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Rayman Legends Wii U Demo Coming November 18th

Ubisoft has confirmed that there will be a playable demo of the beautiful Rayman Legends when the Wii U launches in North America on November 18th. Rayman Legends was originally scheduled to launch alongside Wii U, but has been delayed until sometime early next year.

23 thoughts on “Rayman Legends Wii U Demo Coming November 18th”

    1. Also, I feel obligated to comment on the fact that my comment is the first one posted, and therefore I am officially cooler than everyone who posts below me. Carry on.

  1. “but has been delayed until sometime early next year.” >.<

    Early March, for those who want to know. I will barely sleep next 4 months…

  2. I’ll be definitely downloading this, but not buying it, i dont really like Rayman, tought the game looks beautiful, im not really interested in it, ill use that 999 pesos for lego city undercover.

  3. I’ve already played it at the best buy one. Actually, it was the only demo available. I walked in to look at computers for school and there it was haha.

  4. Delay is the best thing for them, for me anyways. With Mario and ZombiU, I wouldn’t have been giving this a look. However, it looks interesting, and as I finish the games I buy in Nov/Dec, I’ll be looking for something new in March.

  5. I imagine the downloadable demo will be the same one that’s in stores right now. No need to wait visit your local Best Buy, Walmart, Target, etc. today to play it

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