mystery’ Connector

After receiving a Wii U Deluxe Set, which includes a black console and Wii U GamePadArs Technica found out that there’s a mystery connector at the bottom of the new controller. Although the user’s manual says the connector is for controller accessories, there haven’t been any revealed yet.

In addition to a slot for the charger and a standard headphone jack at the top, the bottom of the tablet GamePad has a mysterious connector at the bottom. The user’s manual says this connector is for “controller accessories,” but none have yet been announced. The connector is a thinner than the Wii Remote connector that was used for things like the Nunchuk and Classic Controller. Karaoke launch game We Sing doesn’t use it either—the microphone that comes with that game plugs into the USB slots on the base system. Curious…


      1. I know it’s hard for you to understand this, but not everyone is trolling. There are things called jokes, and this appears to be one of them.

  1. That’s for aleous to put his little pee pee in, it looks like It’s his size, maybe a lil bit too big for him but atleast Nintendo thought about him, have fun ….

  2. Well, we already know that it’s for the charging cradle that comes with the Pro Pack but I imagine it will be used for the inevitable Zapper some day.

  3. Everyone forgot the shooting gun they showed in last years E3 when the WiiU was announced?
    I bet it will be used for that, and maybe they bring back donkey conga and you plug that into the controller so you can play it with and without tv screen? I’m just guessing but i think it will be used for somethiing laike that.

  4. well of course there’d be an extension slot.. nintendo would be silly not to include it.. you never know what the future may bring accessory wise

  5. It is obviously for the Wii U Zapper. Look it up on Google and you will see how it works. The Wii U sits ontop of the gun like a “scope.” You can totally tell that the “mysterious plug” at the bottom plugs into the top of the accessory.

    1. That would be much easier to run by just wirelessly connecting the 3DS and Wii U and have the 3DS transfer the image over. There’s no need for any extra physical components.

  6. Sometimes I feel like they put these ports in and never use them. There’s a “mystery port” under a second door on the PS Vita too. I can’t wait to see what they use it for, if they use it.

  7. At e3 they had a “mystery port to HDMI” cable connecting it to the TV so the people in line can see what was happening on the GamePad… How awesome would it be if they released that for consumers?

  8. To bring some light into this topic:
    I say the port is for the cradle/accessory and the holes next to the connector are there to keep the gamepad in place. It’s just like the two holes on the wiimote for the wm+ add-on.

  9. what if it’s a ds player add on like the gameboy player for the gamecube or the super gameboy for the snes

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  11. You heard it here first. I’m guessing we’re going to the likes of a keyboard or something for the remote for playing music. Maybe some sort of 3ds connectivity

  12. This is hardly news … it’s used for charging when docked on the charging cradle, ars technica lives under a rock ?

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