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Nintendo 3DS 2013 Software Lineup Leaked At Spanish Press Event?

The 2013 software lineup for the Nintendo 3DS was apparently leaked at a Paper Mario: Sticker Star press event, which took place in Spain. There aren’t any unannounced games on the list, but there’s a fair few that need to be localised. These include Time Travellers and Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright, amongst others. What do you think of the list?

108 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS 2013 Software Lineup Leaked At Spanish Press Event?”

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        1. yeah retarded, because science started to meassure intellince by the fact if somebody refers to Metroid Fusion as Metroid 4.

          1. i was just thinking about a new metroid. it was cool to see metroid prime series, but that was just one eliment of the series. also, after seeing the cut seens of metroid other MMMan, it did look cool and atleast partially make sence. but the horendus ‘find the dot on the ground’ game play was discusting.
            i also thought (when the wii ware came out) about another metroid 2. metroid 2 return of samus had some really awsome new moves like the sticky ball thing that came back in mp3. lololol

            sonic generations is a recent game that i think was a good one from an older franchis ie-sonic, the super mario 3ds game i thought was cool, but its for kids and wasn’t full of the puzzles that metroid is made of.

            i was thinking of a metroid before metroids as well. metroid zero mission was “the first mission” of samus. so mabe just one before super metroid. and it HAS TO HAVE KRAID!!! seriusly ridly was cool in other m and stuff, but kraids cut sceen in zero mission and the x parasites always interested me more than what some would call “re-hash charictors.” its not even that theres any charictor development eather since they dont recall anything from previus games. (exept fusion to other m and other m to super metroid)
            i want kraid
            i want the x
            i dont want dark samus
            what i want… is SR388…

        1. As to prove this point further, just play metroidvanias fusion. No, don’t even PLAY it. Just sit at the opening cutscene on the title screen for like 5 seconds and it says ‘METROID 4’

  1. If this is Spanish, due to Nintendo of Europe policy, it applies to all of Europe. So we can confirm Layton v Wright is coming to all English countries.

    1. This is a spanish list :P us europeans are gunna get bravely default 7 months before USA XD, just kidding. The whole list is awesome :D

      Once all the games on this list are released the 3ds has a trully massive , must own games library.

  2. Animal Crossing and Luigi’s Mansion are great, but I hope they release a Mario Party and another IP like F-Zero or something similar :s

    1. Mario Party 10 would be on Wii U not 3DS. F-Zero could be a version for both 3DS and Wii U like Smash Bros…would be cool playing it in 3D but a Wii U version is what will happen.

  3. The ps vita’s list for 2013 reads-

    Phantasy star online 2 , Killzone mercenaries.

    In all seriousness though , if that list is true , then boy 2013 is gunna bend my wallet over and buttrape it.

    1. Hey! You wannna save some money? Yes! Then don’t buy these shitty games. Other than Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion, and maybe Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright, that list is atrocious.

      1. No , just no.
        Animal Crossing , Firem Emblem , Luigi’s mansion 2 , Castlevania , Monster Hunter Ultimate, Bravely default, Project X zone, E.X troopers , Professor Layton vs phoenix wright, Time travelers are all a definite must buy for me at some stage.

        That’s 10 games AKA £300.

          1. How about you do some research on what a good game is lol. cus they’re all awesome games from what I know from franchise history, the developers and videos off the internet, sucker.

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                Project X zone is a fighting game made by SEGA, Namco and Capcom simultaneously. Bravely Default is a New IP from Square Enix and E.X troopers is an amazing looking Lost planet spin off by Capcom which looks really good from the videos.

                Japanese games are far better than Western IMHO , so stfu you little platinum nutsack.

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  4. When i saw the title i was like: Omg yes!!! We will get a bew zelda, star fox, f-zero, metroid or something. Then i read the text and realise there was no unannounced games.

    Guess i am a bit over hyped. But still, animal crossing will be awsome.

  5. Project X, EX Trooper, Time Travelers and Bravely Default?? Woah, all the games I feared would never reach the west!…well, hopefully this rumor is actually true.

  6. I’m not sure if I buy it. They have the full name of EVERY game, except for bravely default. The full name is bravely default: flying fairy or something of the likes. I don’t see why they would randomly not have 1 games full title.

    1. They might have taken that out for translation purposes since I have the feeling the title Bravely Default Flying Fairy wouldn’t sell in the west.

        1. I think it’s likely that if you do sufefr from motion sickness or headaches from playing or watching people play FPSs, Mirror’s Edge may have the same effects. The camera does move around quickly at times, especially when you do acrobatic type moves, such as a safety roll when you land from a high jump.

      1. Going to game stores is a rare thing for me. Otherwise I’d be a geeky gamer kid like the smoopohre in my art class. Link is my favourite character, but Kingdom Hears is my favourite game (after Okerina of Time, which I’ve never played {wrong OS}). I really want Nintendo to come out with OoT for the DS. That way I could play it. ^_^ ~Molly

  7. Can’t wait for Luigi’s Mansion, also want to play the Adventure Time demo that was supposed to release today (maybe it’ll come next week).

    1. The L1/L2 controls for jump/duck kept thwroing me, and I found myself jamming on the jump button more frequently than I should have, which resulted in some pretty awesome faceplanting most of the time (as an aside, did you notice you can jump and hit R1 to do a action-movie-style roll in the air so you can fire a gun between your feet kind of move?)Mostly I was annoyed at the linearity of the demo stages. In particular there’s a secondary rooftop you can see from the start of the demo, and you can actually easily make the jump to the building, but you die instantly upon reaching it. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t any further a fall than previous jumps, either. :(

  8. List seems rather unlikely, as the developers said there are no plans to bring EX Troopers to the west. Here’s hoping though!

  9. If this is for Europe then that’s great as I will get to play Project X Zone, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, Code of Princess and EX Troopers though didn’t they say that EX Troopers wasn’t going to be localised.

  10. Okay, I was on Best Buy looking at Wii U accessories. Then I saw something called “Wii U Gaming Essentials Kit”. It looked interesting so I looked at the details and features and then I saw this…. “Be prepared for on the go gaming with the Wii U Gaming Essentials Kit that includes one controller skin, two replacement styluses, screen cleaner and one controller case. Keep your Wii U GamePad controller safe either at home or on the go…..” Does this mean anything about the Wii U GamePad being portable???

    1. Well good sir that is either an extremely amateur mistake cus we all know the wiiu gamepad needs to be withing 10Mtrs of the wiiu.

      BUT, there is no reason why you couldn’t set the wiiu up in a car and just use the gamepad screen or set it up in a number of places ”on the go” although highly unpractical.

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  11. Would really love a sidescroller Metroid for 3DS or something similar and a full 3D Metroid for Wii U like the prime games to show off the graphics :o

  12. People im confuse
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  14. Yesterday in Madrid there was an event for wiiu, #conWiiUpuedo. In this event you can play to wiiu and there was some 3DS with projectx zone, bravely default time travelers and more games in japanese. I’m from Spain

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