Official YouTube App Arrives On The Wii In The US

Youtube has just launched the official Youtube application for the Wii in the United States. The application is specially tailored to Wii and its motion controlled controller, the Wii remote. The application is out today in the United States via the Wii Shop Channel and it will roll out to more countries in the coming months.


    1. although not an app for Wii U, it is supported by Wii U’s browser as the browser is capable of HTML 5 videos which YouTube supports.

      It would only be a matter of time when YouTube will create another app for Wii U… but I’m not sure, but I read that YouTube is also supported in Nintendo TVii, so creating an app for Wii U may just be redundant.

      1. I know the YouTube App will be on the Wii-U. I don’t find that to be a problem. My problem is that, now, when the Wii’s practically dead, they make an app for the Wii… just wow…

      2. I understand, but still, I think its cool that this feature is available for people who own a Wii and not planing to by a WiiU yet.

  1. Its ok, that means they’ll keep supporting the Wii for some more years, and we already saw at the E3 that WiiU will have this kind of app.
    Keep in mind that a lot of people will keep using their Wii while they have the opportunity to buy a WiiU.

      1. “Nintendo HDS” i see what you guys did there. Id actually bet that will be the name.
        I wisj they kept the gameboy name going. sigh….

  2. This thing is too freaking late but i’m using it and it is the most epic app i’ve ever used for the Wii.

  3. Late to the party I see, a 3DS one would of been better though. But still like Netflix, I bet you get some coins for Club Nintendo so I’ll download it if it does that.

  4. It could be just a test to see how the wii owners enjoy the app so they could get it for the 3DS and the Wii U

  5. Oh sure. Yeah let’s release an app tailored for the Wii but not for the 3DS, 6 YEARS LATE. I’d bet they assumed that for for a little over half a decade we were very satisfied with the bland emptiness that was the Wii’s version of Youtube… sigh talk about bein outta touch with the fans..

  6. not a good choice if you ask me, but maybe if for those who have a Wii and thinks that the Wii U is just an upgraded version of Wii (which I do not believe it is)>

  7. Couldn’t you just download on the Wii eShop in Wii mode on the Wii U? If not can you download on your Wii and then transfer it to your Wii U?

    1. Wii mode isn’t the wii.It’s like the 3ds, ds mode.You can’t go on the Wii shop channel on the WiiU lol

      1. But u can download ds apps onto the 3ds can’t u? Besides even if u couldn’t u can just download it on your wii and then transfer it to wiiu.

      2. Yes you can use shop channel, that is how you will have to redownload shop channel purchases after transferring to wii u, its separate from the eShop.

    2. You probably could, but the Wii U is going to get its own Youtube App from what i have heard.

      The Wii Youtube App only Supports up to 360p anyway Wii U app will support HD.

  8. It’s probably more like a testing ground to see how it would function and be improved for the Wii U.
    So it would be more like a beta where Nintendo are like “meh…let’s just bring it out for the standard Wii to see how it goes and we can get the proper one ready for the new console when it’s sold well and has set its foundations and we work out whatever kinks and bugs”
    I was watching YouTube on my Wii for a long time in the browser since it was supported anyways.

  9. Is this a joke? It comes out after the Wii is already on life support? LOL! Man, Nintendo did SO many things wrong with the Wii.

    1. That’s Youtube-XL a version of youtube on a very old version of flash using Wii Internet Channel.

      This is webm based, so it should preform much better, also has a better interface for the Wii.

  10. Lmao they FINALLY do this, 2 days before it’s death day? LOLOLOLOLOL Come on YouTube, better timing, please…

  11. All the comments here are about how bad the timing was, but let me tell you, I downloaded it and tried it and the video quality is a whole lot better than what was possible on just the Internet Channel. I just spent a while checking it out, and the only thing I don’t like is that the layout for the keyboard is in alphabetical order, not qwerty-style like a regular keyboard. Stop being so negative about things and just enjoy them! Sure, it was brought pretty late, but those who will continue using the Wii for a longer time will appreciate it. Besides, who really used the Wii for YouTube anyway?

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