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Second Trailer Of Little Inferno Includes Glimpses Of (Disturbing) Gameplay

Tomorrow Corporation has released the second trailer for its first Wii U game, Little Inferno. Little Inferno is a game in which children purchase a wide variety of items, then toss them into a fireplace, and watch them burn. Little Inferno will be available for download from the Nintendo eShop at Wii U’s launch this Sunday, November 18th.

118 thoughts on “Second Trailer Of Little Inferno Includes Glimpses Of (Disturbing) Gameplay”


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      1. I totally am digging the artwork, and am looking forward to the plot.
        If they wrote an engaging story, and continue the great artistic presentation, the gameplay make more sence.

        1. I will give you that, the artwork looks very nice but for me it will always be game-play over graphics and no amount of graphics can replace monotonous game-play, I wouldn’t have the patience to play this game to get to the “good stuff”.

  1. Is it worth buying if you already have a fireplace and a whole lot of xbox and playstation merchandise ready to burn*.

    Review = the games good , but some nasty smoke happens when burning plastics.

    1. I doubt this game will get much positive reviews. *sighs*

      Can’t believe I was setting my sights up for a game as amazing or even greater than World of Goo, just to be stuck with THIS from the same developers. It’s like a major slap in the face for me. :/

      Almost as bad as the transition from Perfect Dark to Perfect Dark Zero.

      1. First of all, this isn’t from the same developers; just the same artist. Second of all, we barely saw any gameplay. So hush.

        1. It’s not? Just checked–oh wow. Surprisingly similar in terms of design and atmosphere.

          On the second part, though, what we just saw WAS the gameplay. And, as stated in my post below, nothing has convinced me to buy the game. :/

          Sometimes, a bad game is just bad. Your comment is the same thing Heroes of Ruins supporters were saying too when it didn’t have much gameplay footage–HoR turned out to be a monstrosity.

      2. I’m going to buy it. If it sucks, I’ll stop supporting the devs. You don’t know if there’s more to the strategy and gameplay mechanics.

        You’re entitled to your opinion ofcourse, but I’m going to see more before making a solid “Awesome or sucks” judgement call.

    1. Your buying items to put into your fireplace entertainment system. Then you start a fire in the FES and put the items you bought in the fire. From their ashes you’ll get gold coins, you use those gold coins to buy more items and then wash, rinse, repeat

  2. I’m gonna be the one to say it:

    Compared to World of Goo, this game is really lacking in the “fun” department. Sure, we have never seen a game really…quite like this, but I feel like there is almost no appeal in buying it whatsoever. It doesn’t have anything that will keep me coming back to play it again and again like World of Goo based on what we’ve seen. :/

    Hope the developers can convince me to change my mind before it comes out. Right now, I’m not planning on purchasing this game. Please (to the developers that used to be 2D Boy), please continue working on this game’s puzzle mechanic that will keep me coming back like World of Goo for the challenge. :(

  3. That was different in a very creepy way. Innovation follows Nintendo every where. People we have over 30 games launch day and you complain. We have been spoilt this time around nintendo Stewarts. Zombie U and this will scare and entertain me greatly.

    1. I agree, there’s a huge variety of games for launch/launch window. The one I myself am psyched about is The Wonderful 101. I’m a HUGE comic collector. Pikmin plus super heroes equals awesome IMO. The graphics on the Colonial Marines game are looking pretty slick too. And then there’s Mass Effect, Batman, NSMBU, Assassin’s Creed, Nintendo Land, Avengers, Pikmin 3, ZombiU, Darksiders, Scribblenauts, Rayman… HOLY CRAP, I CAN’T WAIT FOR SATURDAY NIGHT!!!

      1. Oh, plus the rumor floating around that we’re getting Borderlands 2 this spring. That would make my year. I played an hour or two of the first one and was hooked. Anyone know if that port’s been confirmed yet?

        1. Please say it ain’t so, borderlands 2. If that comes to the Wii U, they can keep GTA V. Monster hunter 3 Ultimate, Project Cars, Need for speed most wanted, Aliens Colonial marines, Bayonetta all next spring the Wii U is succeeding. Don’t forget the launch window titles.

      2. I am banking on Zombie U, this game, maybe Batman Arkham City; saving up for monster hunter 3 Ultimate. Your selection of games is awesome and very wallet draining :).

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  5. I’m really surprised at how well the Wii U is picking up indie titles. WiiWare did not fare so well so these brand new early indie games are a good sign of things to come. Maybe it will help Nintendo when back some of the casual market that it lost to Apple and Facebook gaming. Maybe.

    1. The story is that the world they live in is getting colder, and they burn things to keep warm. It’s pretty much the past time for the world.
      It appears as though the children have no idea what’s going on outside, as they’ve never really been able to on account of the frigid temps.

      I assume there’s more to it than that, but I just can;t wait to play it and find out! :D

      1. I watched the trailer, I just disagree with everyone who has come to the conclusion that there is nothing more to the game than what we saw.
        Have you been to their website?
        Check it out.
        I really like new, strange games. I’m also excited to know the storyline behind this creepy game.

        1. I wouldn’t call it creepy in the tradition sense.. more like a fetish for a pyromaniac, I checked the website. “An adventure that takes place almost entirely in front of a fireplace” sounds epic…

          1. Aww, tell me how you really feel.
            Not even going to give it a chance huh? Well, it’s a free country.
            I like the art-style, and I’m buying it. It doesn’t have to be “Epic,” just fun. I think there’s a plot twist that they don’t want to spoil.

            1. Well I wouldn’t say never, Sometimes I get bored and buy games I think wouldn’t be any good just so I can say “I knew it”. Although sometimes a game will surprise me but it doesn’t happen often. I just don’t see it in this game. I hope you enjoy it dude, maybe you can come back here and let us know if it’s any good or not.

  6. Okay, I have watched two trailers/previews for this game and I have to say that this looks like one of the stupidest games I have ever seen. I have zero interest in this game and will never look into researching it further ever again.
    I have stated my opinion. That is all.

  7. I feel as though there will be more to it than just putting things in a fireplace and burning them.
    I’d say puzzle-based burns with objectives. At least, I think that’s what I read.

    The story seems interesting too. I’m a big sucker for creepy artstyles and creepy stories. :P

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