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Pokédex Coming To iOS In Japan

The Pokemon Company has announced that it’s bringing the Pokédex to iOS devices in Japan. The full, official Pokédex will contain all the 3D character models and animations available in the 3DS eShop’s Pokédex 3D Pro. The application is coming to Japan on November 16th, and will be available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. There’s no word on a Western release at present.



    1. It’s hardly like that! This is merely an app released by The Pokemon Company!

      This is not Nintendo releasing a main-stream Zelda or Mario title onto another platform! They have by no means surrendered, Nintendo will continue to operate as a Console manufacturer.


      1. That is quite right my friend! But Game Freak and The Pokemon Company both operate as separate companies. I think that we can all come to the decision that you were well and truly wrong on this one! And as the majority states, you were wrong!


      2. The Idea of Pokemon was presented to Nintendo.
        Miyamoto work on Red and Blue alongside the creators.
        There Nintendo owns them.


    2. Except this isn’t the first time that an official Pokemon app has hit iOS.

      Naturally, as it’s such a big deal for companion apps to hit the app store, you should already be aware of that….


      1. Those pokedex apps on iOS devices are not officials made by The Pokemon Company.

        They are made by people in other countries just for idiots who don’t know thr difference pay for the app.
        One of those apps pops up on the App Store time and time again after its taken down under different names and everytime it has an asking price that keeps going up, last I saw it it was at 5.99


  1. It’s not like they released a game. It’s just a Pokedex. People can use it while playing their DS, since the DS and 3DS have limited multi-tasking.

    Makes sense. A profitable compromise that maintains control over the IP.


  2. Please it is not a game. There have been pc stuff and other ios stuff. The pokemon company are just doing what they do best merchandising. thats there job toys, arcade name it


    1. The 3DS has all pokemon when you buy it. I read on serebii that the iOS version only has the Unova pokemon the other generations have to be bought separately :T but for convenience I would get the iOS version since its difficult to use my 3DS version while playing the game. I would have to save and turn off the game to use the app and that just sucks.


      1. by the time pokemon gets a 3ds game, they might have an update that allows for two applications to be open at once, so that you wouldnt have to save and turn off every time. but thats just a maybe, and iOS would still be more convenient.


  3. that’s surprising. i never would have thought an official one would ever come to iOS. but it’ll probably be quite nice. i’ve had an unofficial pokedex app for a while, but it ended up getting removed from the app store for legal reasons. i’ll probably end up getting this new one, if there is a western release. or hopefully this will cause pokedex 3d pro to have a price drop, because $15 is just ridiculous.


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