The reviews have started coming tumbling in for both Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros U. Nintendo Land currently has a Metacritic rating of 81. Games Radar states that Nintendo Land is a great introduction to the Wii U, even if it lacks the longevity of Wii Sports. New Super Mario Bros U has a slightly higher Metacritic score of 89. EGM says Super Mario Bros. U’s multiplayer modes, insane platforming, and beautiful HD graphics offer more than enough to provide hours of fun for gamers of all stripes. Keep an eye on Metacritic as more scores come in for both games.



  1. Wow. Suprised any of the critics like Nintendo Land. From what people were saying I thought that game was gonna get ripped. Doesn’t matter any way since I’m one of the seven people who order the Basic Set.


  2. Everyone check out dem IGN reviews of NSMBU and Nintendo Land . NSMBU= 9.1/10 Nintendo Land is 8.7/10.
    I knew My choice of Getting NSMBU, Nintendo Land , NSMBU on day 1 was the right thing. And I’m gunna wait for some reviews to dictate the 1 or 2 other games I purchase too ^_^ (probably Darksiders 2 and AC3)


  3. i don’t know why people are hating on Nintendo Land. it has 12 amazing mini games from our favorite franchises. some of them offer great multiplayer, levels, and challenges. plus there’s a huge beautiful park to walk around in and stuff to unlock.


  4. Dont think i’ll get NintendoLand, just because id need more motion plus controllers, but im surprised by NSMBU, i’ll probably download it when i buy my WiiU


  5. It lacks the longevity of Wii Sports?! With more attractions, and some that don’t even need more than one player in order to make you get 100% of the fun the attraction gives, and more options for gameplay, using the GamePad or the Wii Remote?! I find something wrong with this quote! u_u


  6. Hi. There. Good. Thing. I. Preordered. Deluxe. Wii. U. I. Get. Nintendo. Land. Free. Soon. I. Get. Super. Mario u. Zombie. U. And. Call. Of. Duty. 2.


  7. Wow. New super mario bros U got that high of a rating huh? I thought people were gonna complain that it was a rehash. Good good, looks like the dev team behind the game is actually putting forth effort this time, then again Ninten and the dev teams working for it have mastered the art of platforming as well as being advanced in making stages that fully utilize the genre so there’s no surprise there.

    I won’t lie though, I honestly love how deep the backgrounds are now. So much depth to them, plus the challenge modes will bring out my inner gamer skill in the genre so nonetheless I’m excited.


  8. I got a great thing going I opted for the premium package because I plan on downloading a lot and you get those nintendo bucks.

    I need to get some jeans so I’m going to hit up old navy on black Friday to get mario for free.

    I’m taking my girl so shell get a copy as well. Trade one copy in towards. Mass effect 3 never played it but ill get it for a good price. Then ill be picking up nba2k 13. And scribblenauts or something else. Yep got the game on lock.


  9. How the hell could Nintendoland lack the longevity of Wii Sports? Obviously I haven’t played it, but the number of things you can do in Nintendoland is more than Wii Sports, with obviously more fleshed out games. Sorry, but that doesn’t make sense.


  10. Don’t judge the games until you play them yourselves, as we all have different likes and dislikes. Do take reviews into consideration, though, to get a bit of an idea. Haters are gonna hate based off… nothing at all. Let them be the inch brained morons and let the intelligent people base their opinion off facts and hands on time. Nintendo Land might “look” like a kids game, but when you play it you might smile and laugh just like when you were a kid having- what games are all about- fun. Trolls are worthless human beings trying to get attention. Just let them live the rest of a terrible life alone:D


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