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The Wii U GamePad Is Also A Nifty Universal TV Remote

By simply pressing the TV Control Button on the Wii U GamePad, you’ll have access to digital buttons that allow you to control the television as if you’re using a designated TV remote. The digital buttons, which appear on the new controller’s 6.2 inch touchscreen, allow you to turn your TV on and off, change channels, switch between various inputs, and control volume. The Wii U GamePad’s digital buttons can also function with cable boxes.

64 thoughts on “The Wii U GamePad Is Also A Nifty Universal TV Remote”

    1. I’m hoping for an auto search function I cba inputting shit loads of codes to get my tv or cable box to work with the game pad. Some codes only give you certain functions like volume and channel change no input change :-/

        1. I think it was IGN the recently had an article about someone taking one home to play around with. Apparently its exactly that you simply select the brand of tv etc and it scans for thr code on its own.

          1. Yup, it was IGN. Take a look for the article. The guy said he has connected to two TVs, and both times took him a few moments. You choose your manufacturer I think and it goes from there

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