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Wii U Can Shut Down On Its Own

By default, the Wii U shuts down if you leave it unattended for a certain amount of time. This feature is called the ‘automatic shutoff’ and can be configured for your preference. If you accidentally leave your Wii U powered on while you’re asleep, if the feature is set, the console will shut down on its own, which will save electricity. However, if you don’t want this nifty feature to initiate, you can turn it off completely.

104 thoughts on “Wii U Can Shut Down On Its Own”

  1. That’s a nice feature, though I will be turning it off. I regularly leave my consoles running if I have to leave but I am a while from a save point.

      1. Have you not heard about Assassin’s Creed 3, Dishonored, New Super Mario Bros. U, Borderlands 2. Your statement is complete bullshit.

        1. To be honest with you. Not everyone has the same preferences in games.
          Epic Mickey Power of Illusion is indeed one of 3DS Best titles coming.

    1. I’m not sure having this feature be on by default is such a good idea. I can see people freaking out about their console randomly shutting down, losing the saves, and such.

  2. Seriously? A hugely minor feature that has been on most electronic devices for the past ten years and you think it’s newsworthy?

    1. Well it definitely isn’t on the PS3 because my family always leaves mine on after watching films and the controllers run out of battery. So yes, I found it to be worthy of news.

        1. infernalstorm is indeed VERY misinformed: not only the PS3 has this feature, but it ALSO lets you set a time for the *controllers* to shut off on their own, saving battery, as Vylash said.

          1. I just assumed that if it had the function, they would’ve had it turned on by default. My PS3 did not have it turned on, but now going through the settings, I realise that I am incorrect.

          1. They don’t have it set to default, because some don’t know
            About it, and you wouldn’t want to find
            Out by losing a save
            Point or download when the system seemingly turned off on it’s own. This is true for 360 and
            PS3 which both have multiple time options for shutoff.

      1. I have both PS3 and Wii U…both have the feature which is cool. It is old school but its new for some people…leave them alone.

        1. As said above it does. I regularly leave it on 2 hours as I have the same problem mentioned above: my wife uses it to watch netflix and often falls asleep, letting the system on.

    2. Don’t be such a douche. It’s all over IGN and the rest. It’s usefull for us to know!!! I am just going to switch the feature off. BUT , it’s a good feature to have.

        1. Yeh , becuase the wiiu has this feature automatically as a default. But you can switch it off , so it’s not a problem at all :)

  3. That’s a good feature. I remember I forgot to turn off my Wii one night.
    And if you don’t want that, you just change the settings. Everybody wins !

        1. Well… not very innovative compared to other consloes. Thats like saying Plays Station All-Stars Battle Royale is innovative… for Sony…. -__-

          1. While it’s not innovative, the game plays quite different from Smash, tbh.

            Hard for me to call it a ripoff in anything but genre and premise, come to think of it.

  4. The ouya,the next xbox and ps4 would be able to do this as well. Hell, even my phone can do that. This articles point?

    1. i’m sure they will.. now that nintendo has set the bar concerning consoles
      current consoles can’t even though the technology has been there for ages (my pc could do it since windows 98 and i know that with custom programs it was possible even before that)

      you’ll have to explain to me however what a smartphone has to do with a console

      1. correction: the xbox360 can apparently even tho i’ve never heard of this feature before
        it’s still noteworthy since it’s apparently not standard

  5. I sort of wish the Wii U would instead do a sleep mode feature for how long we could have the system on instead of this, but oh well. :s

    1. It probably can bro… The wii had wiiconnect24! so don’t discount some sort of ”Download whilst you sleep” mode just yet.

      1. the wiiconnect24 was basically the wii being in idle state however.. it was no sleep state..
        the wii still used about 9-10 watts in that state which is way more than a sleep state would consume (about 0.5-2 watts)
        however in sleep state only the volatile ram is being powered (to preserve data) any kind of background activity would be impossible in that state
        background activity requires more power

  6. I might turn this off at certain times,but it is still great to have. Sometimes , I leave my systems on for a long time which really uses my battery.

      1. Aren’t you not supposed to drive in fatigue? You almost died in F-Zero! That’s worse than distracted driving. Haha reminds me of playing MH3 with some friends, texting and hunting is very dangerous too.

  7. I want to know if it has a sleep download feature, and if download counts as being inactive. Pain in the ass having to leave my ps3 on when i download something, often when i go to bed, and it just stays on once its downloaded.

    1. That’s why I put my time limit on 5 hour since that should be more than enough for a download, plus my brother leave it on often when watching Netflix. I think you can set it to turn on for updates if you have play station plus.

  8. with the wii that wasn’t much of an issue since it used ~10 watts in idle
    i’m sure this will be useful though
    i hope it stores the session in RAM however and remains in a sort of sleep mode so you can pick up where you left off

    1. my bad it used about 16-17 watts in idle
      still not much compared to a PC (~100-120w) or an xbox360 (~90w on newer models.. about twice as much on the original model) that are left in idle

    1. I love getting paid to trashtalk Nintendo. But once again… I struggle to see anything amazing coming out of Nintendo.

  9. hi there justin link eddy buy a 100 watt or 150 watt solar pannel soo you have a solar powered wii u or buy a 400 watt wind generator for $388 wind power wii u zero emissions we use hydro eletric generator at 100 kw in our town

  10. I dont understand this feature for hardcore gamers. Me, I have the complete oposite feature. If I lose electicity for 2-3 hours, my TV and Wii U will continue to play because of the battery pack I got. But no online of course.. so If I was playing Black ops 2 online .. im fucked.

  11. god knows why nintendo would opt to put this feature [on] by default but its a not a big deal. just switch the settings, and be glad your able to do it :l

    all im saying is that stores are selling WiiU’s for $500 here in chicago. BASIC WiiU for 500.

      1. Its a store that’s guaranteeing a wiU at launch but like I said, its $500, ill ask my coworker on Monday, he’s the one. Who told me about it.

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