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15 Minute Overview Of Wii U And Its Features

Nintendo Japan has uploaded a presentation designed to show off the Wii U and its unique capabilities. There’s footage of the sublime New Super Mario Bros U as well as Nintendo’s own social network, Miiverse. Wii U launches in Japan on December 8th.

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    1. Answer: it is a Japanese video. It is a demo of the features, and able to see what features look like (Miiverse, etc). He is posting it since it has footage not seen before.

      1. 私は任天堂が私の任天堂と呼ばれていたクラブニンテンドーの前にサービスを使用していたので、それがMyNintendoNewsと呼ばれていました…戻って、彼らはまだ彼らのフォーラムを持っていたとき思った。*ため息*私はこれらのフォーラムをそんなに逃す…=(

  1. Very sweet girl, but I cant speak Japanese, I hope they add subtitles in the near feature. But we mostly know what we saw…

  2. YESSSSSS! I will name my goat Nintendo and fuck the shit out of it. I am so horny now, the japanese language makes me squirm! GOAT LOVE TIME!!!!!!

    1. Psshaw! Who can afford a Wii U that DOESN’T have a working wireless Internet connection nowadays? *rolls his eyes*

        1. You’re most likely a *special* case as you live in the Northeast most likely.

          Hope those conditions improve very soon! :c

  3. You know, up until this past week, I was about to cave in and sign up for Facebook and Twitter because it’s always so hard to stay in touch with friends and make new ones on the Wii. Nintendo DS, or Nintendo 3DS.

    It took me a while to do so, but I sold my Nintendo 3DS because I’m fed up with the friend codes now. It’s also too much of a hassle lugging it around with me for Play Coins and StreetPass (which are both gimmicky enough in their own regards) and it is an even MORE major pain to be constantly asking people for their twelve digit friend codes over and over because no one wants to do that anymore. It’s like giving someone your phone number. You just don’t do that because, to them, and in all actuality, being a friend on something like the Wii, Nintendo 3DS, or Nintendo DS is a waste of time.

    With the Wii U, it’s the total opposite to the rest of the systems. Couldn’t be happier to wait until I heard about Miiverse details! This looks like it will be taking its place amongst the biggest and best of all gaming-related social networks! Nintendo has REALLY stepped up their game BIG TIME!

    Forget Facebook and Twitter, we can ACTUALLY make friends with random strangers we play and talk with on Miiverse throughout the whole Wii U experience!

    It always ended up the same way each time for me: 1) You make a friend IRL or on the Interwebz, 2) Ask them for their friend code for said game or device, 3) Register it, 4) Friend Code either doesn’t function because it’s wrong or the other person just forgets to even add you in the first place, 5) Go back to talk to them the next day about it, 6) They tell you they will “add you” or they give you the fixed number, and 7) They don’t even bother logging on or associating with you on Nintendo 3DS and you both forget about the friend list soon thereafter.

    Simply put, Friend Codes are a clunky, broken down, run-of-the-mill pile of useless digits that only separate users more so than bring them together. Seriously, even the Nintendo GameCube had better forms of connecting with an online community with games such as Phantasy Star Online Episode I and II than the Wii, Nintendo 3DS, or Nintendo DS have. That game is basically 10-years-old.

    The Nintendo 3DS is sure to have many great games coming its way, but as many portable systems for me before, it just doesn’t hold my attention long enough for me to really enjoy the games to their full extent like I would on a home console. I just simply feel at home when I play on Nintendo’s home consoles–much like I would feel using an iMac’s OSX vs. Windows 7 or an iPhone’s iOS vs. Google’s Android OS. To me, it’s all just a matter of preference.

    It’s strange. I’m making Miyamoto’s earlier words come true that people buying a Wii U don’t really want or have a Nintendo 3DS. It’s the sad truth. Most of us getting a Wii U probably doesn’t play much on portable systems anymore. :/

    1. The 3ds works seemlesly. You have to add friend codes of people you know or talk to online but still works great. Swapnote/Nintendo Letter box is awesome. Games such as Mario Kart . kid icarus etc work excellently online. So I don’t see what your problem is with 3ds.

      The DS and Wii are old and archaic , but the 3ds is brilliant. Not perfect but brilliant.
      Wiiu looks Unique and almost perfect.

      1. It’s as I said before–matter of preference, I suppose. :)

        Not dissing the capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS, but stating my personal take with the system ever since I had one at launch. It has been too cumbersome for me to add friends on my Nintendo 3DS, and, like I said before in a previous topic with you, I have a LOT that goes on in my daily life. I just don’t have the time anymore to invest in both a Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, really.

        Sorry about that, bud. :c

        1. Don’t appolagise to me! lol , do what ever the fuck you want. I personally love my 3ds , it’s one of my favorite consoles ever mainly due to the games library and games like Luigi’s mansion , Castlevania , animal crossing etc. I love the 3d I love the games!

          The online is NOT perfect , but it works well for gaming and I have added about 40 people on it and speak to them frequently on Swapnot/letterbox.

          I will focus all of my gaming money and attention on 3ds and Wiiu !!!

          1. If you knew me irl, you’d hate me for how many times I apologize to people for the stupidest things! lol XD

            Focusing all my gaming money and attention on the Wii U and whatever comes out for it. Hopefully, most of the eShop games on the Nintendo 3DS will also be available on the Wii U. :3

            Crossing my fingers for an all-new Cave Story game to come out on both. I’ve always wondered how Cave Story could be as a third-person shooter action/adventure game a la Jet Force Gemini though. I think a formula like that would perfectly suit it. :3

  4. I’m still wondering why Japan is getting the wii u last. I thought it will come out in japan first since Nintendo is located there.

    1. You forget that the Wii came out in America first as well.

      Nintendo simply knows where to target their demographic based on their new hardware and who it would appeal more towards. The Wii sold the most in America, so they are going to sell the Wii U first to North America as a result when it launches.

      If memory serves me right, it took the Japanese some time to start buying into the Wii craze. Nintendo shifted their demographic ever since the Wii launched because they noticed their home consoles sell the most units in North America compared to any other region–Japan included.

      Currently, Japan’s demographic is shifting more towards portable systems and mobile devices due to the state of their economy and their lifestyle being entirely different to ours.

      1. Actually, I think it’s more based on the holiday shopping scene. In America, we have ‘Black Friday’ or also known as “Day after Thanksgiving”. This is the largest shopping day of the year, and Nintendo needs to have the system available before this date. Hence why the Wii was out at the same time. In Japan and Europe, they do not celebrate Thanksgiving, nor have a major shopping day, so they are able to release it a little later.

        Keep in mind the US was last to get the 3DS and the 3DS XL. We are are also typically last for a number of games as well.

  5. Wiiuは、今までにない最高のコンソールです!その日本人の女の子が熱い暑いです

    1. “Wiiu is the best console ever! Japanese hot girl that is hot”

      ^ At least the translator made some sense out of the text. Not sure if you meant to say “Japanese hot girl that is hot” though. XD

        1. OH YEAH!? BRING IT, YO!

          私は失敗しません。私の日本語は私に失敗しました。私はこのように話しているか分からない。私はそれは叙事詩であるとWii Uのゲームパッドのタッチスクリーンの偉大な使用になるだろうので、ファンタシースターオンライン2がWii Uに来るべきだと思う。 = ^ _ ^ =

          1. 私は、あなたが失敗したと言っていませんでした^ _ ^。ちょうど熱い女の子は失敗のように暑いですと言って笑失敗です。


            ロバディック、くそ、糞、屁、陰茎、膣 – これらの言葉は翻訳誓うか見てみましょう。すべてがそれです!

            This failed in translation lol. I wasn’t saying you fail lol. I was just saying a Hot girl is Hot like a Fail is a fail.

            1. If you ever wondered what the Japanese say in those YouTube comments you see at times, here you go:


    1. It is 四季丸究極の戦争ガイズうん! – 私は、私はあなたにそれを我慢しましょう​​私のへらをプレゼントしない:3

      ^ _ ^

  6. The UI is just too simple looking and whats up with the cutesy music… sigh!!! So why do the OS need 1GB again?? I hope Nintendo will revamp that UI to make it more Western friendly. I am not impressed with it. Core gamers will find it laughable.

    1. 私は、UIはかなり限りシームレスかつそれのような直感的なものはありませんWiiのU.で本当にすばらしい見える見つける。どうやら、あなただけのシンプルさは、我々はすべて私たちの日常生活で必要なものがどこにあるか時代に単純に同意しない場合は退屈な、メニュー方式のプロンプトが好きです。

  7. “Nintendo is developing a ground breaking new holographic video system that should give it a leg up in the highly competitive world of gaming consoles. The new system utilizes a technology first developed at MIT and uses sophisticated software to render 3D images and bring a whole new reality to gaming.

    The revoltionary system works first by using the beautifully rendered 3D images already present in games like Ghost squad and then the specialized software calculates a laser diffraction pattern which is needed to create the hologram. To create a full color spectrum image three different light interferance patterns are needed for each of the primary colors. The video signal is then sent into a light modulator, which is made up of a waveguide where light travels, covered by a piezoelectric material that converts the video signal into vibrations. The video signal bends the shape of the piezoelectric material, which actually changes the properties of the light moving through the waveguide. The light wave that is emitted is composed of various intensities and frequencies,that when projected can recreate a three-dimensional scene.

    Nintendo’s Wii system has been unexpected hit with gamers of all ages and if the Holographic gaming platform comes together like Nintendo hopes it could put it miles ahead of Sony and Microsoft for the hearts and minds gamers worldwide.”

    What if they’re secretly planning to use this tech with wii u……………….

    1. Where did you get that from? Seems too elaborate to be any generic rumor. o.o

      That wouldn’t be used with Wii U though. The Wii U works on TVs that display images via RGB, not RYB. It is VERY possible that through reflections of mirrors and projections of images upon a glass surface that we can get a holographic system next console generation though. :)

      1. Search it up around the internet bro. Nintendo has been working with holographic tech for a while now. I doubt it would be used with the tech already with the Wii U unless they’re still keeping secrets about it..but aside from that, it could be a possible add-on. But then again, I don’t think nintendo is really the type to make a certain type of tech alongside the main product like microsoft and sony. They said they don’t like to do that I think way back when lol.

        All I know is that what if they do that to combat the rumored VR tech for the next xbox?.
        Because I mean, think about the possibilities. It’s like those commercials we have nowadays where people are touching random holograms in the air. You could maybe even possibly replace the T.V. with that kind of tech

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  9. Not bad for a japanese girl.

    Why are there SO many Wii U videos in japanese only, when the US is getting the console FIRST this time?

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