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Mass Effect 3: Special Edition For Wii U – Official Trailer

BioWare has released the official trailer of Mass Effect 3: Special Edition for Wii U. The game includes brand-new features and content that take advantage of Nintendo’s new hardware. Mass Effect 3: Special Edition will be available for purchase on Wii U’s launch day, which is November 18th in North America and November 30th in Europe.

48 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3: Special Edition For Wii U – Official Trailer”

    1. No. I could name about 15 games that are a better way to spend that money. Dude this looks great , but does Gamepad controlls and off screen play really make up for the abscence of 2 full games ??

      Xbox 360 – Mass effect trilogy 3 games 59:99
      Wiiu – Mass effect 3 SE 59:99. It may end up being great , but I would rather have 3 games with just normal controlls.

      1. Edward your brain has not been the same lately,if ea have to port each game for wiiu on day 1 the version would have costed lik 80 maybe more maybe in 6 months but right now is not much we could do after all they are only investing money in porting MF1 on ps3 and no investment on 360

        1. Well they should NOT put Just ME3 on it’s own on wiiu. They should of waited a year and just released the trilogy. It would cost them mere peanuts to port the games over.

          Just add in some touch screen controlls and off screen play and hey presto . ME trilogy on wiiu.

          ME3 special edition should not cost 60$ compared to trilogy also 60$.

            1. ME4 should come to the wiiu. There is not reason why they would put ME3 on wiiu and not ME4.

              I just think Bioware and EA have shot themselves in the foot. Because it IS going to damage the sales of ME3 wiiu MASSIVELY. A LOT of people who are buying the wiiu have a ps3 or 360 already, So will just buy the trilogy on that.

  1. EA is downright pathetic. “Hey Nintendo fans, the Wii U version of Mass Effect 3 is the DEFINITIVE version!!!!!!!!!!! Pay no attention to the fact that PS3 and 360 owners are getting all three games for the same price with Mass Effect Trilogy, your version of ONE game is DEFINITIVE!!!!!!!!!!”. Fuck you EA, fuck you.

    1. Get over it. Nintendo is late to the game. Bioware is not going to invest so much time and money developing/porting three full games right away because Nintendo is just now catching up.

      If you really cared about playing the series, you have had five years to get it on ether the PC or Xbox 360, and even a couple of years on the PS3.

      1. It’s the principle of the matter that EA doesn’t give a shit about Nintendo fans and only want to rip us off for money (see Wii version of Fifa and Wii U versions of Fifa 13 and Madden 13 compared to others). Like nintedward said above, they could’ve waited a year and give us the full Trilogy then.

        1. They did the same to Sony too. Tons of game companies do this. It’s all about money. Nothing new.

          Sucks for gamers who limit themselves to one console though.

          1. Thing is I don’t limit myself to one console. In addition to my Wii and 3DS I have a PS3 (it’s my brothers, but it still counts since I play it). I wouldn’t play these games myself, but the principle of what EA is doing just pisses me off.

      2. How is Nintendo late to the game? Wii U was announced at E3 last year and EA knew about it before then. ME3 was released early this year. EA was onstage proclaiming their support for Nintendo. They had a year and a half to get the trilogy ready for Wii U.

        They could’ve easily brought the games to Wii U. They didn’t have to do anything with the touch screen. Hell, I bet most Nintendo gamers who didn’t have a chance to play ME before would’ve been glad for it. “Thanks for the consideration, EA.” I know would’ve bought it.

        Is it so hard to give Nintendo gamers the same thing you give everyone else? This is coming across as almost spiteful on EA’s part. And now, when it doesn’t sell well, which is almost a guarantee, they’ll say, “Nintendo fans don’t want our games.” and go on to snub us in the future because of something that was their own fault.

  2. EA are such a bunch of cunts. First the release a trilogy, before the WiiU, and for all the other systems, but then theres another DLC coming out a week after the WiiU USA launch. Really EA? Go FUCK yourself. I dont really care, because i already bought and played both ME2 and 3 ages ago, but you’re a bunch of dicks. Just because Nintendo didnt want to sell out to your piece of shit Origin service.

  3. No problem with the 60 here, it was a rebuild from a new team, new controls and full 1080p graphics with less jaggies and better load times. Sounds like a lot of bonuses for me, but on a side note I’ve been waiting to play this game on the wii u instead of the 360 so the 60 bucks was already set to be spent on this game either way.

  4. I dont understand why anyone would want the trillogy for the xbox 360 when you can purchase them all for under $60. Don’t understand why they would even put this on the Wii U. Don’t like the idea of looking down at the gamepad to make weapon choices while the action continues on the main TV screen.

  5. I’ll probably pick this up once I see a huge price drop on it. That and I’m playing the Mass Effect games on my 360, I don’t have 3 yet but after I’m done with 1 and 2, then time for 3.

  6. How unfortunate this turned out to be. EA screwed themselves and the team they hired to port this game, over big time. Leave luck to heaven.

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